Why Wont My Dyson Vacuum Charge

My Dyson Vacuum Charge

Why Wont My Dyson Vacuum Charge? If your Dyson vacuum won’t charge, don’t panic; there are several likely reasons. It can be as simple as a sock getting sucked up and blocking the airway.

Your Dyson vacuum may also need a new battery pack to work again. Here are some steps to help you determine the issue with your Dyson vacuum before seeking someone else’s help. 

Check These Things When Your Dyson Won’t Charge

Your cord-free Dyson vacuum cleaner may not respond when you plug it in for several reasons. To determine the cause of your Dyson vacuum not charging, you can perform some easy checks.

Make Sure The Dyson Vacuum Is Plugged In

It could be as simple as an unplugged machine. It’s normal for us to forget everything after a long day at work. Check that the charging cable is plugged into the wall and that your vacuum is seated properly in the charging station. Even if the cord is off by a fraction, your Dyson vacuum won’t charge. Check the outlet or try another one in your house if the problem persists.

Check If The Dyson Vacuum Airway Is Blocked

Despite it seeming unrelated, dust canister, hose, and wand blockages are common issues on vacuum cleaners and can result in total power loss. It is possible for a sock, for example, to be sucked up and lodged in the airway.

If you neglect to wash the filters regularly, you could also stop the airflow and have the whole vacuum malfunction. Dirty filters may cause permanent damage. Check every inch of your Dyson vacuum for blockages, and make sure they are carefully removed

Replace Dyson Vacuum Battery If Needed Of Dyson Vacuum

Battery life on the V6 modes can last up to three years. This could result in your Dyson V6 not charging and degrading significantly. You can replace the battery directly from Dyson to restore performance. It is the same with Dyson V7 and V8.

Users of the newer Dyson vacuum models, V10 and V11, will be pleased to hear that their batteries have a lifespan of at least 15 years with the new technology. You won’t need to replace the battery anytime soon if you have a V10 or V11 model.

There are, however, a few issues with all Dyson cordless vacuums. Several customers have reported that their new vacuum was shipped with a dead battery. It can’t even be turned on or charged, either. This is when you should contact your seller or Dyson directly to request a replacement. 

If the appliance hasn’t been used in a year or more, it may have a degraded or completely dead battery. You should replace it regardless of the reason for its failure since the new battery will provide the best performance.

Check If The Dyson Vacuum Charging Cord Is Damage And Why Wont My Dyson Vacuum Charge

It is common for power cords to become damaged over time. You might trample them, pull them too hard, or your pets might nibble them. A damaged power cord won’t just cause the vacuum to stop working, but is also dangerous and poses a serious threat to your safety.

Before checking the cable of your Dyson vacuum, unplug it first. When you notice any damage, stop using it and purchase a replacement immediately.

Check For Any Damage To The Dyson Vacuum Battery Casing Of My Dyson Vacuum Charge

The Dyson vacuum’s battery is usually located on the handle. Models such as the V6 and V7 have removable battery packs. Users can slide it out and take it off to check if something’s wrong.

It is important to replace a battery if it shows permanent damage or cracks in the casing. Users can still access the Dyson V10 and V11 battery pack, but they must first remove the protective outer layer with a screwdriver.

If the battery pack is damaged or cracked, you should replace it immediately. You may need to fiddle with the replacement process, but at the end of the day, you don’t need a brand new vacuum.

Check The Dyson Vacuum Fuse Of My Dyson Vacuum Charge

Like any other household appliance, Dyson vacuums contain a fuse in the charger that can blow due to excessive current. If this is the problem with your vacuum, replacing the fuse is easy.

A fuse is located in the small panel on the plug. You can pop out the old fuse with a flathead screwdriver. The old fuse will have the amp rating printed on it. Make sure you use the right level of power based on this value. Why Wont My Dyson Vacuum Charge

Thoroughly Clean The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can get dirty and dusty inside, damaging the connection between the vacuum and its battery. Keeping your cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner clean and dusting can restore its functionality. This is the way to fix My Dyson Vacuum if not Charging.


Your Dyson not charging can be caused by a variety of factors, but luckily, they are usually easy to resolve. There may be times when you need to contact Dyson customer support and order a new replacement part, but the process is usually fairly straightforward. These tips may be useful to your friends who may face the same problem in the future. Please share them with them if you find them useful.

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