Can Robot Vacuums Clean Multiple Floors

Robot Vacuums Clean Multiple Floors

Can Robot Vacuums Clean Multiple Floors? Vacuum robots have a tough time cleaning homes with several floors, although today’s vacuum robots are quite good at cleaning. Indeed, house robots are still entirely wheeled and incapable of navigating stairwells. Although several legged robots are on the market, they are still experimental and much too expensive to be employed in everyday life.

This article will help you in using current vacuum robots to automate cleaning a multi-floor home. We begin with the most fundamental and work our way up to the most practical solution Roomba should be made. Clean Several Floors, Install Multiple Charging Stations in Your Home, use a Fleet of Vacuum Robots to Clean Multiple Floors, Use a Floor-Aware Vacuum Robot.

Clean Multiple Floors With The Help Of Roomba

Cleaning Multiple Floors With A Low-Cost Roomba

Moving your vacuum robot from one floor to the next is the cheapest way to sweep many floors. A low-cost Roomba 690 or similar model would suffice. At least when it comes to slippery floors like hardwood, tiles, or linoleum. If you want to clean carpets, a Roomba e5 in the mid-range will do a better job.

We suggest leaving your cleaning robot on the most heavily trafficked floor the majority of the time. The kitchen and living room are often located on the first floor. Then you’ll have to transfer it upstairs once or twice a week to clean the rest of your house.

Kidnap Using Systematic Navigation For Robot Vacuums  To Clean Multiple Floors

Choose a high-end vacuum robot like the Roomba 960 for faster cleaning and better performance on carpets. It combines strong suction force with a very well navigation system. Furthermore, if the cleaning area is too large, it recharges and resumes cleaning from where it left off.

There’s a catch, though. Don’t “kidnap” a vacuum robot that can navigate systematically. If you move it to another floor in the middle of a cleaning cycle, it will not resume cleaning. By pushing and holding the CLEAN button until the light turns off, you’ll be able to clear the memory.

Use A Vacuum Robot To Clean Multiple Floors

The Neato botvac D7 connected is the world’s first vacuum cleaner that can distinguish between different floors. This new functionality is included in Neato’s free summer 2018 upgrade. The D7 could already recall the map of your house and virtual No-Go lines. This feature has been enhanced so that the Neato can now store up to three-floor designs in its memory, each with its own set of No-Go lines.

The Neato smartphone app offers a variety of floor support options. The side menu lets you list current levels, add new ones, and give each one a unique name.

To have the D7 clean a certain floor, you must first carry it to the right levels. After that, you may either manually start cleaning or rely on the cleaning schedule.

Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum To Clean Multiple Floors

The Roomba i7+ also supports multiple floors. It remembers the layout of up to ten stories so that the next time you ask it to clean, it can plan accordingly. Furthermore, tangle-free brushes and the unique ability to empty their trash require minimum maintenance. If you have pets, this is a great option. You’ve effectively put your housekeeping on autopilot.

Install Several Charging Stations Throughout Your Home To Clean Multiple Floors

Most vacuum robots, such as Roomba and Neato, return to their charging station once they’ve done cleaning. The robot’s battery is subsequently recharged, ready for the next cleaning session.

It’s inconvenient to carry the charging station and its cable around with the vacuum robot. It’s bulky, and every time you move the robot around, you’ll need to find a free electrical outlet. It is why having one charging station on each floor is more convenient. The robot can seamlessly conduct many cleaning cycles based on its programmed schedule until you move to another floor. Can Robot Vacuums Clean Multiple Floors?


Yes! The Roomba® i7 robot can recall up to 10 distinct floor plans, letting you move it to a different level or house. As long as the robot has created a map of surroundings, it will know where it is and clean as directed. Protection Status
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