Best Leaf Vacuum For Pool – Top Picks of 2020

Best Leaf Vacuum For Pool

If you own a pool and have enjoyed many a lazy weekend just lounging around it with your family, you are well aware of the pain and frustration that comes with the countless debris and mess that fallen leaves and other debris can cause. Gone are the days where the only way to get these pesky things out was with the aid of a leaf rake or net that you have to manually work.

Thanks to technology, we now have pool leaf vacuums which are nifty little pieces of hand held equipment which can be used to suck up piles of leaves and twigs from your pool thus saving your time and energy. Although these devices have a lot of names, they are most commonly known as leaf vacuums but bear in mind that there are quite a few varieties that will offer different approaches and mechanisms built in each leaf vacuum even though they all do the same thing.

There are devices known as “suction vacuums” which easily plugs into the main skimmer but we do not recommend you sue them as they also need a lot of manual labor. The best method is to invest in a stationary pool vacuum that will suck in only the leaves and not loads of water that you will have to clean out later.  If you get a heavy load of leaves stuck inside a regular vacuum, they can easily clog up your skimmer line and that will have to be fixed manually which can be pretty expensive.

The solution is to buy a pool leaf vacuum that offers you a variety of bag types which will allow you to switch up to the right kind of bag for the specific mess. These products guarantee to spare you hours of dull work, and of course since they are automatic and a one-time investment you won’t have to hire a pool boy or a maintenance man to do the work for you. Now there is no doubt that you should do your due diligence on the topic before you actually set out to make an actual purchase. That’s where we come in with our top 4 picks of the best leaf vacuums the market has to offer!

Best Leaf Vacuum For Pool

Pool Blaster 11A0000 Leaf Vac

Our first device for the day is called the Pool Blaster 11A0000 leaf vacuum which is a battery powered leaf vacuum perfect for your home based pool! This product is unique as it doesn’t rely on the pressure of your garden hose to get the task done. Furthermore, the wide-bladed propeller of this product enables the Leaf Vacuum to raise leaves and massive particles cleanly off the pool floor and straight into the filter out bag which has a very large capacity so the user does not have to drain its contents too soon.

Since the filter bag in this pool leaf vacuum is in fact reusable and quite large, it saves up on the hassle and cost of purchasing a new one each time. It is also good for the environment.
One flaw is that it needs 8 double a batteries to power up and this means you have to consistently purchase them to work it. There is a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer but it is on some limited terms.

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Blue Devil B5115 Pro

Next up we have the Blue devil which is a leaf bagger which will rid you of all those mounds of disgusting rotting leaves inside your pool. It operates on the easy venturi system of pool vacuum technology which allows you to hook it up straight to your lawn hose in order to work at top speed. As soon as that is done as the leaf bagger directs the water up into the bag vacuuming the leaves off the pool ground simultaneously thus making for a super-fast action

The best part is that it comes with ball bearing wheels and even a metal swivel handle which makes it even easier to operate. The mesh bag that it comes with can keep even the smallest of particles secure in the bag and out of your pool.

While some products have stopped using the traditional method of hose attachment, the Blue Devil realizes that this is a tried and tested method and thus the best.

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Pool master 28300 Big Sucker

Next up we have a product from the Pool master’s Classic Collection which offers quite a big choice of high-performance products that have been designed from the most resilient components which ensure your pool is clean. The Pool master 28300 or as it is known, “Big Sucker” has been made specifically to remove large leaves from all pools.

This is made possible via the 15-inch diameter pool leaf vacuum and its multi-directional wheels which offer smooth maneuverability along with 8 high-pressure jets that provide the optimum water pressure necessary for the best cleaning power. This vacuum comes with one reusable leaf bag which is great for all kinds of pool debris.

Once connected for your garden hose, the 8 water nozzles, placed on the underside of the vacuum, change into powerful little mini jets that create an effective suction action that guides leaves straight into the vacuum bag.

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Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf

Last but definitely not least, we have the Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher which works along with your automatic vacuum to clean your pool faster. All you have to do is get your conventional vacuum and fit the canister between two hose sections of your suction-side automated vacuum hose and this will create a super powerful device that also hosts a great capacity.  This product works with what it calls Advanced Cyclonic Technology which basically creates a forceful water waft which keeps the debris and impurities from clogging the canister and therefore restricting the device’s suction power.

Since it does require a bit of manual aid, the device has an ergonomic handle, it also has a strainer basket with a squeegee backside so you won’t have to touch any of the leaves or debris.

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