Best Vacuum for Hair Salon

Best Vacuum for Hair Salon

Running a hair salon will cause much mess in terms of leftover hair. This mess is not easy to clean and keeping a salon clean is very important to attract customers. For this purpose, you will need a standing vacuum cleaner, powerful enough to engulf the hair and debris from the floor when it is swept near it.

The market is teemed with many such products and the variety of products offers a variety of results, like some, can take in dry hair or some can wet or few can both, moreover some operate on batteries while others have cords, some have buttons on them while others have sensors. In such a scenario it is difficult to make a choice, here in this article you will be given information about the  Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum.

Best Vacuum for Hair Salon

This cleaner will give you the ease of cleaning your salon.

Why this?

Because there are many features that will leave you amazed and will work to their best potentials.  It is given with the sensors to detect the debris near or the movement of the broom in the surrounding, when it senses something like this it will automatically turn on and take in all the debris.

This standing vacuum is provided with a HEPA filtration system. This feature will make sure that the passing out air is clean and has no hair and smell in the air. You must not want the air of your salon to be congested with hair and dust after you have cleaned it with a vacuum.

This cleaner will make sure that your salon is cleaned of dust and hair. Moreover, its services and features will help you a lot.

The capacity of the bin:

The capacity of the bin is dependent on the daily hair cutting that is performed, if you are having busy schedules then it can be full early while on the other hand in less-customer times, its bin will have the capacity for many days.


Well as long as the noise is concerned it gives off a typical vacuum cleaner sound not very much loud and annoying, but you cannot say it is a silent machine. Still, it will not produce much sound to disturb you and your customers.

Cat litter?

In a salon, many different types of people get their way for services and they may have pets, and in this case you might have to deal with the litter of pets, so this question is frequently asked that a standing cleaner is able to let in a litter of a cat or not? To your surprise the answer of this question for this machine is yes, it can take in the litter without any problem and make sure your floor is clean of anything of such material.


This machine will not need you to switch it on every time it has sensors and infra-red radiation to have an idea of what is going on in surrounding and when it has to start its work.



This machine is a corded one and does not run on batteries, moreover, it is given with 6 ft. long wire to reach the socket.

Its powerful suction produces the power of 14000 watts to make sure that nothing is left behind after cleaning.

Wet hair?

In a hair salon, work is done on wet hair so the matter of concern in case of a salon standing vacuums is that it can suck in damp or wet hair or not. So this machine provides you this ease; it can sop up the wet and moist hair. Do not worry about it.


If you are living or running your salon near a beach then sand is a big problem to face. So this cleaner is a good choice if you are one of those who have their salon near a beach, this standing vacuum will make sure that you floor is not swarming with the sand and is clean.

Washable filters:

Many cleaners have disposable filters that make annual expenses more and out of budget, however, our product is provided with filters that are easily removable and washable. This feature will save you a lot of money. Just take the filter out and wash them with water and soap then dry before putting them back into it.

Groomers and vets?

This machine is not made only for human hair but is also efficient for the pet hair and other dirt material present in the house. This vacuum is actually a full package and can be used anywhere: salon, house, office, etc.  You just have to broom everything near it and it will draw the material in it, Walla! The floor is clean, neat and tidy.

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