🥇Shark Rotator Vs Navigator in 2024 – A Tough Battle

Shark Rotator Vs Navigator

Shark is a well-known manufacturer of a vacuum cleaner and in this article, we will see a comparison between two top models Shark Rotatos and Shark Navigator.

Well, Shark is not the only manufacturer producing high-quality vacuum cleaner but right now the highly used vacuum cleaners in households are produced by Shark. So that makes Shark the number one vacuum creator.

Shark brand has launched various models of their vacuum cleaner but this article covers Shark Rotator Vs Navigator comparison to help those who are already familiar with both of these models and are looking for serious advice about the selection of the right model.

If you are not aware of both models then keep reading as well because both models are explained in great detail below to help you understand where both models are different from each other and which one is better and why.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Shark Rotator Vs Navigator

Common Features in Both Models

Both vacuums perform quietly compared to the competitors like Dyson and Dirt Devil. Similarly, Both units are equipped with a sealed allergy system and a HEPA filter to keep allergens and pollens trapped inside and make the air around you clean to breathe. The seal prevents dirt and debris escape.

Both units are amazing when it comes to cleaning carpets and hard floors and never lose suction. Similarly, two of these models are equipped with pet tools, dusting brush and few other tools.

Shark Rotator Vs Shark Navigator Comparison

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional NV501

Shark Rotator NV501 is almost a portable vacuum cleaner, thanks to the lightweight design. The lift-away feature makes it a handheld unit to clean stairs, car seats, corners, and difficult-to-reach areas.

The unit is ideal for home cleaning, but it struggles to clean under the furniture so hand tools can be used with this unit to clean such areas and places.

The head features LED headlights to clean efficiently in the dim areas or other places with low light visibility.

When it comes to cleaning carpets deeply, Shark Rotator beats the Navigator thanks to the brush roll.

Furthermore, the unit is easy to steer around with a slight push of a hand that makes cleaning effortless, the same is the case with Navigator as well.

While cleaning along the walls edge cleaning can get right up against the baseboards or cabinets instead swipe with a hand vac or your finger.

Moving on, Both Navigator and Rotator are lightweight models compared to any other vacuums in the market and talking of weight, the Navigator weighs around 16 pounds that is hassle-free to move with bare hands.

The unit comes with 30 feet long power cable that is ideal to clean a larger room without worrying about plug and unplug but cleaning a hall or walkways can require a change of power outlet.

A great advantage of this model is that it comes with a rolling caddy that helps you clean curtains and furniture with all tools onboard without having you to hold them.

And finally, the 11.5-inch cleaning head ensures every single dirt and debris particle is sucked up including the dirt accumulated in the corners.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright

The other model we have to discuss is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright. This model comes with dust-away bare floor attachment that ensures your tiles floors and wood surfaces are cleaned effectively.

Although the Rotator is superior in features, that doesn’t make it a winner. The higher the feature the more price tag puts Navigator in a spot where you can get the same cleaning performance to Rotator but in much less cost.

Shark Navigator is equipped with better tools for removing pet hairs and brings a large capacity dirt cup as well.

Compared to Rotator, the Navigator features a smaller 9-inch cleaning path that is still enough. But on the other hand, the on/off brush roll can be used to vacuuming shag or normal carpets.

Compared to Rotator, the Navigator is more popular because of its amazing performance at a reduced price tag.

Moving on, the removable canister is perfect for localized cleaning that includes stairs, corners, furniture, or even car seats.

Similar to Rotator, the Navigator does bring a load of attachments with it.

A downside of this model is the small cleaning head but compared to Rotator the price tag is what differs and that’s where the majority of homeowners prefer getting this model because everything is pretty much similar to Rotator instead of the price tag.

Who is the Winner

There are different situations for different homeowners and according to those situations, winners can vary.

That said,

Shark Rotator with its long power cord, lightweight design, great performance, and LED headlights is a winner for those looking for a large cleaning head.

Similarly, Shark Navigator with it’s reduced price tag but almost similar performance is ideal for budget users who can get the job done with a slightly smaller cleaning head.

Shark Rotator vs Navigator Comparison

Both of these powerful and popular and have similarities and differences. Let’s see them in a glance.

Shark Rotator

  • Slightly more expensive
  • High consumer rating
  • Great steering
  • A wide variety of tools
  • Slightly larger dirt container
  • About the same weight, slightly heavier canister
  • Similar cord length
  • Slightly wider cleaning path
  • Some models are taller and a little larger
  • Has better edge cleaning
  • Better on carpets
  • Has Headlights
  • HEPA Filtration for allergies

Shark Navigator

  • Lower price tag
  • High review rating
  • Includes five basic tools
  • A little smaller and lighter
  • Cleaning path width just a bit more narrow
  • HEPA filters
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