Why Is My Hoover Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

My Hoover Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

Why Is My Hoover Vacuum Brush Not Spinning? In case if your vacuum brush isn’t spinning, the problem is most likely a stretched, broken, or misaligned belt.

The belt ensures that the brush spins beneath the cleaner, allowing debris to enter the air suction channel. It will become jammed and snap if it picks up debris or a sharp object from your carpet fiber.

Unplug your vacuum from the mains and remove the screws that hold the cover plate in place with a screwdriver to examine whether any of these are the issue. Replace your belt if it is worn or broken and if it is out of place.

Issues With The Drive Belt

It’s also possible that the drive belt is the issue; it could be broken, stretched out, or out of place. It should be replaced if that is the reason. Because the belt extends over time, you should replace it once a year to guarantee that the vacuum gathers up debris and dirt effectively.

In case your brush on the vacuum cleaner is not spinning, the problem is most likely with the belt, whether you have a WindTunnel, Linx, respond, swivel, or cordless model. It’s shatter, strain, or worn. Follow the instructions below to replace a belt:

  1. Unplug it from the outlet and remove the screws using a screwdriver.
  2. To reveal the power drive and flat belts, pull the bottom cover plate away from the brush.
  3. Unhook the “flat belt’s” rear from the metal pin and slide it away from the wheel. To remove the brush from the device, lift it and slide it off the “power drive belt.”
  4. Position the new “power drive belt” between the two back wheels where the old one was destroyed. To make sure the wheels are moving, spin it.
  5. Pull the new “flat belt” over to the front of the vacuum and wrap it around the metal pin, then slide the remainder of it over the wheel. Place the brush in its proper location and spin it to verify the brush spins.
  6. Replace the cover plate, screw the screws in place, and tighten them. Check to see if the vacuum works by plugging it in.

How To Fix A Hoover Vacuum Roller That Won’t Spin

It’s either unclean, there’s a trip roller motor overload, or the bearings are lock if your roller isn’t rotating.

  • Dirty Roller

If the roller is clog with dirt or hair, it generates a lot of friction, putting too much strain on the belt and preventing it from spinning. Unplug the vacuum and clean the hair, lint, and string in a convenient location. Remove any sharp objects that may be impeding the hose in the same way.

  • Overloading The Motor Of Hoover Vacuum Brush

Check the motor, too, if your roller isn’t working. It’s possible that the roller motor is overheating, causing it to trip. Allow for cooling before pressing the reset button. Ascertain that the motor is free of blockages and that power is delivered smoothly to it. If it keeps tripping, the motor’s windings may be defective, and you’ll need to replace it.

  • Roller Bearings That Have Been Stuck Of Hoover Vacuum Brush

It could be a problem with damaged roller bearings if the vacuum roller does not spin. It could be clogged due to trash or hair wrapped around it. If this is the case, simply remove the hair, and the device will work. Replace the roller if it doesn’t work.

Causes And Solutions For Vacuum Brush Not Spinning On Carpet

There are a few reasons why your Hoover brush spins well but stops when you set it on the carpet:

  • Carpet Layers Which Are Slackers

It could be a concern if your carpet is loosely laid. The vacuum cleaner sucks it up and locks the roller. As a result, the belt continues to spin until it burns out. Tighten your carpet, and if the problem persists, inspect the belt or hire a professional.

  • Belt That Has Been Stretch Or Worn

Also, If your belt is stretch or worn, it may spin fine until a load, such as a carpet, is placed beneath it. The belt slips and stops spinning when there is resistance against the agitator. Replace the belt according to the instructions in your vacuum manual.


Whether it’s a cordless, Linx, swivel, react, or WindTunnel, one of the most prevalent issues is the brush/roller not rotating.

The majority of these issues are do-it-yourself projects. A broken, worn, or stretched-out belt, clogged brush, or disengaged nozzle are only a few of them. Other times, it could be the shut-off feature and lazy carpets.

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