How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Rocket Vacuum

Learn How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Rocket Vacuum

So, we’ll discuss how to remove roller brush from shark rocket vacuum today. It’ll take only four steps to remove the brush from the vacuum. However, it’s necessary that you follow each of the steps with care and diligence.

Removing or taking apart any part of a vacuum cleaner isn’t hard, but it’s technical. So, if you’re not sure about any part of the process, better consult with an expert or go through the user manual over again.

Next, we’ll immediately provide you with the four steps to remove the roller brush from the vacuum.

Remove Roller Brush from a Shark Vacuum in 4 Steps

1. Ensure Shark Vacuum Out from Any Source of Power

While handling any electrical device, it has utmost importance of removing any power source to the device. So, do this at first for the ultimate safety purpose. Only switching off the power source isn’t good. You need to ensure that there’s no electrical connection in and out of the shark rocket vacuum cleaner. Then, you can proceed to remove.

Also, make sure that there’s no body around that can reconnect the power source to the vacuum cleaner. While you might be taking a break from the process, someone might do it without knowing. After coming back, you might not realize it’s connected to the power source again. So, take the safety measures beforehand.

2. Access the Roller Brush from Shark Rocket Vacuum

You can find the roller brush on the bottom of the your shark rocket vacuum cleaner. So, for convenience, turn the machine upside down. That way, you’ll have visible roller brush. Then, you can go ahead and simply unscrew the plates on the bottom to remove the brush.

Removing the screws will take some patience. Take them out one by one and gather them somewhere properly. So, you’ll be able to reattach them quickly when it’s time. If your screws have got rust on it, try removing the rust with cleaning agents. However, you can also replace with compatible types of screws.

3. Unscrew the Screws of the Roller Brush 

Once you’ve unscrewed the plates on the roller brush, it’s time to use the right head screwdriver. Use that screwdriver to unscrew the screws of the roller brush. Usually, the screws are much compatible to remove on a roller brush of a shark rocket vacuum cleaner.

If you can find more than four screws, no worries. There’re usually four screws on the roller brush, but, there can be more or less depending on the model you’ve got. Ensure you’ve removed all the screws before pulling out the plates on the roller brush. Otherwise, it might damage the structure of the shark rocket vacuum.

4. Pop the Roller Brush from Shark Rocket Vacuum Cleaner

Now, it’s time to pop the roller brush from the shark vacuum. So, you’re sure that all screws are out. Then, with just one pull, the roller brush should come out easily. However, if that doesn’t happen, try using a little bit of extra force. Sometimes, due to rust, things might get stuck in between. Eventually, the roller brush will pop out.

But, one important thing to remember is that you need to take some time to remove the brush. Don’t hurry up, else, it might damage the whole vacuum cleaner. Always remember how you’ve removed the roller brush from the vacuum. While attaching it over again, place the brushes in the same position again. You can always take help of the user manual in that case.

Shark Rocket Rotator Vacuum Cleaner

Now, let’s learn more about disassembling a shark rocket rotator vacuum cleaner.  These types of cleaners have wide cleaning head. However, the rotator ones can have some complex design, at times. It all depends on the model of each of the shark vacuums.

Discover the variations in extracting the brush from rotator vacuum models right here:

  • If you find the hose access port, you might very well find a hidden screw. So, if you’ve got a shark rocket vacuum, identify the hidden screw and take it out with care. Always remember to attach the hidden screw again.
  • There’re more connecting wires in a shark rotator vacuum cleaner. So, make sure, you don’t damage the wires while cleaning the vacuum
  • You can find the wires above or under the LED indicator light. Moreover, always disconnect the connectors on each wires.
  • After all these, steps you’ll see the brush roll clearly.
  • Then, you’ll need to unscrew all the screws from the roller brush again.

There’re screws that hold the clear cover in a shark rotator vacuum. You need to unscrew them at first to remove the brush roll. Otherwise, removing the brush roll will not be compliant.

Make sure to dry all the parts you cleaned. Or, if you’ve cleaned only the brush roll, then dry that completely before attaching it again. Wet parts will damage the vacuum cleaner and might create electrical accidents when you run the vacuum cleaner.

Final Thoughts

We’ve given four steps to remove the roller brush from a shark vacuum. Also, we’ve provided the differences to remove the roller brush from a shark rotator vacuum with a shark rocket vacuum.

However, the differences aren’t that much. The good news is that , every model of shark vacuums are nearly similar. Moreover, we recommend you to go through the user manual of the model you have before you start any task.

The user manual of each model has the ultimate information the product. So, always keep the manual safe. Protection Status
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