Does Rainbow Rainmate Clean the Air?

Are You Anticipating Does Rainbow Rainmate Clean the Air?

Everyone loves a clean and tidy house which gives a sense of satisfaction. We put a great amount of hard work into cleaning our houses to make them shiny and dust-free. Be it floors, carpets, or sofas; a vacuum cleaner is a great helping hand in this task. But what to do when it comes to breathing in fresh and purified air.

Well, this is where rainbow rainmate air purifier steps in. cleaning and providing fresh air in the home is the job of an air purifier.

However, there are many air purifiers on the market, but the most popular one is the rainbow rainmate air purifier.

Why Is Rainbow Rainmate So Popular?

Rainbow rainmate air purifiers are one of the most demanded air on the market. Rainmate lets you enjoy the sweet smell of fresh air and light up your house. It removes all the dust and pollutant from the air, leaving you with your favorite sweet fragrance.

Highlights of Rainbow Rainmate

Here are some highlights of rainbow rainmate;

1.    Simple Design:

Their simple and sleek design is pretty attractive. Rainmate comes in two basic colors, black, and ivory with a blue shaded plastic basin. They are perfect to fit in with any style of interiors. Moreover, its LED lights lit up the water basin, which makes it quite alluring. Whether you let it sit on a desk or a countertop, it makes your environment quite impressive.

2.    Unique Filtration System:

The unique quality of rainbow rainmate is its excellent filtration system. It has a swirling basin of water which traps all the dust particles and odors, providing nice and pleasant air in your house.

Huge Range of Fragrances:

Rainbow rainmate offers quite a huge range of scents that can be used in homes or spas. Select your favorite ones and add two to three drops in the water basin. It will immediately infuse in the atmosphere and freshen up the air around you.

Here are some amazing fragrances you can choose from;



Apple Blossom








Now, coming towards the main topic of concern, does Rainbow rainmate clean the air perfectly? Let’s learn about it,

Does Rainbow Rainmate Clean the Air?

The main function of rainbow rainmate is to clear out all the dust, pollutants, and bad smell. Whether you are in the office, car, or home, Rainbow rainmate makes your surroundings pleasant and fresh.

It is a perfect fit for a humidifier and deodorizer. However, rainbow rainmate does not remove 99.9% of the air pollutants.

How Does the Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier Function?

Following are the steps on how does the rainbow rainmate clean the air;

  1. The upper part of Rainbow RainMate has a motor. When you turn on the purifier, the motor pulls dirty air into the water and get mix with it.
  2. When the water gets mixed with the air, the purifier starts creating bubbles, eliminating dirt from the air.
  3. Fresh and clean air circulates out of the Rainbow RainMate and makes your surroundings pleasant.

How to Set Up the Rainbow Rainmate?     

1.   Add Water:

Fill the purifier’s basin with water a little more above the line.

2.   Put Fragrance:

Add few drops of your favorite fragrance to the purifier.

3.   Place It:

Place the purifier either in a room or in the center of your house.

4.   Turn On:

Carefully plugin the rainbow rainmate and turn it on.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s learn about some of the most frequently asked questions regarding rainbow rainmate;

Q. How Much Area Does a Rainmate Cover? 

Rainbow rainmate provides fresh and purified air by covering up to 700 square feet. It is an ideal choice to freshen up your home or office.

Q. Can I Leave Rainbow Rainmate On All Night?

Yes, you can absolutely let your air purifier run 24/7. Since these machines are designed in such a way that even if they work all day and night, they will not overheat. Additionally, it uses the HEPA mechanical filtration method to remove or break down harmful dirt.

Q. Does The Water Gets Dirty?

While providing you fresh and pure air constantly, rainmate does water does get dirty over time, and its fan may get clogged if not cleaned regularly.

Q. Can I Add Essential Oils in My Rainbow Rainmate?

Yes, you can definitely add essential oils to your rainmate. However, keep in mind that these oils may stain your purifier’s basin.

Q. How Often Should I Clean My Rainmate?

The water basin of the Rainbow rainmate air purifier must be clean around twice a month. Moreover, if you start seeing dirt and mineral buildup inside the basin quite early, clean the air purifier according to your need.

Important Note:

Never use hot water to clean the Rainbow rainmate, and it is not dishwasher safe.

Important Tips to Clean Rainbow Rainmate:

Once or twice a week, clear the water basin entirely and clean it with dishwashing liquid and water. Moreover, in order to clean the whole unit, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Turn off the air purifier and unplug
  2. Unscrew the upper part of the rainbow rainmate.
  3. Detach the fan from the top of the purifier.
  4. Clean the upper part with a soft and damp cloth
  5. Clean the water basin and other parts with soapy water, and clean the stem with the help of a brush or a q-stip.
  6. Once parts dry, reassemble them carefully.

Bottom Line

Although rainbow rainmate does not provide ideal air filtration compared to other purifiers, it is loved by many consumers. Their simple design and ability to fit in with any surroundings make these purifiers stand out from the rest.

Therefore, if you are searching for a purifier that purifies and freshen up the air, you should definitely go for a Rainbow rainmate air purifier. Protection Status
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