Best Vacuum Bags For Travel in 2024

Best Vacuum Bags For Travel

Best Vacuum Bags For Travel

Let’s have a look at all the Best Vacuum Bags For Travel to see which one is good for your needs.

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your carry-on than you ever thought possible hi I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt granite welcome to the biggest PLoS not the biggest place it’s actually a small welcome to the number one spot in my mind to save money and we’re reportedly this is the number one spot for savings because I’m with you the awesome subscribers of this channel if you’ve never seen me before I work for NBC ABC CBS TV stations across the country and Amazon live and I hunt down deals that hopefully you will not ever see at the prices you see them and usually there’s a very good reason tied to the price drop in a moment I’m going to show you the crazy reason we’re seeing such a big deal on the doctor save solution say you’re not gonna believe the mistake that someone made that’s led to the savings but more importantly I travel at least twice a week it’s really sad because I miss my daughter and it’s hard to be away from your loved ones but I hope to show in New York City I live in Toronto at least twice a week I’m on an airplane and I use my carry-on exclusively I don’t check bags even when I go to visit my sister who lives in London England I will for a week try and take a carry-on because I am that frugal and I don’t want to pay the check bag fees if I could get 60% more suitcase space or in this case they claim 50% I actually believe it’s 60 all my carry-on and pack more clothing we’re gonna pack for a trip together I’m going to show you how it works and more importantly if you do want to score this incredibly low deal price just expand the video description box right under me and you will be good to go let’s start packing welcome to my bedroom I know it’s nowhere any of you ever wanted to be but don’t worry we’re gonna save some space together so on the bed right now I have an assortment of clothing what I’m trying to do is basically pack for a five-day trip and don’t worry my boxers are in that pile I covered it with the t-shirt so it’s not awkward and I’m going to take everything you see here first and then put into this small TSA approved carry-on without the doctor Savin then we’re gonna do it with the doctor save keep in mind as well that if you are looking for luggage deals I will have those for you very soon let’s start packing now with sitting on the suitcase and possibly stretching the zipper I could close this but I would be damaging my shirts for work and I would also not be able to fit into a pair of sandals or anything else so I want to now show this to you with the doctor saver doctor safe it’s just dr. C all right let’s open this up by the way this is a fake unboxing I’ve clearly already opened this I just wanted you to see this now in addition to the other bags that you can buy and some of the bonuses after the instruction manual you get one set of bags and then another set of bags the vacuum sealing apparatus requires three double A batteries I’ll just put these in right here alright it’s working and then you get two sets of bags I should say the process for clothing is actually kind of similar for food although let’s start with the bags that you get so there’s a carry-on size doctor save bag that I’m going to use and then there’s a larger one let’s see which is which so this is the small bag I’m assuming and my assumptions were correct this is the large bag now for the sake of what I’m going to pack I’m actually going to try and see what the large bag does so this is a simple process we’re gonna put as much clothing as we can fit into this bag if you’ve ever used a ziploc bag this is kind of similar to that alright let’s start filling this up alright let’s seal this up alright you can see this is one bag I’m gonna fit the rest into the second bag well let’s vacuum seal this right now you can see that the vacuum sealing is not only happening quite quickly but this is becoming airtight you can see I like to move things along a little bit faster because I’m impatient I don’t even know if you’re supposed to do this but there you go keep going seal this up okay bag one let’s take bag two for the rest of these carry-on items in here I’m gonna pock my jeans and I realize I could probably fold this up a little bit better but I have a vacuum sealing bag I don’t think I need to let’s pack a pair of sweatpants just pack all my socks that and then this is gonna be tricky see if I can fit these t-shirts in here see and I’m left with I should have done this differently all right I’m packed I left with a sweater and then this pair of dress pants this is gonna be interesting but let’s see if I can just go like this all right let’s seal the bag all right vacuum sealing time one clothing bag here one clothing bag here I freed up a ton of space so if I hadn’t vacuum sealed socks like an idiot I could put my socks here I’m gonna put in an Apple watch for which I’m giving away soon on my youtube channel if you’re a subscriber you could put the pump here and then over here I could put toiletries that’s toothpaste these are toothbrushes cell phone charger seal this up like this I can even throw in these work shirts if I wanted to but to be honest I’m just gonna go like this and you can see right now in this carry-on no problems now because this is a vacuum storage solution that comes with all of the bags that you could also use to then use this as a wine saver or remove air from other types of packaging in your fridge that would cause your food to go bad as North Americans or depending on where you’re watching I don’t know what the statistic would be but we throw out one third of what we purchase one third of what we buy goes into the garbage for a food bill not because we’re careless but because food items go bad before we could get to them and obviously that ethylene gas and the fridge the naturally occurring substance is what will eat away at the fruits and the vegetables and the meats that you buy so this is a great way to remove that air now I did mention there’s a big reason we’re seeing the price drop and I’m sure you guys know by now all the items I feature I open I test them I make sure they’re good they’re always the number one within their category and usually there’s a reason tied to the price drop and in this case today someone wrote a word with a typo on the box and that’s why all of these are being liquidated let’s go to the back of the box you think that dr. SAV would actually be able to spell the word save properly space-saving solution perfect vacuum space bag perfect food saving solution someone got a little creative and threw the Ian after the I now I totally get why someone could make the mistake cuz obviously that’s the word safe but because of the spelling error at least a thousand of these units are being liquidated which means you can actually score them at the price as they struggle to reprint the boxes so there you go you could think whoever typed that for today’s huge savings and I hope he or she still has a job they didn’t mean it make fun of that but that’s that’s a you you’d think they could check this before they manufacture so many if you want to score this deal on dr. SAV spelled as a VE ing just expand the video description box right underneath there you will lock in today’s deal reminder that these deals don’t last long and if you do want to make your move I would certainly do this before your next trip okay I’d like to thank you for watching if there’s other items you want me to test on box or put to the test please leave a comment I love reading your comments I love having you here and yeah that’s pretty all really all I had to say right now if you’re not yet subscribed to this channel though and you don’t want to miss any future deals moving forward this is what you can do just click on my oversized head right here you can vacuum seal that bad boy and that will subscribe you to this channel if you need help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment click here and that last big round up a deals I did I am sure you will be able to choose a best vacuum cleaner from this list.

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