How To Empty A Shark Rotator Vacuum

Empty A Shark Rotator Vacuum

How To Empty A Shark Rotator Vacuum? Isn’t it nice to have a Shark vacuum? It sucks quite good, comes with useful tools, and won’t break the bank. The majority of their vacuums are appropriate for a variety of surfaces and users. With that type of adaptability, it’s no surprise that Shark was able to carve itself a niche in the market.

However, one of the most crucial aspects of owning a Shark, or any other vacuum brand, is upkeep. Proper maintenance will guarantee that your vacuum lasts a long time and performs well.

This is why we chose to start at the beginning and discuss how to empty a Shark Navigator vacuum. Emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner appears to be a simple task. However, some Shark vacuums are built differently.

One of them is the Shark Navigator, therefore we created a brief tutorial with steps you should follow to help you find out how to properly maintain it.

The Best Way To Empty A Shark Vacuum

Because it includes a lift-away canister, you may detach it and use the vacuum as a handheld. However, because this type is an upright vacuum, it has a lot of suction strength and can take up a lot of dirt and debris. This is why you should empty the dirt cup on a regular basis.

Unplugging the unit is the first step in any maintenance procedure. You are at risk if you do anything while the vacuum is plugged in. After that, remove the dust canister from the device. The Shark Navigator features dust cup release tabs that should be slid until the dirt cup is freed.

There are two release tabs – one at the top and one at the bottom. To empty the container, push the bottom one after placing the dirt container above the trash bin. However, in order to entirely empty the container, you must also turn it upside down and push the upper release tab.

This method allows you to collect debris from both ends of the container. If you use your Shark vacuum to remove pet hair, some fur may become lodged in the container. Make sure you remove it before reinstalling the dirt cup.

This procedure is still quite straightforward, although it differs somewhat from that of previous Shark models. This is why a brief tutorial, or even a video guide, may make the process go more quickly and easily.

When Should You Empty Your Shark Vacuum

Because all Shark models include a dirt container, the frequency with which you must empty it is exclusively determined by the size, i.e. capacity, of that container. In general, every container will have a MAX indication, which indicates the absolute top limit you should allow. However, it is preferable not to push it and to empty the dirt container every time the soil fills half of it.

When this occurs, simply look at the container from time to time, and you can readily tell how much dirt there is because all dirt cups are see-through.

Try to be consistent, emptying the dirt container when it is half full, or slightly more than half full, and you will do a lot for the durability and performance of your unit.

Why Should You Empty A Shark Vacuum

Of course, it stands to reason to empty the dirt container so that there is enough space for the fresh dirt you are going to vacuum. However, this is not the only reason you must remove the dust cup on a regular basis. You are guaranteeing maximum efficiency and extending the life of your vacuum by doing so.

To begin with, by emptying the container, you ensure uniform and forceful suction. Debris build-up can sometimes cause blockages or restrict the airflow, causing the suction to decrease. Even if you do not totally lose suction, there is no need to vacuum with a fraction of the suction force when you may easily use the full capability of your machine.

Another benefit of routine maintenance is that it protects the motor. As previously stated, when the dust cup is full, the airflow diminishes. The engine then strains to provide you with enough power to continue vacuuming.

This is how the motor overheats, and over time, the motor becomes destroyed and you are unable to use your vacuum. This is especially crucial if you vacuum pet hair since hair can become intertwined and create balls.


One of the most critical maintenance tasks is to empty your Shark’s dust cup before it becomes totally filled. You now know exactly how to accomplish that if you have a Shark Navigator. Best wishes and happy cleaning Protection Status
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