What Happens When You Vacuum A Spider

Vacuuming A Spider

What Happens When You Vacuum A Spider? A vacuum is something that halves your time and effort in household cleaning.

Since its invention, the machine took cleaning to a new level. You can pull all the hard-to-clean dust within minutes. Without vacuums, your life would spin around hours to clean the carpets and rugs manually.

If you have a pet at home, then you could truly understand the value of vacuum cleaners. Pets tend to create a mess, especially leaving hairs on the couch and rugs. Picking them by hand is nearly impossible. So here, vacuum cleaners play a vital role.

They vacuum all the dust and related elements. While the vacuums do the job well, people use them to clean away bugs and insects. But have you ever wondered what happens if you vacuum a spider? Well, this article carries details about how to deal with such situations.

Do Vacuum Kill Spiders In a Vacuum

The quick answer to this question is yes! Spiders expire as soon as they are vacuumed. However, it depends on their skin’s fragility. If the spider is weak, it will certainly die with the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

However, if the spider is lucky enough to survive the suction, the dust and debris in the canister bucket will kill it eventually. So basically, there are no chances that a spider will survive if you vacuum it.

No one wants to smack a spider on the wall as it leaves ugly-looking traces that are hard to clean. So vacuuming them can be considered a good idea. All you want is to have a spider-free place, so why not vacuum it.

Do Bugs Die When You Vacuum A Spider

A bug doesn’t die as soon as you vacuum them. Furthermore, they might escape from the vacuum cleaner if you don’t empty the bag. So if you want a bug-free house, they must clean the canister bucket after vacuuming all the bugs and stuff.

What Happens When You Kill A Spider In A Vacuum

Vacuuming a spider is a practical idea to make the place clean. As stated above, spiders die as soon as they land in the canister bucket. It’s ok to perform the task this way as many of us fear spiders. Some are venomous, so vacuuming them is acceptable rather than following a more ethical route and landing yourself in serious trouble.

But there can be a problem if you let it be there for days. If the spiders and other bugs decompose, it generates an unpleasant smell that will bother you.

What To do After When You Vacuum A Spider

After vacuuming a spider, follow the steps below to ensure it doesn’t create a smell in the canister bag.

Step 1: Empty The Canister bucket After Vacuuming A Spider

After cleaning the area and vacuuming spiders, make sure to empty the canister bag outside the house. You should throw all the stuff away from the home to prevent bugs from gathering around the dead insects. If there are traces left on the canister bag, you should consider washing it to prevent it from smelling. Failing to do so will bother you while vacuuming in the upcoming days.

Step 2: Clean All Vacuum’s Parts After Vacuuming A Spider

Afterward, disassemble the vacuum cleaners and check all the components. It’s possible the spider stuck into the vacuum hose or on the filter rather than landing into the canister bag. So wash all the components and clear the vacuum hose to make sure the vacuum cleaner is spider-free.

Step 3: Clean Or Change The Filter After Vacuuming A Spider

After disassembling all the components, you must have a look at the vacuum’s filters. They are most likely to have dead spider traces. Filters play a vital part in maintaining optimum suction, and if they are blocked, the vacuum cleaner won’t work appropriately. So wash all the filters and dry them before placing them back in the machine.


Vacuum cleaners are best for pulling away dust and even bugs from your house. It might seem unethical to some people who may consider it as a cruel way to turn your home bugs-free. But considering the situation, it’s not recommended to touch spiders if you do not know whether they are venomous or not. So vacuuming them is recommended.

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