What Should I Name My Robot Vacuum

Learning What Should I Name My Robot Vacuum

You might be thinking what should I name my robot vacuum, right? Well, some of us love the appliances we own. And, we, at times want to give names to the vacuum cleaner we own. So, today, we’ll learn a whole lot of naming ideas for robot vacuums.

You can name your robot vacuum and run it with Alexa or any other virtual assistant tool. However, the choice of naming is simply up to you. For convenience, we’ve come up with ideas more than one to name your favorite robot vacuum cleaner. Let’s find out in the next sections.

Famous Names of Robot Vacuum

Well, it’s a funny and interesting way to name your robot vacuum. For example- you can name the vacuum by the names of robots in different movies. You can go ahead and name it Marvin- a robot from the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy or also you can name it K-9 which is a side kick of Doctor Who’s Robot.

Also, names like Bender, Rosie, Hal, and Robbie is also preferable. Bender is a robot that comes with attitude like humans and very fancy. If you don’t know about Rosie then it’s the famous icon of a robot maid from the Jetsons. Overall, you can name it with different robots from the movies.

For Indians, you can of course name your robot as “Chitti”. Chitti is the robotic character in the Indian Movie Robot. So, there’re wide ways to name your robot.

Name My Robot Vacuum by Animals

Oh! Did we say that you can name robot vacuums by the animals? Well, it’s possible to keep your robot name with your favorite pet name as well. Funny thing, right? If you call by the name, then both of your pet and robot will response at the same time.

As example, we can name our robot vacuum mitten, buster, lola, luna,  even rufus or nico. These are the name of the animals who love floors. Basically, they’re floor huggers.

How Robot Vacuums Work

Most robot vacuums consist of one or two spinning brushes and a rolling brush or two. These work in conjunction to bring large and small debris inwards to the center, where the vacuum mechanism sucks it up into the waste bin of the device.

Dirt, fur, food, hair, and everything else the vacuum collects gets stored in a removable section. Once this is filled, the owner will typically have to remove the tray and dump everything into the trash.

The best autonomous robot vacuums also include various types of sensors. Downward-facing sensors are the most common and help the device from driving over a ledge such as stairs. More expensive models have sensors on top that can map rooms as they clean.

Things to Look for in a Robot Vacuum

Now we know about naming ideas for robot vacuums. But, suppose, you want to buy a robot vacuum. So, look for the following things while you buy one.

  • Battery Power and Running Time- The lithium ion batteries are the best to consider.
  • Filtration System- These vacuums usually come with a HEPA filtration system that can ensure almost 100% cleaning of dust particles and debris.
  • Extra Parts- Make sure the parts are replaceable and can easily be found. So, it’ll be convenient when things go wrong and you find it easy to replace them.

Limitations of Robot Vacuums

Well, robot vacuums are great to go for anyone requiring vacuum cleaners. But, everything has some limitations, right? So, let’s analyze the shortcomings of these autonomous vacuums.

It’s not yet the time to replace other vacuum cleaners with robot vacuums. Traditional upright vacuums can still have more cleaning power over the robot vacuums. However, the suction power depends on models to model. Although these vacuums are autonomous, they still can’t reach every part of your home.

Another shortcoming is that it can collect the small or other items that aren’t meant to be sucked in. Well, you’re directing the robot. You won’t let that happen, right? But, they’re autonomous. At times, you might not be able to notice they’ve picked up a small thing that wasn’t meant to be vacuumed. Sometimes, the cables can get badly stuck due to the autonomous movement of these vacuums.

Roborock S7 Robot Vaccum

Let’s talk about a particular type of robot vacuum called “Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum”. The two great features of this vacuum is the spin brush and its large roller.  The water tank can handle up to liquid capacity of 300mL of water. So, no concerns of mopping for you.

With the high battery power, the vacuum cleaner can work up to three hours in a row. Hence, no worries about the power consumption and life time of the battery as well. With the smart technology this vacuum cleaner can very well understand where the carpet is at your home and if it needs cleaning or not.

Moreover, you can dictate the vacuum cleaner with Alexa and Amazon Echo. Overall, this is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market. It has got all the ability to spot clean with ease and perfection. Lastly, the efficiency of this vacuum is great mainly due to the high battery power.

Final Thoughts

Well, you can see that naming robot vacuum is easier than expected. You can name it almost anything. You can give a random name. It’s the best if you can give it a name from the robotic character from different movies.

Robot vacuums are still in development. That means, over the years, it’s improving. For now, robot vacuums are already good enough to use. In future, it might have better artificial intelligence working.

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