Will Robot Vacuum Go Over Threshold

Robot Vacuum Go Over Threshold

Will Robot Vacuum Go Over Threshold? Robotic vacuum cleaners have made it possible to enjoy a clean home or office without any effort.

It might seem like a robot that can climb high thresholds will be more autonomous, but in reality, this depends on the robot. Vacuum robots are not all equally capable of climbing thresholds. Let’s find out whether the robot vacuum goes over the threshold or not?

A Robot Vacuum’s Highest Threshold

Robot vacuums can go up to ¾ inches or 19 millimeters. However, this depends a lot on the robot and how well it can navigate. The 19 mm limit is probably the highest threshold any robot will be able to climb unless it happens to be a lucky approach to a higher threshold.   

A robotic vacuum usually works just fine if it’s presented with bumps and thresholds within or below the specified limits. Despite this, you should make sure your vacuum is clean, since dirt, abuse, and repetitive use can lead to the device breaking down. 

When Is It Worth Fixing The Threshold

It depends on the type of robot you have whether you should fix a too high threshold. If a robot is intelligent enough to navigate through a large house without crashing into a threshold, it won’t be hindered from moving from room to room. 

You might find it useful, however, to have a threshold preventing the robot from moving to another room autonomously if you’ve purchased, or plan to purchase, a robot with random navigation.

It is impossible to determine whether the robot has finished cleaning the first room when it is allowed to roam freely. Often, you’ll need to close the door or put a barrier in place before letting it go to a second room to make sure it has completed its work. 

The autonomy of a random navigation robot is already compromise by the fact that it doesn’t know where it has been cleaned, and you have to move it from room to room if you want it to clean thoroughly. 

Thus, a limbing threshold is a problem you should work on almost exclusively if you have a robot with sophisticated mapping and navigation capabilities. 

A Robot Vacuum Climbs – The Possible Solutions

Since robot vacuum cleaners can climb ¾” thresholds, you should check if you have any higher thresholds in your home that would pose a problem for a robot vacuum cleaner. It is possible to make a robot climb a threshold in several different ways, but since such methods are not cheap, you should always decide if it is cost-effective.  

The Ramp Robot Vacuum Go Over Threshold

Ramps are the first thing that comes to mind. There are a lot of ramp products on the market to choose from. You should also think about how well the ramp is going to blend into your house’s design. 

The Wooden Threshold Ramp

Threshold ramps made of wood are probably the best solution because they’re beautiful and easy to install. There are many options to consider, but as for robotic vacuums, you should consider how steep the ramp will be. The gentler the ramp, the better. 

Using Recycled Rubber For Safety Ramps

Most people would not like to have rubber ramps in their homes. It is difficult for them to blend well in a house, even if they aren’t ugly. Despite this, rubber ramps can be very long, allowing robots to cross very steep thresholds

A steep ramp, however, might be interprete by the robot’s sensors as a step, and that will cause it to move away. If the threshold is high, the ramp must be longer. 

The Low Pile Bathroom Carpet

If you want to create an intermediate level between the floor and the threshold, you can put a doormat or low-pile carpet in front of it. There are certain things to consider before adopting this solution. It’s probably going to be the worst option in terms of design, and it might not be very practical as well. 

Rugs and doormats may move around and require you to prep the threshold often to ensure they are in place. If the threshold is too high on both sides for the robot, you’ll have to place two doormats, which is inconvenient.


It’s worth investing in making your house robot-friendly, depending on what kind of robot vacuum you own or plan to purchase. When it comes to intelligent navigation robots, considering how much you pay for a robot that is so independent, it is also absolutely worth your effort to make some changes to your home, even if that means spending a little extra money.

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