How To Make My Vacuum Smell Better

My Vacuum Smell Better

A vacuum is the best home cleaning tool around the world. It’s effective in keeping your house clean and fresh. But sometimes, the machine itself becomes nasty. It’s because of taking enough dirt and a mixture of things that combine to produce an unpleasant smell. No doubt, cleaning becomes hectic and exhausting if you have to keep on working with that smell.

So here in this article, you will find all the causes of that ‘nasty smell and tips to prevent that.

Why Does The Vacuum Cleaner Smell Bad

You invested in an expansive vacuum cleaner, and it ended up smelling bad. That’s heart-breaking for most people. But once you can find the root cause, you can deal with it effectively. Following are the reasons for that unpleasant odor from the vacuum cleaner.

  • Pet Hair

If you have pets at home, they are likely to create a mess. The fluffy pets have hairs that fall everywhere, and you have to pick them using a vacuum cleaner. Now when they land in the canister bucket, the smell begins. Bet hairs are smelly, and when they are in your vacuum’s canister, it smells like feet.

  • Dust And Debris

There are factors other than pet hairs that turn your vacuum into a bad-smelling machine. Dust and other thing are in the vacuum bag that can mix up to make a terrible smell. When they are left unattended, and that canister bucket fills up. The vacuum cleaner started smelling unpleasant.

  • Belt

The vacuum belt is a component that functions to roll the brush to capture all the dust. It’s made up of rubber. If the belt is used massively, it starts to burn and as a result. The rubber-burning smell is generated from the vacuum cleaner. The reason behind this unpleasant smell is the lack of routine maintenance. The belt has a limited lifespan and needs to be replaced after that. Failing to do so generates odd smells.

  • Motor

The motor is the heat of a vacuum cleaner. It runs the overall machine, but the motor can smell sometimes. The overuse of a vacuum can cause burning inside the motor that creates smoke and smells unpleasant. The motor’s smell is not typical and needs to be considered immediately. Failing to do so may result in accidents like burning the whole vacuum cleaning. Do remember to unplug the vacuum cleaner before checking for the origin of the smell.

Solution To The Smelling Vacuum Cleaner

When you know the causes of smell in the vacuum cleaner, specific steps could help you solve this issue and keep the machine smell-free.

Step 1: Change The Vacuum Bag Or Empty The Canister To Make My Vacuum Smell Better

After every clean, check the canister bag and empty it. It will throw off all the dust collected and keep the vacuum dust-free. No junk means no smell generation. There are possibilities that the vacuum bag has absorbed all the smell, and emptying it may not eliminate the odor. For suck circumstances, you can disassemble the bag and wash it thoroughly. If the bag is too old, then replacing it with an authentic bag is recommended. There are bagless versions available in the market if you are considering buying a new one.

Step 2: Clean All Vacuum’s Parts To Make My Vacuum Smell Better

Routine maintenance will prevent the unpleasant smell from generating. You should clean all the parts routinely. For this, disassemble the vacuum hose, filters, and canister bucket. Wash all the parts, dry them and place them back on the machine.

Step 3: Clean Or Change The Filter To Make My Vacuum Smell Better

The filters collect unwanted substances from the vacuum hose. They need to be clean to prevent those junk items from remaining there. Always keep an eye on the filters and clean them with all other parts. You should replace the filters if they are worn out. Replacing them every three months is recommend with regular use.

Step 4: Put Perfume Pads

Placing perfume pads on the top of vacuum filters can eliminate the smell and turn the vacuum cleaner into a pleasant-smelling device.


Vacuum cleaners are made to clean, but they do require cleaning. You should maintain them routinely to have the maximum output. Practicing cleaning them frequently will not allow the dust and other substances to stay long and create unpleasant smells. A better attitude towards the machine will make its life longer. Protection Status
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