The Most Efficient House Cleaning Routine to Adopt

Cleaning your house requires more than just sweeping the carpets and dusting the rugs. A thoroughly cleaned house requires some expert advice on where to start and where to end. With a little bit of time on your hands, you can deep clean your house with these few tips and tricks from professionals. )

So, stop procrastinating on what seems to be a huge hassle and start cleaning your house with the right techniques and supplies. This step-by-step guide is designed to help you clean your house in no time, especially if it seems like an insurmountable task to you.

The Most Efficient House Cleaning Routine to Adopt

Cleaning Guide for Your Lovely Home

From decluttering and gathering the correct cleaning supplies to disinfecting the surfaces, cleaning your house is, in fact, a pretty straightforward and simple job. If you’ve been delaying it for months or going about its room by room, here are the dos and don’ts to take note of.

Cleaning Technique: All at Once

The recommended way to clean your house is to go through one cleaning task all at once for all the rooms of the house. Instead of picking one room and doing all the dusting, vacuuming and mopping, try finishing the vacuum tasks for all rooms. This will keep your tasks from being repetitive and make the cleaning much faster, for example, using the washing machine for dirty sheets in one room and having to do another load for the other rooms again and again.

To make sure that you can speed-clean in no time, make sure that your cleaning days follow a routine so it’s easier to stick to them. Consistency is the key to cleaning your house quickly instead of merely hurrying your way through it. Once you establish a cleaning routine, you can do the same thing every time in less time.

If you’re going at it solo, to keep all your supplies nearby and easily accessible, have all of your cleaning products in a bucket or a bag. You can then easily carry them from one room to another without wasting time looking around for tools and cleaners. As for the products to use, scroll down below to check out the must-haves for disinfecting and dusting.

Cleaning Products: What to Invest In?


The Most Efficient House Cleaning Routine to Adopt 2


For cleaning surfaces and windows, a lemon-based nontoxic disinfectant works best for cleaning stains and dusty surfaces. Acid-based cleaners are also very effective for cleaning kitchen appliances, especially microwaves, stoves and other cooking gadgets. You can even create your own cleaning solution by mixing 1/4th of the acid solution with apple cider vinegar and a cup of water.

For mould and fungus, especially in the bathroom, hydrogen peroxide works best at removing the same alongside disinfecting the surfaces. For plumping fixtures such as taps and shower heads, it is recommended to use white vinegar instead of cleansing soaps, as they can damage the mineral coating. Other than that, mineral oil, microfiber cloth and hand-held dusters made of electrostatic cloth are some of the cleaning supplies to invest in.

Must-Have Appliances: Cleaning the House Automatically



The Most Efficient House Cleaning Routine to Adopt 3


As for appliances that will make your cleaning tasks much easier, devices such as robot vacuums, air purifiers, and dishwashers are all gadgets that have become necessary in every smart household. With a click of a button, these electronic gadgets can help you clean your house as you declutter and wipe the glass windows.

Smart devices like robot vacuums (iRobot) make home cleaning and maintenance efficient and effortless as they go on around the house, vacuuming all the corners of the rooms. They are a good way of sucking up dirt, debris, crumbs, hair and other dirty residues than using a traditional broom, especially on carpeted floors.

However, clearing the dust on surfaces is not enough to call your house completely clean. The air also needs filtering from harmful particles that can cause much damage inside indoor spaces. These include allergens, smoke and air mould, which can be completely filtrated using a good quality air purifier.

Focus Areas: Where to Clean Rigorously?

Specific areas of the house require more attention when it comes to concentrated cleaning. For dusting, it’s important to concentrate on the tops of furniture and the undersides of shelves for deep cleaning. Make sure to cover handrails, picture frames, TV screens and hard-to-reach areas like curtain rods that can collect a lot of dust if not cleaned regularly.

For mirrors, and all glass surfaces, you can stick to the microfiber cloth we recommended in our product list. However, make sure to dampen it a little bit for an effective swipe. Other than delicate surfaces, hard surfaces such as cabinets, doorknobs, light switches, TV remotes and wall telephones also gather a lot of dust and must be disinfected since they are frequently touched. This is a particular concern, especially since Covid-19.

For cobwebs and other high corners of the room that you cannot reach by hand, use an extendable microfiber duster that does the dirty work easily. However, make sure that you wash the cloth regularly. It is very important to take care of the hygiene of the cleaning tools as well, which is often overlooked and ignored when the dusting products do not appear dirty to the naked eye.


Hence, these are some of the tips to clean your house efficiently and in very less time. It is always great to engage with other family members while cleaning the house as everyone can take responsibility for different tasks, spend time to bond and finish the work quickly. Cleaning does not have to be a tiresome task when done with your housemates or family members, which can turn out to be quite fun and therapeutic.

If you have never deep cleaned your house, the best trick is to start now and develop a routine. Building a time frame and sticking to the routine can cut down your cleaning time to a great degree. Besides, you can maintain your house by doing once-overs every couple of weeks once you feel the house needs a complete clean up.

Leaving the cleaning work to several months’ worth will not only push you to procrastinate but demotivate you to stick to the routine after you feel the exhaustion kicking in. If you’re home alone, you can also turn your cleaning time into a therapeutic me-time and adopt these quick and easy tips to have fun while putting in the effort to make your space clean. Protection Status
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