How to Vacuum Between Car Seats

Learning How to Vacuum Between Car Seats

It’s good you want to learn how vacuum between car seats. It’s necessary to keep the exterior as well as the interior of a car. But, is it hard to keep them clean? Well, it’s easy. But, you need to understand the basics of cleaning a car. And, today, we’re going to learn to clean between car seats.

If you seat on a car that is dirty, the seats are crumby and full of danders, you body will start itching. Hence, the best practice is to clean your car more often.

So, at first we’ll learn if we need to remove the car seat before cleaning. Gradually, we’ll go through all the aspects of clean car seats in between.

Should We Remove the Car Seat?

Well, if you can remove you car seats, it’s the best practice. However, you can also clean without removing the car seats. The top recommendation is to remove the car seats before cleaning in between them.

But, if you can take your car to car servicing station, removing car seats won’t be your concern. If you want to clean youself, you can follow our car seat removal procedure given later on this article.

Before removing car seats, you need to ensure that you can do the job perfectly. You certainly don’t want to deform the structure of your car. By structure, we mean the internal structure of your car. Alternatively, you can go ahead and hire a professional to remove the car seats with perfection.

Clean Car Seat Folds & Crevices

Cleaning car seats is easy. However, it’s not just about brushing the seats few times. It’s about a proper cleaning.

However, cleaning regularly is important. If you clean regularly, you can expect the car seat neat and clean. Not cleaning regularly will lead to extremely hard debris and dust.

Equipments for Vacuuming In Between Seats

The Car Seats Cleaning Process

Did you know that the car seats can have a lot amount of hairs, debris, crubs, and many more hard-textured things which isn’t easy to clean? What part of the interior gets used of a car? The seats, right? You never stand inside of car. You place yourself on the seats. So, an ample amount of effort is necessary to clean the car seats.

So, the vacuum should be run on the surface of the car seats. In that way, the surface dust and debris will be cleaned easily. Next, take the crevice tool and use it to open the seams. Do it while you’re still vacuuming. Opening the seams will take some extra effore. The bottom and the back of the seats are joined. That’s why.

Then take some liquid cleaner and brush to clean the dust and dirt remaining the seats. Following, you can vacuum the seats and the seams over again to ensure a proper cleaning procedure.

How To Clean Car Seat Rails

Cleaning in between the car seats isn’t enough. It’s also important that you clean the car seat rails as well. If you don’t clean the car seat rails, there’ll be problems adjusting your car seats. The extra dirt works as a blockage.

For the purpose of overall cleaning and maintenance, the car seat rails should be regularly cleaned.

Equipments for Cleaning Car Seat Rails

  • Vacuum
  • Crevice Tool
  • White Lithium
  • Paintbrush or Detailing brush

There’s one thing that you should do before cleaning the rails. That is to vacuum the side areas at first. Then, you should also clean in between the seats and the console.

If your rails are dirty, then it’s better to hoover them a few times beforehand. However, if they’re not too much dirty, you can follow the usual cleaning procedure and clean the crevices accordingly. Remember to brush out the dirts after cleaning and vacuum all over again.

How to Remove Car Seats

Opening the Hood

At first you should go ahead and open the hood. In that way, you can deattach the cable from the battery. Airbags should be removed to avoid accidentally opening of the item.

Take All the Tools Together

The tools such as the crevice tool, vacuum cleaner, brush, etc should be right in front of you. Then, remove the seats, maybe with a help of socket set. Do this step carefully.

Removing the Front and the Rear Bolts

There’re mayb three to four bolts that are connected with the floor. All of the modern cars have four. But, there are two in the back and two in the front. So, remove those bolts.

Disconnecting Wires and Taking Seats Out

Disconnect any visible wires, then you should go ahead with the car seats removal steps. Also, remember to follow the previous step at first. This step is important as to avoid electrical accidents.

However, if the bolts aren’t connected anymore, the wires aren’t also thee, you can go ahead and remove the seats. The interior of the car can very well be damaged if proper steps aren’t take in this procedure.

Final Thoughts

As you can see that it’s very simple and straightforward to clean car seats in between. It’s also easy to clean the car seats and in between the console as well.

How you’ll clean the car and seats is up to you. If you follow the basics, there’ll be no problems at all. However, we recommend that you keep a service man or professional for the first few times you clean car by yourself. Protection Status
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