🥇Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum in 2024

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

These are the best commercial leaf vacuums for you are presented below.


Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

1. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

Easily, the Toro 51621 is our top pick, a fairly powerful 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher tool that is ideal for average lawn cleaning jobs.

It’s more of a near-commercial grade blower, designed to meet small or medium-sized lawn cleaning needs. An affordable unit that is perfect for dry leaves and grass clipping.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a high-powered blower capable to generate up to 250 miles per hour of wind.

The best part about Toro 51621 is the variable speed control allowing you to control both the air intake speed and the blowing speed.

Moving on, the Toro 51621 comes with a fan-like part that chops up and mulches. As an alternative many contenders use plastic impellers.

To clean the crevices and corners, the Toro 51621 comes with a concentrator nozzle.

The electrical motor installed inside the unit is manufactured by Toro itself, having high reputation of reliability, and the parts all snap together snugly, and without problems.


  • Plenty of power at 250 mph
  • Quiet operation
  • Strong leaf collector


  • Manual switching instead of instant switching requires to turn off the unit

2. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Commercial Leaf Vacuum

The next up is BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Commercial Leaf Vacuum, a high-performance unit yet opposite of the Kimo.

A lightweight unit of 8 pounds, and a flick of the power switch to either 180 or 250 miles per hour shows you why.

Other than that, a convenient back-strap helps you handle the weight of the unit while vacuuming, or sucking leaves around.

Moving on, the BLACK+DECKER BV 6000 offers superior mulching and converts a 16-pound bag of leaves into one pound. All that’s possible because of a 12-volt motor installed in the unit.

Like the above-mentioned unit, this one also comes with the concentrator nozzle that helps you focus the air stream on a tight area, in combination with the oscillating nozzle will spread the blown air out to a wider area without moving left and right.


  • Fairly quiet 68 dB motor
  • Specially designed cord system
  • Tremendous mulching system


  • Not every extension cord works

3. Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Leaf Blower Vacuum

The Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 is a fairly expensive option that offers the same cleaning activities that you can get from the cheapest commercial leaf vacuum. Although the cheaper unit might lack important features, but not everyone is ready to spend a heavy price.

You must be curious to know the features of this unit if it comes in a hefty price tag. The Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 features a 120 miles per hour blower, and powerful, 473 cubic feet of intake.

It’s a dual-battery powered unit and works perfectly as an alternative to gas-powered blowers. Most contractors tend to choose a blower that lasts under 20 minutes at full power.

Customers buying this machine are those having 1/4th of an acre or less. Makita is a well-known name and the reputation of this leaf vacuum brand earns the trust of customers. Everything about the build looks and screams quality build, the unit is like a tank.

Overall, the Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 is a powerful commercial leaf vacuum that comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from the best leaf vacuum mulcher and blower. Being a homeowner, you should invest in this unit.


  • Solid build
  • Strongest unit
  • Comes with 4 batteries


  • Short battery life, so purchase 2 extra batteries

4. KIMO 20V Cordless Commercial Leaf Blower Vacuum

The KIMO is our favorite battery-operated sweeper/vacuum that comes with all the features that you expect from the best commercial leaf vacuum shredder. It’s a versatile leaf vacuum that operates quietly and comes with au automatic cord rewind features that eliminate the need to drag a 50-foot cord around the yard which usually gets tangled in bushes or other obstructions.

With popular reviews on the internet, the KIMO becomes a worthwhile investment of your money. This is the lightest if not light 2-pound blower and vacuum that you can use to clean your driveway, porch, or gazebo.

Compared with other units, the KIMO is a relatively small blower which you can easily fit in a shoebox, thus, it’s ideal for small jobs and you should restrain to use it for large yard or wet leaves.

The best thing is the reasonable price tag. Homeowners with small jobs love the Kimono for its sheer lightness yet power. It’s quiet, yet is easily maneuvered even by the elderly.


  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  • Battery charge lasts for around 20 minutes
  • Strong and powerful for small to medium tasks
  • Cordless so no extension cords mess


  • Not good for big jobs

5. DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Leaf Vac

The DEWALT DCBL720P1 is our next top commercial leaf vacuum that runs on battery and take in 450 cubic feet of air and expel it at speeds up to 90 miles per hour. It’s a light to medium duty leaf vacuum blower and mulcher.

Some other positive features include a brushless motor that will not only last longer but runs quietly at 61 decibels of noise.

The best feature that you may not see in other blowers is the cruise-control trigger, which keeps the vacuum running on a continuous level and speed without pressing the speed trigger.

The battery is placed carefully to reduce the arm strain. At the back, the air intake system ensures your clothing will never get caught in the air intake system.

Finally, the large blow tube blows out a significantly wide level of air, making the job extremely easier to complete in less time.


  • Speed control is awesome
  • Good for small to medium jobs
  • Cordless


  • Expensive

6. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Leaf Blower Vac

The Toro 51619 is a budget electrical blower and vacuum cleaner that you can use to cut your raking job by 2/3rd or more.

Furthermore, the Toro 51619 features a powerful motor that runs at 250 miles per hour. Plus, features a strong, metal impeller, rather than a plastic one.

Both of these are combined factors of this unit and due to this, the unit can blow leaves, sticks and large, heavy leaves, and mulch them down to a fine pulp, that’s disposable with the carrying bag.

Regarding accessories, the Toro 51619 comes with a handful of them including a collection bag, power insert, storage bag, cord storage unit, a vacuum tube, and a concentrator.

The most impressive feature of Toro 51619 is the quick-release device allowing you to switch from blowing to vacuuming instantly. Many blowers require 10 plus minutes to change features, but not the Toro. Plus, the built-in cord lock and the cord storage hook is the other best feature.


  • Fair price tag
  • Plenty of air intake and blower speed
  • Fast charging


  • Power switch is touchy

7. Remington RM2BV Ambush 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower

The final pick of this list is Remington RM2BV, a perfect 2-in-1 leaf blower/vacuum a 2-cycle leaf blower that cleans the debris from the yard efficiently.

The unit features a quickstart technology that uses an assisted coil to help reduce the painstaking effort it usually takes with conventional gas leaf blowers to get it started.

The best part of Remington RM2BV is the inclusion of high velocity engine that moves at at a powerful 205 mph in volumes of up to 450 cfm. Such powerful engine can easily displace larger debris stacks easily and effectively allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

Furthermore, the Remington RM2BV has a 10-to-1 debris reduction ratio with the vacuum attachment feature so the size of the debris and leaves reduces significantly. That means, you can tackle large yard projects, letting the vacuum attachment do the clean-up work for you.

Other than that, the Remington RM2BV has an over-mold handle that absorbs the maximum vibrations and allows you to control the unit firmly while cleaning the yard.

That said, the Remington RM2BV should be the part of your yard tools collection.


  • Vacuum accessory
  • Powerful engine


Types of Leaf Blowers Available on the market

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the leaf blower, you should know that there are three types of lawn blowers: gas-powered, corded electric, and battery-powered.

Gas-powered lawn blowers

Mostly gas-powered lawn blowers are used by commercial lawn companies. Such units are usually used with a back-pack plus a long and flexible extension coupled with the blowing unit.

A problem with gas-powered units is that they are environmentally unfriendly. A teeny-tiny emission from a single gas=powered unit running for an hour is equal to a car that drives 350 miles. Other than that, emissions are heavy and louder. For an estimate, a complete factory at full operational strength is not nearly as loud as a gas-powered lawn blower.

Still, not beats the power of gas blower, and using them in your area can blow the heck out of electrical units.

Electric cord blowers

Compared with gas blowers, electric cord blowers are less powerful but are equipped with more features. Similarly, they are lighter than gas units and are quieter.

Corded means limit of movement, and it will work only when the cable is plugged in. Other than that, corded units are notorious for being wrapped around trees, skates, bicycles, cars, etc. Regardless of the technology, the cord becomes loose while using them vigorously. You can also not get an extension cord that long which can be problematic.

Battery operated blowers

Finally, Battery operated blowers are the solution of corded blowers. But the problem with these units is the limited amount of battery power. The battery charge goes out fast and these units discharge within 10 minutes.

Things to Look When Buying The Right Commercial Leaf Vacuum

THe first thing you should consider is to determine the type of best commercial leaf vacuum you want.

Now you know that gas-powered units are more noisier, and less environment friendly. Similarly, they will plow through a pile of leaves like a hot knife through butter. The sound generated by these units is generally 80-90 decibles which is louder than a train giong 45 miles an hour. In few scenarios, the gas-powered untis might be banned.

Similarly, electric units may be banned or restricted in use, you should consult your local zoning board for more information. Corded units are quieter but tangling is the common problem with them.

Then you have batter operated leaf blowers, silent but short running units.

After choosing your type of leaf vacuum, look for blowers that have:

  • Variable speed
  • At least two speeds in the minimum, those with 3 to 6 speeds are better.
  • Look for strong cubic feet per minute of intake, and strong blowing speeds. A blowing speed of 120 miles per
  • hour or more is desirable.
  • Look for metal impeller blades.
  • Rocks and debris will bang the heck out of plastic impeller blades.
  • Look for blowers that come with multiple attachments.
  • And make sure those attachments are easy to put on and take off
  • Look for signs of strong build and manufacturing ingenuity.
  • Look for quality over the price but at the same time, be price-conscious.
  • Look for brands you know and trust.
  • A range of companies manufacturing leaf blower vacuums, like Chinese with sketchy reputation. Rather than buying a cheap unit from an unknown company, it’s recommended to invest little more and get the original product from the brand with warranty and guarantee.
  • Read object reviews
  • Negative and positive reviews will help you make a better decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Leaf Blower Vacuum

Leaf blower vacuum has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The best advantage is the quick work of fallen leaves and pine needles. You can get the lawn-rake back-breaking work of hours in few minutes with a leaf blower.

Another tremendous benefit of the most leaf blower vacuums is the option to mulch dry leaves into tiny particles that are easily disposed of into a compost pile.

Generally, leaf blower vacuums are heavier or bulkier for petite or elderly people, often causing wrist and back strain. You can buy a lawn rake and a few plastic bags for under $10.

There are a lot of options out there in the market right now filled to the brim with commercial leaf vacuum devices which will help make your life a 100 percent easier especially around this time of the year when the leaves will be falling down all over your precious lawn and backyard like crazy. As any experienced lawn owner knows, the right tools can make cleaning up your lawn this fall plenty the easiest task ever.

Instead of simply raking or blowing your trees’ leaves and debris into piles, you may use a leaf vacuum to suck and mulch it up to make it easier to bag and throw away. Not only are those leaves a great source of a herbal fertilizer as a composted material for your plants but it also prevents the mulch and decaying leaves to rot your other grass and foliage.

No matter which kind of leaf vacuum you go with, it is important to keep in mind features such as their vacuuming and blowing strength, in addition to their capabilities at mulch reduction. Power may be determined by using a combination of their air consumption which is crucial especially when dealing with huge amounts of fallen leaves.

In today’s article we are going to list our top 4 picks of the best commercial leaf vacuum cleaners but to start it off we have to mention the BLACK and DECKER 3 in 1 Electric Leaf Blower which is an electric leaf blower that can get rid of leaves, mulch and all sorts of unwanted debris. It is a truly versatile device which has little drawbacks and thus is a very nice product to consider purchasing. However it is up to you as the final user to decide which product best suits their needs after you have gone through these product specifications.

Green works 40V 185

First up we have the Green Works Blower, which comes from the special Digi Pro 40V line of tools from the brand and like most of their products it runs via a brushless motor, and it additionally comes equipped with a very cool characteristic which allows the user to pick different kinds of speeds which is great as it lends the user the control over their product usage.  This can be achieved via the easy to use thumb dial that foes from 0 to 5.

It works best on the full speed mode and although in this setting it will drain the fastest, the Green Works 40V Cordless Blower will still run for an impressive 15 minutes on the highest setting. A great thing about this tool is that it can also be used as a vacuum. In order to achieve this, the user has to place the leaf bag attachment at the front of the blower and replace it with the output tube.
As a vacuum, the Green Works Blower is not too bad in terms of its suction capabilities, however you can easily tell that it is not the best feature it can provide as it is way better at acting as a blower.


The WORX Trivac WG 509 3 in 1 vacuum and blower is next on our list and it is one of the most advanced devices we have as it comes with an completely metal mulching system which is what makes it an all in one solution. It is a corded electric leaf blower that acts like a leaf blower, a leaf vacuum and a mulching device all in one. Furthermore it is incredibly light-weight and compact plus it is a hand held machine which lends the user full control.

The 12 Amp motor that this device comes with functions with the aid of gas and is therefore capable of producing immense power without the dangers of a fuel-pushed engine. This function is extremely beneficial and accessible for commercial users who can save up on the cost of buying fuel.

The WORX Trivac WG509 is a hand held device but because it is so lightweight with a mere weight of 9.4 pounds it is not a hassle to handle. That combined with the compact ergonomic layout means that this device can be carried anywhere and for extended periods of time without any strain to the user.

WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion

Next up we have the another product from the Worx brand which is called the Worx WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower which is a fusion device as it also has mulching capabilities. It is an electrically powered tool which means that you can forget about having to purchase fuel and gas repeatedly.

This device comes with 2 unique pace sliding transfer which expertly controls the turbine velocity to ensure that the workings inside are smooth.

A feature we love about this product has to be the sturdy shoulder strap which is a great ergonomic feature that allows the user to wear this device comfortably, even for longer periods of time. One drawback of this device is that the vacuum may get clogged up periodically and this can be remedied by keeping an eye on the contents of the leaf bag and emptying them out frequently.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower

Lastly on today’s list we’ve got the Black and Decker 3 in 1 electric leaf blower which is all set to help you overcome your messy yard with the aid of its all in one and precise vacuum solution that also contains a mulcher and a blower. It is super powerful as it expertly gets rid of all unwanted particles thanks to its 250 MPH horsepower.

The patented POWERBOOST™ button is one of the best features this device has to offer as it will provide the power boost needed to suck up all debris and mulch and the zippered bag will make emptying out all the contents extraordinarily easy.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

Getting done with all the leafy mess from the backyards or any land is probably the toughest home task to get through. Technology has helped us with a huge variety of blower vacuums in this regard and this handheld Toro 51621 Ultra Plus leaf blower vacuum is going to be your minion for this.


The Toro 51621 Ultra Plus leaf blower vacuum is a handheld design that offers super blowing power along with the mulching capabilities to provide best possible user’s reliability. And the best thing is, the blowing and mulching properties are tested in the laboratory to be efficient and supple.

It can blow the air at 350 CFM at the blow mode, and up to 410 CFM at Vac mode that is enough for any kind of need.

This blower cum vacuum comes with a vacuum tube, a bottom zip bag that will collect all the leafy garbage, a cord storage hook so you won’t have to handle it separately, and shred-all shred ring for convenient mulching.

Other than this, a convenient and time saving oscillating tube is also included in the package so you don’t have to worry about anything ever.

The vacuum can be used at variable speeds so you can find your sweet spot where you can work gently yet efficiently.


If you were looking forward to find a one stop solution to fulfil all of your needs including powerful blowing, leaf shredder or mulcher, and a high-speed vacuum than this Toro 51621 Ultra Plus leaf blower vacuum is the best one for you. It’s a cost-efficient unit that is going to offer you a lot for the money.


  • Corded design
  • 3 in 1 blower vacuum
  • Offers up to 410 CFM
  • Highly reliable and efficient
  • Mulches perfectly.


  • Extension cord is sold separately
  • Doesn’t captures dust

Meta Descriptions: If you are finding a vacuum blower but without the hassle of cords and extensions, this one by Greenworks can take off all your burdens efficiently.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

Sometimes we have to work far away from the facility of power output and sometimes above the ground where we cannot handle the hassle of using corded equipment. This is where the technology took over and offers us with the cordless systems without compromising on the quality of performance. This Greenworks 40V Cordless blower/vacuum is a perfect example for this.


The Greenworks 40V Cordless blower/vacuum has a high reputation in the market due to its manufacturer’s trustworthy profile. This is a cordless system and hence comes with a battery system. It features a 40V lithium ion battery that can be trusted for fadeless power supply.

The good thing is, it can handle dry leaves as well as wet leaves equally, providing a great convenience to handle any kind of mess.

The brushless motor of this vacuum cum blower definitely offers a longer run time and ultimately better durability that does the justice with the price of this unit. The motor is efficient at providing better torque and more power.

The speed control is variable so the user can find a sweet spot for its requirements up to 185 mph making it quite ideal for ÂĽ acres.

It’s a blower as well as a vacuum that offers complete versatility so you can get through any kind of workload in any premises.


For amazing versatility, greater power, brushless motor offering longest durability, all-purpose performance, and cordless hassle-free design, this Greenworks 40V Cordless blower/vacuum has already won many hearts. It’ll never disappoint you for sure.


  • Cordless hassle-free design
  • Brushless powerful motor
  • Up to 185 mph speed
  • Equally good for wet and dry leaves


  • Works only with Greenworks batteries.

Buying Guide:

There are devices that only work as vacuums, other works only as blowers, but technology has also got all-in-one devices that offer us with vacuum, blowing, and mulching all at a time. And having something extra or in combination is always better than having a single machine.

Following is a buying guide that will help you in finding and deciding what is the best vacuum blower for you.   

There are some factors you do need to consider before purchasing, let’s dig deep into the details of these factors;

Blower/Vacuum type:

The market is flooded with endless options and it’s you who would decide what the best is for you according to your needs. For instance, you can go for a corded design that will be powered by an electric output or a cordless design that will be powered by batteries. Also, you can go for gas-powered vacuum/blower that uses fuel to generate power. The choice is yours!

Fuel type:

The engines, as mentioned earlier, can be of three types and you need to decide on the fuel type while selecting on any one of these. The most powerful among all are gas-powered that use gasoline type fuels but are more loud and difficult to start whereas the cordless design can be used under certain limitations due to the battery power being used. Thirdly, corded design work efficiently for longer run time at high power but restrict the mobility due to the cord length.

Collection bag form and size:

Some collection bags demand to be separately worn on the shoulder or back of the user whereas some units also offer bags directly attached to the engine. Collection bags on the back offer larger volumes and hence are more convenient for mega tasks.

If the vacuum is also a mulching, try to figure out the mulched volume and then decide which collection bag will be convenient for you.

Also, consider if the collection bag is reusable or disposable to estimate the expense.

Weight of the unit:

Most leaf vacuums are designed to be handheld for more convenience and lightweight to lower the strain on the user’s shoulders and hands. If you have greater work demand, you might be searching for something exceptionally powerful and heavy-duty. For this, you should go for a more powerful leaf blower as well as a powerful vacuum featuring high-efficient engine but this will be a heavier unit and will be difficult to operate comparatively.


The most important factor that tends to cost-effectiveness is durability. We always wish to have a product built to last maximally possible. In the matter of vacuum, try considering a unit with less torn and repair demands, and focus on the quality of its components.

Leaf vacuum is a useful tool to blow out an indoor or outdoor area quickly.

Similarly, the leaf vacuum can be used to blow pollen away from your porch, clean-out cobwebs, clear out gutters, blow away leaves and light snow from your roof, and clean out the interior of an old car in a jiffy.

To help you choose the best commercial leaf vacuum, I have sorted out top brands like Toro, KIMO, DEWALT, and Makita.

What is Commercial Leaf Vacuum?

A leaf vacuum is not just a sucking machine, it can blow, vacuum, and mulch, allowing you to switch between tasks with a switch. Furthermore, a leaf vacuum can be gas-powered, battery-powered or electric motor. Blower uses a powerful motor that intakes air at many cubic feet per second and then blows out the air at a high rate of speed.

For commercial cleaning, crop dusters were used earlier and before that commercial snowblowers, a similar invention with a similar design was used. In 1978, over 1 million leaf blowers were sold in the U.S and alone as small, compact units were developed. Another thing to remember is that the earlier production of gas-powered leaf vacuums was extremely loud and powerful that lead to the ban of usage of these units in cities like Log Angeles.

Since then, leaf vacuums are produced quieter by the manufacturers. Similarly, electric leaf blowers have developed low vibration gas-powered leaf blowers which irritate less than the vibration of sound.

Benefit of Using Commercial Leaf Vacuum

As mentioned earlier, leaf vacuums are multi-fuction units, like mulching, crushing the leaves after sucking and converting them into small chunks. You can opt for merely chopping up the leaves and blowing them into your grass, which, provided they are not too deep, will quickly decompose into the ground.

Grass clipping mulch doesn’t need to be bagged. Today’s modern leaf vacuum mulchers are capable to tackle clipped mulch of ton of leaves with a collection bag which later you can use to protect the garden and rose bushes from winter, throw them away, or add them to a compost pile.

Furthermore, the practical benefit of owning a leaf blower is that you can reduce the effect of pollen for allergy sufferers. Usually, pollen collects on your front door or front porch, this heavy pollen becomes ready to be tromped into the house. With frequent blowing sessions, you can take care of pollen entrance to your house, and this way allergy sufferers can stay relaxed.

Similarly, leaf blowers can clean clogged gutters. The rain drains improperly and can cause pooling of water in the yard which can also damage your house. Another common use of leaf blowers is the dryer vents which typically costs you $100 or more if you hire a professional vent dryer man. The leaf dryer allows you to quickly clean the vent in one or two minutes, and do the task weekly with no sweat.

The last usage of leaf blowers is indoor car cleaning. With the incredible power or force of leaf blower, the dirt and gunk stuck in the crevices of your car’s interior comes out. You can also use them as portable vac which becomes handy to clean. This way you can blow every bit of debris collected in your car or truck’s interior effortlessly.

I am sure this article will be helpful enough to get you the best commercial leaf vacuum.

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