Does Vacuum Therapy Work

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Answering- Does Vacuum Therapy Work

So, the question- does vacuum therapy work or not depends on few considerations. However, we’ll go through each of the considerations today. Therapies are something that may work for some people and may not work for another group of people.

Overall, if we keep it simple, vacuum therapy works, but not permanently. The reasons for the effects not being permanent is obvious. But, we’ll discuss those gradually. First, we’ll know about vacuum butt therapy. Actually, the vacuum therapy is mainly for butt lifting mostly. Besides, there’re other reasons as well.

What is Vacuum Butt Therapy?

So, what is the vacuum butt therapy? Is it like the brazilian butt lift? Well, no. For a fact know that people also call the vacuum therapy as Vacuotherapy.  It’s non-invasive. That means, you’ll not require any needle or any medical instruments insertion in your body. Mainly, you consider the butt therapy similar to a massaging therapy.

It all starts with a small massage around the butt and thighs. The massage is with a oil. Then, for the vacuuming, two cups (suction cups) are placed over the butt and thigh. As, a result, it can very well manipulate the tissue. After a while, two large suction cups are placed and sealed on each side. Then, the process continues for around 30 minutes.

It’s mainly the process of lymphatic drainage. It works by stimulating the muscles and break down fat accumulation. So, the muscles around the area gets relaxed up to a certain point. It also increases the skin tone and make it smooth.

What is Vacuum Therapy in General?

Now, let’s learn about vacuum therapy in general. Once again, it’s mainly relaxing the muscles by simply relaxing them. Breaking the fat accumulation results in removal of toxins. It improves the skin tone and the lymphatic drain. Lymph can make your muscles contract and make it uncomfortable.

However, if you’re thinking about pain, know that, vacuum therapy gives you little to no pain at all. It’s effective for few months, but, it’s not permanent. The good news is that if you can take proper diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle after the vacuum therapy treatment, the positive effects can last for a longer period of time.

Detailed Talks on Vacuum Therapy

Now, let’s talk about the long lastingness of the vacuum therapy and risks associated with it. Well, it has little to no risks. However, people with special conditions aren’t recommended to take the therapy. For example- people with high acne related problems should certainly avoid the therapy for the time being.

Overall, the vacuum therapy is painless. A pinching effect might occur at times. But, that pain is nearly zero. Among the side effects, short-term nausea or tightness can happen. But, they’ll disappear in few hours.

Once again, if you’re thinking that the results are permanent, then you’re wrong. The effects will last up to a couple of months only. But, maintaining proper lifestyle can let you enjoy the effects for a year.

How does Vacuum Therapy Work?

So, how does it work really? Well, it’s simple. You might have heard about suction cups, right? Well, the therapy is done using the suctions cup. At first, smaller cups are in use, then the bigger cups comes to the action. The cups connect to a machine that is able to produce suction tissue.

However, the suction happens in a way that it removes the cellulite, loosen the muscle tightness, and improves the skin tone. But, body contouring and firming are also the results of a vacuum therapy. This process don’t require anything to be inserted to your body. So, it’s a non-invasive massaging process.

For the best results, up to 10 therapies are needed. You know something? You can consider yourself doing exercise during the session. It’s equivalent of a daily exercise. Although, 10 therapies are preferable, many people might be able to enjoy the benefits right after 5-6 sessions. It all depends on the health factors of the person doing the therapy.

How Many Therapies to Take?

So, we already told that ten to twelve therapies are the best. But, you can also take up to 5 if you think you already have a better muscle mass. The best approach to understand the amount of therapies is to see the effects after 4-5 therapies. If you think the effect is already there in your body, then, you can stop at 5th or 6th therapy. It’s up to you.

Vacuum Therapy Treatment Results

So, you’ve taken the therapy. Now, what about the treatment results that you can expect? Due to the deep massage, you’ll of course have a great tone on the skin. Apart from that you’ll have-

  • Less fatty tissues.
  • Improved blood circulation around the therapy part.
  • Proper amount of cellulite in the body.

Overall, it’s the best thing to take a vacuum therapy. It’ll at least give you the most satisfactory results within a short time. But, remember that, it’s not permanent. For enjoying the benefits for a long time, you’ll need to change your lifestyle and eating habits accordingly. More than one sessions are always good.

Final Thoughts

After the therapy, it’s better to drink a lot of water. Well, it’s also important to drink plenty water before the therapy as well. Remember that, you’ll sweat a lot during and after the therapy. But, no worries. Whoever is performing the therapy on you will make sure, you’ve drank a lot of water before you start for the therapy.

Vacuum therapy might not be permanent, but, it comes with less risks. Only people with special conditions aren’t allowed to do the therapy, at least until their condition improves. End note is that the results aren’t permanent, but effective. Protection Status
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