How to Take Apart a Bissell Powerforce Helix Vacuum

Find How to Take Apart a Bissell Powerforce Helix Vacuum

So, you’re eager to learn how to take apart a bissell powerforce helix vacuum. Well, for that purpose, you might very well need a whole lot of technical knowledge. However, we’ve come up with this article, so you can understand the process of taking apart a bissell helix vacuum easily.

With every electrical device, you’ll find a manual that’ll come with it. So, the manual should always be kept in safe store. The importance of learning in and outs of your vacuum cleaner is necessary when you want to do the maintenance by yourself. So, keep reading to learn more about bissell vacuums.

Consult Your Bissell PowerForce Helix Vacuum Manual

At first, let us inform you that bissell vacuums also have different models alike other vacuums. But, the good thing is that each model has much similarity to the other. So, if you know how to operate one model, you can very well understand the other model as well.

However, we prefer that you always follow the user manual of the model you have. No matter what you learn or where you learn from, the user manual has the utmost importance.

Prepare the Work Station and Items to Work

It’s necessary that you keep your work place apart from anything that isn’t necessary. Keep the things that you’ll require only. That way, it won’t be a mess while taking apart the vacuum cleaner. Since, you’ll be cleaning a vacuum cleaner by taking out all the parts, it’s going to be messy eventually.

The things that you might need are screwdriver, preferably the cross point ones, pliers, comb, scissor and more things. Of course, you’ll need one or two cans of compressed air, and cleaning clothes. So, take and gather those things in a place along with the vacuum cleaner.

Disassemble Your Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Now, it’s time to disassemble the bissell vacuum cleaner. At first, remove anything that connects to your vacuum from the outside. This can be the hose or any other thing. Then, you can go ahead and clean them with hot and soap water.

Find the parts, that are connected with screws. Remove the carefully and mark accordingly. Keep the screws in a place secured. It’s important that you don’t miss out or lose any screws. Now, remove the case and what’s inside of it and keep them aside. Now, it’s time to remove the bag (if your vacuum have one) and all the filters.

However, the bagless vacuums will have the dust canister. So, take out the dust canister to clean them accordingly. There should be a beater bar as well on your Bissell Vacuum Cleaner. So remove it and the drive belt. So, clean both the beater bar and the belt with the hot water. Mix soap with the hot water accordingly.

Clean All Parts Thoroughly

So, you know what to remove and clean. Now, we’ll talk more about the cleaning process. Remember to clean all the parts that you’ve take apart. It’s mandatory to dry them completely before you reattach them again. You can use comb or brush to remove the dust and debris from the surface.  Then, wet clean the parts.

Always remember to dry them and drain water completely from each of the parts. However, if you find any hairs stuck in between the parts, you can use the scissors to cut or remove them. The hairs will probably be in the beater bar. The brush bristles can get stuck almost anywhere.

Now, if you’ve already got the clothes, soak them in the soapy water. Then, you can use the clothes to clean the case. Remember to clean both inside and the outside of case and every other part. Then, you can go ahead and rinse the parts accordingly. Once again, remember to rinse and dry them completely.

Replace Bag and Filter of the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Some filters might not be feasible with wet cleaning. In that case, it’s important to replace them once in a while. However, if your filter is compatible with cleaning, then clean and dry them properly.

It’s important to reattach the filter and the vacuum bag to ensure proper enclosing the items you’ve taken apart. If your vacuum has a canister, you’ll start to notice that they”ll run faster and smoother than before after the cleaning process has taken place.

Clean the Filter on a Bissell Power Force Bagless Vacuum

The filter should be cleaned on a bissell power force bagless vacuum. If you need to access the motor filter, you need to press the release button of the filter. After cleaning with detergent, you should obviously rinse and dry properly. Proper draining of all water is mandatory in this case even if it takes a whole lot of time.

What is a Helix Vacuum

In short, let’s learn about the helix vacuum, in general. The Helix vacuums has cleaning system designed to accumulate dirt and sticky debris from any place. This is done through the ribs (internal). The ribs are there in the empty dirty cup.

Final Thoughts

As it goes, now you should know how to take each of the parts of a bisell powerforce helix vacuum cleaner. Once again, we’re letting you know that you need to clean and dry every part.

Attaching wet parts again will most certainly damage the vacuum cleaner. For proper drying, allow a whole night. Once you’re sure that each and every part is dry, you can go ahead and assemble all the parts again. Protection Status
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