Best Leaf Blower/Vacuum For Yard – Top 2024 Picks

Best Leaf Blower Vacuum For Yard

As any homeowner with a backyard will tell you, it can be physically exhausting to come home to find that an army of leaves, rocks and other debris has attacked your back yard, patio or porch. This means that you will have to pick up your rake and get to work which could potentially take hours! Well, of course, thanks to technological advancements you can forget about wasting so much time as leaf blower plus vacuums will do the task for you and that too within mere minutes.

So, what is a leaf blower or a vacuum? Well, a leaf blower, commonly known simply as a blower, is a modified gardening device that propels air out of its special nozzle to push or blow away particles such as leaves and grass in one swift movement and direction. Leaf blowers are either powered by an electric or a fuel-based motor.

Leaf blowers are of many different kinds and can be compact hand held units, or even nifty back pack ones you can mount securely along with a handheld wand. This is a great advancement as you will no longer have to carry the device around when you work.  Most leaf blowers also have the function of sucking in along with pushing out air and this makes the device an all in one solution to your back yard problems.

Now, the most crucial element to finding the best performing leaf blower available on the market before the autumn season comes around and the trees begin shedding their leaves all over the place. Since it can be quite the dilemma to attempt to preserve up with the excessive inflow of leaves that litter your yard all through this season it becomes necessary to invest in the right kind of product for your specific needs.  This is where we come in with our top picks for the best leaf blower perfect for your back yard.

Best Leaf Blower/Vacuum For Yard

Husqvarna 125BVx

Our first device for the day is called the Husqvarna 125BVx which at first glance assures the sure that it is a quite unique and different from your everyday blower. It has an ergonomic, inline design which basically means that the blower’s main tube is directly in line with the device’s handle. This as a feature is excellent as it minimizes the overall rotational pressure on the wrist and makes for a comfortable, compact unit that’s easy to handle. Most users nowadays appreciate ergonomic features and this one passes the test.

The entire operation of this device is quite user friendly and accessible which means that any user can pick it up and get to work. The self-resetting engine “kill transfer” is easy to get admission to and press, and the added benefit of the easily adjustable soft-grip ergonomic handle is super comfortable to hold on to for prolonged intervals of time.

As a blower, it is actually quite lightweight will not become a burden or a strain on your person.
The innovative curved vacuum tube which is directly attached to the engine assembly is by far the coolest feature as it has been engineered to wrap the unit around the user’s body so that the collection bag does not get in the way.
The Husqvarna 125BVx’s does have a drawback though which is in its engine as this does not stay powered on and has to be restarted especially if you are running it at a lower speed setting.

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Hitachi RB24EAP

The Hitachi RB24EAP is up next and it is a fan favourite thanks to its super compact design for a fuel powered leaf blower. It clears leaves and debris out of your backyard with a unique sense of ease and is backed by using a very impressive seven year customer warranty which does have some terms attached.

This gas leaf blower is an excellent choice as it only weighs a mere 8.6 pounds, which is quite light and means that regardless of age or gender, anyone could use it.

This device does however have some drawbacks as it lacks the anti-vibration technology and the handle isn’t cushioned, so even though the this device is not really as heavy as other blowers might be, using it for longer periods of time can cause some strain.

Like many similar leaf blowers fueled by gasoline, this Hitachi model comes with strict and precise instructions for the kind and amount of fuel it uses. A drawback is that its warranty service becomes void and useless if you do not use a 50:1 ratio mix of gasoline to oil as this may harm the device.

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Craftsman B215

The CRAFTSMAN CMXGAAMR25BL gas leaf blower is an amazing leaf blower and next on our list as it is one of the most powerful ones. This is thanks to its 25cc, 2-cycle gas engine which gives of air pressure as high as 430 CFM/200 mph.

The CMXGAAMR25BL is also pretty lightweight and compact so it won’t be a burden to hold and it works with a super simple 3 step start up system which makes it user friendly. The transparent gas tank is a great way of knowing when the device is almost out of juice so it can be filled up. It comes with a variable speed throttle that has excellent cruise control.

The nozzle is quite long and also comes with a scraper, which is included in the offer that helps clear stuck leaves and debris. The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty and customer service for any faults malfunctions or issues.

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Poulan Pro PPBV25

Our last and final product for the day is called the Poulan Pro PPBV25 which has been specifically designed keeping the comfort of the user in mind as it might be a bit bulkier than the others on this list but is super-fast at its job.

This leaf blower comes with a nifty 2 year warranty so that any issues can be addressed by the manufacturer. The best feature is of course the vacuum mode which allows the user to suck in the mess once it has been cleared and collected in one place.

One drawback is that for a device of its size, it is extremely loud and this will require you to wear ear muffs for protection.

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