Where To Store Vacuum In A Small Apartment

Storing Vacuum In A Small Apartment

When investing in machines such as vacuums, one should always look for every possible reason they need for each specific feature. As there has been much evolution and modifications in machines, the types and specifications of each machine have changed over the years.

There are many various types of vacuums, depending on their uses and specifications. Some of the new types of vacuums that have been introduced include cordless vacuums, format vacuums, and many more.

People usually select their type of vacuum-based on their personal use and the features they need. People living in homes and bungalows use vacuums with high suction, while people living in apartments and tiny homes use vacuums that consume small space, so they are easily accessible. In addition to this, the house having heavy carpets use vacuums with high suction power and a multi-functioning brush roller to pick up all the dirt and debris together with pet hair.

Place For Where To Store Vacuum In A Small Apartment

Storing a vacuum in a small apartment is undoubtedly a hassle as it requires much space. In addition to this, you have to find a place where the vacuum is quite accessible, and you can reach it instantaneously. In a small Apartment, you cannot store your vacuum in a basement or backyard as it will take much effort to bring it back into the room and vacuuming the room.

Your closet is one of the places where you can store a vacuum. It will be accessible and will surely not hinder or disturb the sequencing of your clothes and shoes.

Things To Consider Before Allocating Storage Space For Your Vacuum

There are many things you should consider before allocating storage space for your vacuum in a small apartment. It will help if you look for your apartment’s proper layout before deciding on the storage space.

Here are factors which you should keep in mind before allocating storage space for your vacuum.

  • How Often Do You Vacuum

One of the factors you should always consider before deciding on storage space for your apartment is how often you use your vacuum. The vacuum should be readily accessible wherever you store it. If you are willing to clean a spillage, you should have your vacuum nearby to access it as soon as possible.

If you vacuum once or twice a month, storing it somewhere away will also work because you will not need it daily.

  • Type Of Flooring

The type of Flooring you have in your apartment will not directly influence your storage space decision for vacuum somewhat; the use of a vacuum will significantly influence the type of Flooring. If you have carpets and hard Flooring, you should surely keep your vacuum storage space near your rooms or vacuuming area. This is because carpets need cleaning every alternative day.

Pet fur also contributes to further debris and dirt, which is necessarily cleared by vacuuming.

  • Size And Type Of Vacuum

Size and type of vacuum is the main governing factor of the storage space you need for your vacuum. If you live in a small apartment, you should select small and compact vacuums, and storage space is a problem.

Stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, and robotic vacuums are excellent options for people living in small apartments as they are compact and handy and do not require much space.

Vacuum Cleaner Storage Ideas

There are many do-it-yourself ideas to make space for your vacuum cleaner in your common home space. Here are the most common vacuum storage ideas.

  • In The Kitchen

Your kitchen is full of space. Usually, there is a pantry space in the kitchen that can be used to store vacuum. In addition to this, you can increase the shelf space of the kitchen by removing one or two rags and make it enough to store a vacuum.

If you have a broom cleaner space in your kitchen, this is one of the best ideas to store your vacuum. You can easily hang your vacuum in there.

  • Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is another best space to store your vacuum. Apart from being the best space to store your vacuum, bedroom storage space for your vacuum will also be accessible.

If your bed is high from the ground, then your vacuum has to be easily stored under your bed. You have to make sure that it can be easily laid flat on the ground. This is one of the easiest ways to store your vacuum without creating any hassle.

If you have a staircase leaning under your bedroom, you can also utilize this under the staircase space. If you feel that this space will look messy, you can fit in a sliding door in this space, making it like a storage room.

  • Your TV Room

Your TV room is another most accessible storage space for your vacuum. You can easily store your vacuum underneath your couch or behind your couch, or any other space in your living room where it is hidden.

If you have a window in your TV room, you can surely use a window to make a seat out of wood. You can store the vacuum underneath, and the place will look aesthetic too.

  • Hallway Area

Your hallway area can also be a great area to store your vacuum cleaner. You can make an aesthetic corner longitudinally to make it specifically for your vacuum storage. This place to store your vacuum will be accessible, too, as you can grab your vacuum cleaner on the go anytime.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, storing a vacuum in a small apartment is undoubtedly a difficult task. However, it all depends on the ways you manage space. You can store vacuum anywhere in ranging from your closet to your living room. You need multiple do-it-yourself ideas and ways to store vacuum.

However, before looking for a vacuum space in your small apartment, you should always look for factors such as how often you use your vacuum, the ways you use your vacuum, the type of Flooring you have, and many more.

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