How To Vacuum to Waste with No Waste Setting?

Spending time in the pool gives a very happy vibe. However, cleaning the pool is not as nice as spending time on it. It requires a lot of work and effort to keep the beautiful appearance of your pool. Especially, cleaning the bottom of your pool can be pretty hard if you don’t have a pool filtration system with the to waste setting. In our today’s guide, we will discuss how to vacuum to waste with no waste settings.

The waste setting in the pool is very helpful to collect the water from the pool and then send it to the waste channel without causing the filter.  Typically, this setting drains out either a partial amount or full water from the pool. You can make use of this option to vacuum the debris and other things on the bottom floor of the vacuum cleaner. It can be pretty hard to maintain the hygiene of your pool without the waste settings. It can even cause issues like clogging and blockage in the pool filter by the dirt.

In this article, we will let you know how to vacuum a pool with waste when there is no waste setting. Keep reading the guide to find out the process of doing this.

The Pool Filtration System

Nowadays almost all the standard pools out there include a pool filtration system. This helps to keep the pool water in the correct shape to assure you a good swimming experience. Before we move to the main topic of the article, let us discuss a bit more about the different functions of the pool filtration system. Usually, the push-pull valve pool filter includes a plunger along with a double disk. The double disk is usually on it while the lever at the piston is on the top. This makes it easier for you to change the state by pulling up the lever or down. You need to understand the pool filter valve settings to correctly use the pool filter.

Typically, there are six settings in the pool filter valve that includes the filter, rinse, backwash, waste, closed, and circulate setting. Amongst them, the filter is used to filter to waste the pool to run it. On the other hand, the rinse is the same as the filter but it is typically used after backwashing. The backwashing is an active set of the pool filter. It is used to sanitize the sand that is accumulated in the filtration system. It needs to be done after vacuuming the pool.

Then there is a waste setting that is to minimize the water level of the pool. That is required to vacuum the pool to remove the heavy layer of dirt and algae from the bottom. These are the things that your filter cannot remove. Then there is the closed setting that is used to turn off the water flow on all the channels. This is typically employed when you are not using the pool. The recirculate setting is to collect the water through the skimmer and pump without utilizing the filtration system.

How To Vacuum to Waste with No Waste Setting?

Well, if there is no waste setting in the filtration system in the pool, you will require other procedures to remove the water from the pool. It can be done in several ways if there is no pump or filtration system. One of the easy and classic techniques is putting a hose on the pool and then putting another to somewhere else where you want to drain the water. Then use your mouth to siphon the water to start removing them from the pool. For a bigger pool, you might require some other technique.

After doing this and removing most part of the water, you can start vacuuming. Another thing you can utilize is by using the leaf canister. This should work efficiently to remove the algae and the buildup at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. You might consider consulting with an expert for the right solution.

How To Vacuum to Waste with Waste Setting?

Now let see how you can vacuum to waste with the waste setting. You will need a vacuum head, a vacuum hose long enough, at pole along with a skim-vac. Here are the things you need to do:

Step 1

At first, attach the vacuum head to the pole. The next thing you need to do is to attach the vacuum head with the vacuum hose’s swivel end. If it requires extending the full. Now bring down the attached vacuum pool to the bottom of the pool where you want to clean. But make sure that you have not started cleaning yet.

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is to connect the skim-vac on the hose’s open end. Now you need to get rid of the air from the vacuum hose. Now put the skim vac on the water surface and move it to the skimmer. Then put the skim-vac to top through the skimmer.

Step 3

Now change the pump setting to waste position and turn on the pump. This should start taking out the water from the pool. If there are several skimmer channels, close the valves one by one slowly, leaving the one that is connected fully open. They close the main drain valve halfway. Now get rid of the air in the hose by pushing the pole, hose, or the vac in the pool. Now remove the skimmer lid and place the skim-vac.

Step 4

Now it is time to vacuum. Slowly put your vacuum head on the bottom. Make sure you are not stirring the debris as they can move away. Now start vacuuming to clean the entire pool gradually. If the suction becomes low, clean the skimmer basket and pump basket and resume vacuuming. Once you are done, remove the debris from where they are collected.


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