How Long to Vacuum Car Ac System

Find Out How Long to Vacuum Car Ac System

It’s necessary to know how long to vacuum car ac system. Well, we’ll answer that. But not only that, we’ll show you how do the vacuuming on a car ac system. That way, you can be an expert on the topic.

Next, we’re going to talk about the reasons you should clean your ac system. Step by step, we’ll move forward and answer about the time to vacuum car ac system.

Why Should You Clean Your A/C?

There’re lots of parts inside of your AC. However, over the time, it can get dirty inside. Not only that, air and moisture accumulation are two most common problems for an AC system. Mainly, due to the removal of these two things, we’ve got clean our ac system. And the best way to do it by pulling vacuum on the ac system.

However, if we talk about overall maintenance of the ac system, it’s important to clean the ac by vacuuming the ac. There’re ventilation ducts and evaporator inside. As a result, there’re lots of chances of bacteria and other likewise parasites to grown on inside an Ac system. Moreover, the accumulation of water is also a reason to clean ac system.

Evaporator is a place in the AC where there’s every chance of bacteria growing. As a result, there can be bad odors coming from the ac system. Overall, that’s why it’s quite important to clean and service the AC. The best way, however, is to vacuum the ac for the perfect period of time. So, you know why to vacuum car ac or any ac system.

Importance of Knowing How Long to Pull Vacuum

So, why should we know how long to pull vacuum actually? Well, you’ll know that in few moments. But, the timespan of evacuating an ac system can depend upon several scenarios. It can very well depend on how huge the size of the ac system. Moreover, if the system wasn’t clean for a while, it might take more time.

The length of the vacuum chamber and hose also affect the timespan to pull vacuum on an ac system. But, you always need to know when to stop. You can remove the air, moisture, and other dirt, but it’s important that you don’t over vacuum the system. Doing so might damage the vacuum pump as well as the system. But, in average, you pull vacuum on a ac for 30 straight minutes.

In the next section, we’ll learn the consequences of overcharging your AC system for a long time.

If you Overcharge your AC 

Well, we’ve already mentioned that, it might damage the entire ac system. But, the very first thing it’ll do is to damage the compressor. There’ll be build of refrigerant more than needed in the compressor. So, what’ll happen? The system will cool down to a temperature not preferable. It’ll be below par. It’ll also cause different parts to fail.

Moreover, the temperature change in a sudden manner might overheat the entire system. The compression will be high and there’ll be more problems to follow.

Frequency of Vacuuming Your Air Conditioning System

Actually it depends on your choice. It’s always preferable that you do it one time at least a year. However, doing it twice after each six months is also good.

You can also do it once during the spring and once during the summer. Small maintenance can be done by yourself, while, vacuuming should be done by the experts. There’re lots of companies that offer vacuuming and ac maintenance services.

How to Vacuum Down and Recharge an Air Conditioner?

Well. Did you know that you can vacuum down and recharge an ac system without a vacuum pump too? Well, earlier people used to do this. Let’s learn how to do it. You can use some refrigerant to power up or charge the system. however, vacuuming will require you to connect the vacuum pump to the ac system. We already know the vacuuming process.

Well, vacuuming is a task that you can’t do it yourself, if not an expert. But, you can always do the process of putting refrigerant into the system for the purpose of charging your ac system. But, to pull vacuum on a car ac is easy. Once you do it, there should be no problems from the 2nd time.


So, the question – does vacuuming the ac remove oil or not is quite relevant to our topic. We’re doing the cleaning, right? So, we’d of course want the oil to not be there after the cleaning process. Unfortunately, vacuuming the ac doesn’t remove oil.  The place where oil is accumulated isn’t compatible to pull vacuum on.

However, if you really want to remove oil, know that flushing the entire ac system will help. It’s called the filtration process. By pulling vacuum, we’re mainly removing the excess air and water from the ac system, not dirt or debris, in general. However, if you visit mechanic to pull vacuum for ac, they can also remove the oil for you.

Final Thoughts

So, the average time of pulling vacuum on an ac system is around 30 minutes. However, you should always see the gauge readings while pulling the vacuum. If the reading reaches just around 30 inches, know that, it’s time to stop pulling the vacuum on the ac system.

Overall, pulling vacuum on an ac system has many benefits. It increases the durability of you A/C system and ensures the safety for all. For the frequency, know that you should pull vacuum at least once per year. Protection Status
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