How Do Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaners Work

Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaners Work

How Do Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaners Work? A clean and tidy pool in the summers is all we want, other than the summers neat pools are just aesthetically pleasing.

If you have bought a house with a pool recently, you must be wondering what can be done for its maintenance. 

Some people prefer doing it themselves by hand, which is just tiring and makes their hands dirty. On the other hand, some of them prefer calling the pool service which is quite pricey. 

With the other two categories comes the one, people who don’t have time or the money to afford cleaning of the pool by hiring the pool service.

Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are the easiest ones yet a great option for anyone who can not afford the service, it just helps the pool stay healthy, clean, and always ready to swim in. But you should always do your research right on how they work before jumping into pool cleaners.

Automatic Pool Vacuums Working

The automatic pool vacuum cleaners are very easy to use and quite affordable in price. They use efficient motors built within them which allows them to function effectively without even using extra power. When the automatic cleaner sucks up the dirt and debris from the pool, it is stored in a filter bag which is separated from the cleaner and can be emptied and used all over again. It comes with great mobility which allows it to clean and move around the areas which are not easily accessible.

This type of cleaner comes with its filtration system, which is designed to be used as a secondary filter. You will need to use a cleaner system with its filtration system. That is why you would not need to attach an external filtration system.

Controlling The Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

You can control the vacuum cleaner from a distance as well using a remote control system, it only works using 110 volts of electrical supply with the help of the transformer to step down the power. This will help the pool cleaner to clean the debris and dirt and dispose of them in a built-in bag.

These automatic pool cleaners are energy efficient, which means they save up to 90% of the energy which is mostly consumed in most vacuum cleaners

It reduces the time of the cleaning or maintenance, it just requires little to no time for removing debris and dirt from your pool. This will ensure that the algae are completely remove from your pool, you also spend less on chemicals. 

Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners 

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners, which are suction-side pool vacuums, pressure-side pool vacuums, and robotic pool cleaners.

Suction Side Pool Cleaners

The suction-side pool vacuum cleaners are the first ones to enter the market. These vacuum cleaners are great at the suction of the pool and move around to suck any dirt and debris from the lowest surface of the pools. They follow a limited path. It also needs constant monitoring as it can coil up and block the pipe. 

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

The pressure side pool cleaners, it has even water distribution. It spreads the filter water everywhere around the pool, this lets the water be evenly share so that no part is left and the pool is dehydrate. Don’t clog or lose pressure. Improves water circulation with efficient and fast water flow.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

These pool cleaners are compatible with all the pools and are of high quality. They also run on a low voltage motor which consumes less energy than others. It picks up the debris and dirt and stores it in a filter inside the canister cleaner, which needs cleaning from time to time. 

Pros Of Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Benefits Of Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

Superior Technology

It has an amazing automatic cleaning system that makes them superior to other pool cleaners. Its sensors let it move around freely.


Automatic cleaners are quite expensive compare to the other cleaners, but their amazing cleaning ability and energy-saving features are worth the price.

Saves Time

All you need to do is set the automatic pool vacuum cleaner up, and let the cleaners do their job. Just set the program and you are good to leave it and let it work.

Operates Itself

Like other manual cleaners, automatic pool cleaners work independently. The debris gather in the filter bag directly goes into the canister.


Automatic pool cleaners work independently, it saves time and energy and is also affordable. The cleaning of your pool depends on how often you use your pool. In peak summer months you would need to clean it often. During winters it would need less cleaning. Don’t forget to clean and maintain the pool vacuum cleaner after cleaning. Protection Status
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