Shark Vacuum Will Not Spin

I Want To Know Why Shark Vacuum Will Not Spin 

Shark vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular brand of vacuum cleaner in the US, this feat was not acchieved in a day, but from many years of excellence. They are know to release awesome products, and have inevitably secured a place for themselves in the list of best vacuum cleaners on the market. Now, every good quality thing always has their moments and just like every other vacuum cleaner out there, there are times when shark vacuum cleaners troubleshoot. One of these troubles include not spinning. This is not a hard to sort out trouble but it can be very frustrating especially since most models of shark vacuum cleaners need to spin to work properly. Now when you notice this problem, as a worried owner, it is just normal for you to ask questions like, why shark vacuum will not spin. This post is set out to answer this question and offer possible solutions for the problem. If you want to know, read to the end to find out. 

How Does Shark Vacuum Work

If you understand how shark vacuums work, then you will be able to understand why it doesn’t work when it will not spin. Shark vacuum cleaners work with a combination of spinning brushes and suction. A bristle brush rolls deep into carpet fibres removing embedded dirt including pet hairs, while a second brush does the cleaning for larger dirts from hard floors. This function is mostly achieved by the spinning of those brushes and without being able to spin, the vacuum cleaner won’t be able to clean desirably. If there is no issue with the vacuum cleaner’s ability to spin, it does a perfect job and removes all the dirt and dust embedded on both carpets and hard floor.

How To Know When Vacuum Cleaner Stops Working 

It is pretty easy to know when shark vacuum will not spin. There are some indicators to let you know on some models of shark vacuum cleaner, but even without the indicator there are obvious signs that will tell you that your vacuum cleaner is not spinning. One of those signs is that when you pick the vacuum cleaner up, you will notice dirt on the floor that has already been cleaned. And most likely, the vacuum cleaner is not even in use when this happens. Another to note is that the brush bar will no longer work or spin. This is quite obvious because you would see the vacuum cleaner’s inability to remove any dirt or it will be slower than it used to be. If your vacuum cleaner has stopped spinning, another thing that you will notice is a reduced power. Some models of shark vacuum cleaner have an indicator light that will tell you when it’s no longer spinning. When it has stopped spinning, the light will either flash red or go off. If you notice any of these then you should start looking for possible solutions already. 

Reasons Why Shark Vacuum Is Troubleshooting 

There are a lot of reasons why shark vacuum might stop spinning but the most prominent of these reasons is that the nozzle is disengaged or there is an obstruction somewhere in the vacuum cleaner. Some models of shark vacuum cleaners also use belts, so if the vacuum cleaner stops working, then the there’s a possibility that the belt is either worn out or broken. Another reason why your vacuum cleaner is not spinning is that it might be set to floor mode. If it is set to floor mode, then the brushes will not spin. There is also a possibility that the roller brush is switched off too. If your vacuum cleaner stops cleaning, check these points to know where the issue is coming from. And that will help you to know how to get it working in time. 

Quick Fixes To Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Spin Again

The first step to getting your vacuum cleaner up and working again is to identify the problem first. Give your vacuum cleaner a detailed assessment and once you have discovered the problem we’ll go right ahead to possible fixes :

  • Ensure that the nozzle is is tightly connected by firmly pressing down on the handle. Go ahead and unplug the vacuum cleaner entirely and disconnect the nozzle. Clear the nozzle of debris and blockages if there is any and reconnect the vacuum. 
  • If it is a model that uses belt, and the belt is worn out or broken, remove the belt entirely and replace it with a new one. You can fix the old one if you want to, but it’s best if you get a new one. 
  • If the fault is caused by an obstruction, remove the dust cap and have it cleaned. Once you do that, it should start working again. 
  • Another thing is to check if there is hair accumulation of hair on the brushes. If there is, you can gently remove them with a pair of scissors. Cut through the hairs until the brush is entirely free of them.

One or more of these quick fixes can get your shark vacuum cleaner working in no time.


Indeed, Shark makes high end vacuum cleaners but it is not immune to troubleshoots. When this occurs, any owner will get worried. Nothing is more frustrating than needing to clean and your vacuum cleaner refuses to work. Or, after taking the time to clean, your vacuum cleaner empties  itself of the dirt. Once you notice any of this, all you have to do is to find out what the issue exactly is, and use the possible fixes to get it working. There is no need to get all worked up over it. Just carefully do what you need to do and you vacuum cleaner will work just well. As good as new. Protection Status
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