How To Use A Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Using A Pool Vacuum Cleaner

How To Use A Pool Vacuum Cleaner? There are a few better things to enjoy at home other than owning a private swimming pool. They are a unique feature of the house that can excite anyone, especially in summers. If you have extra space in the backyard, you should not consider any options other than building a private swimming pool. It also takes the overall property value to great heights.

Benefits Of Having Private Pools

If we consider public water parks and swimming pools, then the crowd factor is unignorable. There are hundreds of people in the same pool. Well, in such conditions, enjoying swimming will never be possible. So private-owned swimming pools seem a blessing.

Pools have developed during the last decades into portable ones as well. There are moveable pools known as Coleman pools, but you can only attain the real swimming experience in in-ground swimming pools.

However, there are specific duties that jump in with owning a private pool. You must maintain it routinely, or it will turn to be the home for algae and bacteria. Vacuuming the pools is necessary to keep Them clean as ready to be used. Here in this article, we will explain how you can use a pool vacuum cleaner to vacuum the pool.

How To operate a pool vacuum cleaner

It all starts with gathering all the components that will be used to vacuum the pool. First, take all the compartments of the pool vacuum cleaner and place them together on the poolside. The thing you’ll need is a vacuum head, a telescoping pole to reach the depth of the pool and a vacuum hose. You will also require an accessible electric socket or else take an extension lead too. Once all the equipment is gathered, follow the following steps:

Step 1 – Connect The Pieces

You will have to take both ends of the vacuum hose and connect one with the telescoping pole. This end will go into the water for vacuum purposes. After connecting the hose, sink the telescoping pole into the pool until it touches the base. You will start vacuuming from there.

Step 2 – Expell The Air From The Vacuum

In step 2, you will need to expel all the air from the vacuum before starting the cleaning process. For this, connect the other end of the hose to a return outlet. It will start expelling the air from the vacuum pump. Make sure that you hold the telescoping pole firmly, and it doesn’t float while the air is moving out once all the bubbles are finished. It indicates the air is expelled from the vacuum, and you are good to go to step 3

Step 3 – Connect The Hose With A Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Moving towards step 3, detach the vacuum hose from the return outlet and connect it with the vacuum pump. It would help if you connected the hose immediately to prevent any air from entering the vacuum. After connecting the vacuum hose with the pump, you have set up the complete vacuum pump and can start vacuuming the pool.

Step 4 – Start Cleaning The Pool With A Pool Vacuum Cleaner

To start the vacuum process, you must ensure easy access to the pool’s depth. Vacuuming the pool will require steady hands to prevent the debris from roaming into the swimming pool. Make sure you move the vacuum cleaner slowly in the water.

If the debris starts roaming due to the swift movement of the vacuum pole, you need to wait until it settles down again before restarting the cleaning process. Collect all the debris from the water and watch for residuals. You must ensure appropriate cleaning because the task is not as easy to be carried daily.

Step 5 – Clean the Equipment Afterwards

Is it done with cleaning? Now reverse the process and disassemble all the components of your vacuum pump. Then clean all the pieces through a pressure water hose. It’s mandatory because leaving the vacuum pump dirty will cause blockages and shorter working life.

No doubt, vacuuming the swimming pool is as tricky as maintaining its PH level. You have to take different measures and have patience while vacuuming the pool slowly. But comfort comes at a cost, and by the end of the day, you get to see the most excellent swimming pool due to your effort. Routine maintenance ensures crystal clear water and a healthy environment around the pool.


By following these simple steps, you can carry this task perfectly. You will keep the pool clean and maintain the vacuum pump for the future perfectly. It is indeed easy to use a pool vacuum cleaner that can help to keep the pool clean. Protection Status
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