How To Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

How To Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching? Are you the one who always gets late for work because of house chores? Or are you that unfortunate person who lives alone, thus spends hours and hours cleaning the floor?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then it’s probably time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, as it can serve as your best housemate. 

Yes, the vacuum cleaner can become your best friend if you know the right way to use it. It can help you clean your carpeted area, curtains, sofas, and even bed. But wait, what about the hardwood floors? How do you clean them? 

Hardwood flooring is the top choice for many house owners as it adds beauty and elegance to the entire house’s look. But at the same time, it is more fragile as well. Thus, the same is why it can get scratched even with the vacuum cleaner running upon it. 

In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks regarding vacuuming hardwood floors without scratching. Have a look

How To Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

Prior we jump into tips and tricks, there is one crucial factor to consider. That is, always remember that hardwood flooring is not only beautiful to look at but is long-lasting as well and adds value to your house. 

Thus it requires a significant amount of care to remain maintained. So, always keep your Garwood floor neat and clean and try to get it polished after every few months. 

  • Don’t Use Roller Brushes

A vast number of traditional vacuum cleaners mostly come with thick bristles, which can contribute a lot to damaging your floor by leaving scars and scratches on it. Similarly, the beater brush can also scatter debris which makes it difficult to clean. Hence try to avoid using both of these brushes when using a vacuum cleaner in hardwood flooring.

However, if you fail to find a vacuum cleaner having any other form of brush, find a vacuum cleaner that lets you switch off this rolling brush whenever needed.

  • Be Careful With The Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

Vacuum cleaners that are made for carpeted floors possess plastic wheels which can easily scratch your hardwood floor. Also, these vacuum cleaners lack the smooth paddling which is needed on the hardwood floors. So, always pay special attention to the vacuum wheels whenever making a new purchase. Also  purchase a rubber wheel vacuum cleaner instead.

These wheels are easy on the hardwood and will prevent scratches as well.

  • Choose Compact And Lightweight Models Of Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

Lightweight models are nothing but a blessing for hardwood floor owners. They are easy to carry. Do not overwork the floor and aid in effortless cleaning. The less pressure you apply over your foundation, the better it is. Also, your back will thank you for choosing the lightweight models.

  • Good Suction Power

Strong suction capability is something that every person wants when it comes to vacuum cleaners. This not only helps in fast cleaning but also. Make sure that no dirt or debris is left on your hardwood floor.

How To Maintain The Hardwood Flooring

  • Take Off Your Shoes

It is surprising how small changes can bring significant impacts. When you remove shoes before entering the area, you prevent dirt from coming in contact eight the flooring.

  • Add Entry Mats Near The Door

Water, snow, and salt are the worst culprit for your hardwood flooring. Thus, it is beneficial to get 2 mats for the tour entrance door. Out one outside and another one inside the door to rest assure the hygienic and clean visits


On the bottom line, Vacuum cleaners aid a lot in the home’s easy cleaning by picking out the dirt and debris from the ground. Nevertheless, hardwood flooring is more fragile to handle and can get damaged with vacuum cleaners

Thus it is always recommended to handle the case with care. Therefore, we have listed some of the tips and tricks for your ease in the article above. Just read and implement them, and you are all set to go. However, being careful is the key to success. Protection Status
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