Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair in 2024

Best Lightweight Vacuum For Pet Hair

Looking for the best lightweight vacuum for pet hair? You’ve come to the right place.

When you have pets, you recognize that while you love your pet more than anything, however it does not mean that finding mountains of shedding and fur everywhere around your house and on your furniture is fun. On the contrary, it can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are having people over and your house looks like an absolute mess.

There isn’t any doubt that your pets; like cats could make a big mess as they shed a lot of fur and if you have kids, this can be kind of dangerous for their health and safety. Another problem that comes up a lot is the idea that since most houses has different kinds of flooring and tiles in different rooms, a simple brush or mop cannot possibly work as well. This calls for a better alternative that can properly address your qualms and queries.

Therefore, a proper answer for sucking up all that fur and allergen particles may be in the form of a vacuum that is compatible with the elimination of all your pet’s fur woes.

Luckily for you there are heaps of choices to be had within the marketplace and today’s article is dedicated to locating out which one you should purchase depending on your specific needs. Removing animal hair and fur from your furniture is clearly one of the toughest responsibilities for most vacuum cleaners because fur, mainly that of a cat sticks to furniture and fabric pretty well.

This happens because of the presence of static power that makes dog and cat hair cling to fabrics together really tightly especially on all fabric like furniture such as sofas, rugs or carpets. While it would take you quite a bit of time to clear this out manually, with the aid of a special vacuum, your task would become infinitely easier.

So without further ado, let’s dig into our top 9 recommendations for the best of the best pet hair catching vacuums.

Best Lightweight Vacuum for Pet Hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1782

Our first product for the day is called the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser model number 1782 which is one of the most premium products on our list and it comes weighing in at a mere 3.75 pounds combined with its battery as well! In terms of its cleaning capabilities, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a medium powered suction device that makes cleaning all over your house super easy without causing strain to your arms or shoulders. When you compare this device to other handheld vacuum cleaners, this one is definitely one of the lightest models available. This means that the device is not exceptionally bulky or hard to maneuver around which it can be with ease.

The predominant attachment in this pet hair handheld vacuum purifier is the motorized brush head. It’s one of the best improvements from the brand’s older model that had been a rubber nozzle which worked great on carpeted floors and wooden ones. However now, with the motorized brush head, the mouth of the nozzle is far wider at around 5 inches in length so it may also ensure that each strand of animal hair is picked up clean.

When it comes to the idea of suction strength on this cordless vacuum purifier, it is sufficiently powerful but of course, it cannot compete with a corded vacuum which has access to continuous power. Since this device has issues with the amount of hair it can hold at a time, it’s pretty terrible if you’re looking to suck up a massive quantity of pet hair and dirt.

Charging the pet hair eraser can be achieved by simply plugging the cord into it and socket to the wall so there’s no problem of having to cast off the battery or transferring the charging dock about. One flaw that we came across in this product is that it takes about four to 5 hours to reach a full charge with ease use. That’s a pretty long term as compared to some hand-held vacuums which can take up to a mere 2 hours to reach full charge.

Shark Rocket Duo Clean 

Next up, we have the Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean Technology which comes equipped with what the brand calls its patented Triple Particle Cleaning. This is just a fancier way of explaining the concept as they were looking to emphasize that this product can suck in big debris, extra granular dust as well as really stubborn particles. In all honesty, the gadget accountable for the efficiency of the cleaning is the newly added brush roll feature. It’s referred to as Duo Clean due to the fact the nozzle homes 2 specific brush rolls.

Another great feature that this vacuum comes with is the effortlessly change it has from an upright vacuum to a handheld, making stairs or greater complicated floor surfaces simple to clean. The LED lighting fixtures on the nozzle permit you to spot concealed particles and dirt. Surprisingly, the Shark Rocket Duo Clean isn’t as noisy as the previous versions. The length of the power cord is up to 30 feet long which translates into a spacious cleaning radius. Holding the ergonomic handle allows the owner to smoothly control the appliance. The swivel steering is another element that adds up to usability.

Filtration became by no means a sturdy factor of the Rockets. The Rocket Complete makes no exception. The vacuum comes with 2 ordinary filters, one pre and one put up motor. One is manufactured from felt, and the alternative is made of foam. These are washer-friendly and must be wiped clean regularly. They offer limited terms of warranty so this could be better.

What’s cool about the soft brush roll is that it has a pull effect, gathering all the particles it can reach. The bristle brush works well as it agitates the dirt, sending it directly into the air flow. The robust motor gives a brilliant suction and the 2 suction modes ensure that all dirt, grim and pet hair is efficiently sucked up.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet

Next up we are talking about the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Vacuum which also has a lot to offer in terms of its capabilities to suck up all things furry. Although the vacuum is corded this does not mean your mobility is limited, rather it is still pretty easy to use. This is thanks to its 20 foot cord; as the stick vacuum is capable of moving around as much as you like and with complete ease. It is one of the longest cords you’ll discover on a stick vacuum and along with its small, lightweight design the vacuum guarantees that anyone regardless of size or gender can move it around. The weight of the vacuum is a mere 7 pounds, so you will not be lugging around a bulky device. It maneuvers nicely while it is time to clean up tricky spots, operating on both hard surfaces plus carpets as well.

The V-shape layout which this device comes with is extremely good at what it does as it helps ensure the finest suction power that you could desire. Thanks to the Swivel motion in the hose it is easy to sweep up the entire floor with this vacuum and not just wider spaces like with some cleaners. Now, you can reach underneath kitchen counters, tables and even heavy sofas you cannot lift within seconds.

Now, one inherent flaw that we came across in this device is the fact that it has not been fitted with any HEPA filters.  This is a letdown in the sense that a HEPA filter, especially one with a charcoal layer is most effective at sucking up contaminants that may cause allergies and asthma.  What this device does offer however is a basic pleated round filter that still does suck up larger particles from coming into the air and this, combined with the cyclonic motion will guarantee that pet hair and dust is out of your life and away from your loved ones. Ending this review on a good note, we like the fact that the Protect Edge comes with a transparent dust pan or bin so that you can always see it and know exactly when it needs to be changed.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Next up we have yet another Bissell product because the brand just has such a diverse range of pet hair compatible vacuums! This one is called the Bissell Per hair eraser and not only is it a super heavy-duty device; it is also quite visually appealing. The vacuum head is super easy to maneuver around. This is all thanks to its brilliant swivel head, which is a new feature for most Bissell vacuums. That’s not all as the huge head cleans almost as nicely on the rims of the vacuum head as it does inside the middle.

The vacuum’s high end filtration machine mixed with the tight seals help it suck up dirt, grime, lint and pet fur without exposing the user to dust particles that may aggravate allergic reactions or even asthma. Another advantage to this device is that it can easily pick up all particles on both difficult surfaces such as tiles and deep carpets. However, if we are being honest, it does a better job on carpets than difficult surfaces. Unlike some of its rivals, you may turn off the comb roll to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t scratch up your expensive hardwood floors. It doesn’t even tangle up with lengthy hair from cats or dogs which is a great thing and this is made possible by the fact that it has a tangle free brush roll.

Another great thing about this specific vacuum is the fact that it won’t clog on tufts of pet fur which can be quite messy especially fur balls that your pet may cough out.  It can easily distinguish the excess fur thanks to its specialized gear that picks up pet hair out of your upholstery but there is also a smart crevice tool available online which unfortunately is sold extra.

This particular unit comes with a Febreeze scent eliminator vacuum filter which works extremely well to eliminate all allergens from your air but in the long run, need to be purchased quite often and are on the expensive side. This device like many other pet hair vacuums is not quite as efficient at picking up larger debris, food particles or rocks as your more conventional models.

Neato Botvac D80

The Botvac D80 is next on our extensive list to find the best pet hair vacuum cleaner! Now, this device comes with a cool spiral brush that is equipped with both silicone blades and bristles. You will also get a straight blade silicone brush that’s perfect for difficult floors and since it is hard enough it can pick up all sorts of debris or fur. Since these brushes are positioned all over the Botvac’s front end, this allows more surface area to be covered each time thus leading to a very efficient vacuum experience. If you aren’t impressed yet you might be when you find out that this device also comes with a rear charging connection, purely infrared navigation and of course a front based sensor that ensures it doesn’t bump into furniture.

The Botvac D80 is actually one of the most technologically advanced devices on our list especially since it comes with a small LCD screen with user friendly contact controls and a bag less dust compartment bin. To ensure that the device stays on a steady and even course, there are two rubberized wheels and 4 small rollers underneath this device.

A good feature in this device is that when the Botvac D80 finishes its cleaning, it automatically turns the fan off and then goes back to the bottom station to recharge. In terms of a running time, you get approximately an hour’s worth of vacuuming from a decent 3 hours of charging time. One letdown here however is that since there is no auto indicator on the device to let the user know that the bin is full, you will have to keep checking this manually.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G 

The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G is our next product of discussion which has been designed to be used in your house, in your car and even your garage. This vast mobility and superior quality cleaning is ensured via an extension wand, a 20 foot power cord, a deluxe ground brush, a 12 amp motor and a bare floor nozzle plus fingertip controls that are available on its handle. The vacuum is compact and super lightweight and weighing in at less than nine pounds it’s quite easy to carry all over your house without having to exert a lot of force.

This device has some flaws as well as it unfortunately does not have any motorized brush which makes it unsuitable for deeper plush carpet or rugs. However it makes up for this flaw by providing users with 2 detachable extension wands which allow the user to be as mobile as they desire and reach any crevice or nook of your house. This is especially nice for older users and pregnant women who have a tough time bending down to reach underneath sofas and kitchen counters as this device has that versatility.

Talking about the extension wants in a little more detail, although they are adequately long enough to reach really far, when it comes to higher counter tops, tables or even ornamental hangings, this will be beyond their reach. Another flaw in this design is that this vacuum s quite loud and this can be a real nuisance especially if you prefer to vacuum in the early mornings. The plastic attachments have also received a little flak at not being sturdy enough.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away

Our next product which is called the Shark Rotator Lift Away is one of the most beautiful vacuums on this list. However this sheen and style is not an attempt to convince users that it is a high end model. In fact, the design which is a glossy white and purple one is definitely more on the lines of a sophisticated contemporary look than that of a niche product. You can also be sure that this product is as durable and functional as it is visually appealing.

In terms of user friendly design, this device transforms the vacuum from upright to canister, with an unparalleled ease. So if you want to increase the wand’s length and add various brush attachments, this will be a breeze. The pivoting head however is the star of the show as it increases the device’s maneuverability.

Since this device weighs a mere 15.5 pounds it isn’t the lightest model on this list but is still more compact than a lot of other models. Since there are cool attachments to deal with pet hair you can rest assured that will no longer be a problem as the strength brush sucks up all animal fur and dust particles from rugs, carpeted stairs and furniture in no time.

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright 

Our second last device for the day is called the Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright vacuum which is an upright vacuum that comes with a pet hair brush device that’ll pick up all sorts of pet hair from sofas, upholstery or even the nooks of stairs. Normally, these are the 3 regions which are the toughest ones in order to reach animal fur.

The crevice and power pet hair device is actually also specially designed to clean out your car’s flooring, upholstery and all other smaller nooks and crannies which are impossible to reach manually. The suction power of this device is actually all due to the strong motorized brush which makes life so much easier. Since this vacuum comes fully equipped with a beater bar you’ll have to check it frequently and take away fur that may have accumulated in there. With all good things, comes some setbacks as well and this device actually is at a disadvantage when using the hose as it could tip the vacuum over especially if you tug at it harder than necessary.

But the plus side is its durability and the nice length which the wand offers thus allowing you to vacuum away at any location without having to re-plug the device at another outlet.


BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion

Our last and final product for the day is called the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser which has a lithium powered motor as its major selling point. This device is super versatile as it can suck up everything from cat litter, to all sorts of pet fur and allergens from the air. Not to mention its prowess at grabbing all granules and debris.

This device also offers a very ergonomic and easy to use looped handle which means that no matter how long you use it, this device will not put any strain on your arm or hands.

One of the most sought after feature of the Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum is that it comes with a huge assortment of accessories which are included without any hidden costs. The first attachment is of course the crevice nozzle which allows you to attach itself to the end of the vacuum, thus ensuring that the user can get into the gaps of your couch and you’re your car thus successfully getting rid of all sorts of debris, dirt, and grime.

Since it comes with a lithium-ion battery, you know it is long-lasting and powerful and that shows as it guarantees up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted run time which is more than enough to pick up all the fur from your sofas.

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you can make adjustments in addition you will be notified about the battery condition as well when you should clean the vacuum cleaner which I find it pretty useful or to be more precise the top of the unit will glow when you have to remove the filter so you will always be informed about everything but now let’s talk about the performance you will have two options of usage the first is to use this unit as an ordinary stick vacuum while the second is to use it in a handheld mode so depending on your requirements you can use this unit accordingly the brush uses the auto Sense technology which basically means that it will automatically adjust its suction power so it will how much output it has to deliver in order to clean carpets or hard floors you shouldn’t stress about scratches as well if you’re cleaning hard floors for example the brush won’t produce any scratches since it will only glide smoothly and clean everything the battery life may last around 16 minutes but during this time 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normal mode twice will turn on its max mode and on the third time it will turn off the vacuum cleaner so we’ll have a very convenient usage if you want to remove the dirt from the dustbin then you can press the button that is located on the side so the unit will open from the bottom and release the dirt this is great in my opinion because it is convenient and hygienic at the same time before we move to the next section I’d like to inform you that all of the vacuum parts are washable and detachable so you shouldn’t worry about anything now let’s talk about the features the pro scenic p8 can be used in two modes as the previous models whether is a stick vacuum or in a handheld mode for example if you want to clean your car you can use it in a handheld mode so you can access every part of your car without any fuss while on the other side if you want to clean hard floors edges or carpet you can use it as a stick vacuum and clean everything without any effort however don’t try to clean wet 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operate this vacuum cleaner without any issues moreover if you want to empty the 0.5 4 litre bin then all you have to do is just press the top clip that will eject the bend out of the base so I have to admit that this unit will let you feel the most convenient emptying like you’ve never felt before but now let’s talk about the performance the v8 absolute has an exceptionally powerful cleaning ability due to the fact that it packs 15 cyclones that are positioned across two tiers and all of them work at the same time to ensure that the airflow output will be that high so it can capture every dirt at the top you can see a slide switch of which you can take an advantage in order to enhance the suction power for more demanding tasks according to Dyson you will have seven minutes of operation with the intention to let you clean everything within a short period of time if you remember I’ve previously mentioned that this the v7 is equipped with a HEPA filter well this filter will ensure that the presence of allergens will be captured effectively so you can breathe a quality air which is always welcome another good thing about the v7 is that you can transform it into a handheld and reach every the corner shelves and everything that demands a better focus finally the battery life is expected to last up to 40 minutes which is great because you can be very mobile during your cleaning sessions to conclude I highly recommend you consider this model as your next purchase because it is one of the best if not the best in its category and finally at number one we have the Dyson cyclone v10 absolute the Dyson cyclone v10 absolute is a top-notch cordless stick vacuum cleaner that goes a level higher with its performance when compared with any vacuum cleaner on the market from a design perspective the v10 absolute features a tri-colored two-in-one construction that is equipped with a small yet powerful motor which was crafted using a ceramic shaft with the intention to make it as lightweight as possible so you can maneuver quickly in addition you will have an excellent grip regardless if you use it as a handheld or as a stick vacuum cleaner because the button is strategically positioned so you can always have an easy access there is one thing that is really accessible and that’s the bin to be more precise there is a red release valve that’s located underneath the unit and this valve will slide the whole bin down and release every captured dirt this is amazing due to two reasons the first is the hygienic aspect while the second is that this method is very convenient at the bottom there is a soft roller cleaner head that will take debris dust pet hair and ensure that your house will shine now let’s talk about the features the v10 absolute has three power modes of which you can take an advantage and use each of them according to your requirements but what captured my eye is the fact that this vacuum cleaner uses a patented cyclone technology that can effectively capture particles as small as 0.3 microns which is unbelievably good you and your loved ones will be completely saved by any harmful substances that can cause allergies and other health issues but with this monster you will be saved from such scenarios moving on due to its design you can use it as a handheld which is great because you can be versatile in terms of cleaning if you use it as a stick vacuum cleaner then I’d like to inform you that the roller head will glide smoothly along your entire floor so it will be harsh only to the dirt for your ultimate experience overall the Dyson cyclone v10 is a must-have if you want to invest in a powerful stick vacuum cleaner that completely justifies its price Tagg and offers a great value I am sure you will be able to choose a best vacuum cleaner from this list.

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