How to Shampoo Carpet with a Rainbow Vacuum

Want to know how to shampoo carpet with a Rainbow Vacuum? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Below, we will let you know the steps you need to follow to clean the carpet with the Rainbow vacuum.

Rainbow Vacuum is currently the talk of the town because of its expensive cost tag along with its long lifespan. In case you don’t know, the Rainbow vacuums can last more than twenty years. Not a lot of vacuum cleaners out there can provide such impressive durability. Another impressive thing about the vacuum cleaner is its versatile cleaning capability. There are a large number of accessories with the vacuum cleaner to clean your things.

One of the best attachments that you will get with the rainbow vacuum is the Rainbow AquaMate, the carpet cleaning system. It helps you to clean the carpet efficiently without putting in much effort. It also helps to clean the dust and dirt which are hard to lift off in the usual cleaning ways.

If you want to know the process of Shampooing carpet with a Rainbow Vacuum cleaner, keep going through the article. Below, you will find the steps that you need to follow for the cleaning.

How to Shampoo Carpet with a Rainbow Vacuum

It is pretty used to employ the Rainbow AquaMate attachment to clean your carpet. Before you begin, make sure that you have the required attachments including the Aquamate, the vacuum cleaner itself, and other cleaning products. Also remove the spare things like the books, toys, etc. if they are on the carpet. Sometimes there might be furniture on the carpet. You will require moving them away after cleaning. Once you have everything ready, you can move to the next steps.

Before You Start

There is another thing that you need to do before you start vacuuming. Give a closer look at the carpet to assess how much dirt is in it and how much cleaning it will require. If you find the vacuum very dirty, then you should vacuum the carpet first. Vacuum the entire carpet following the usual way you use to clean it. You can run the vacuum a few times to get the loose dirt and debris out of the carpet.

Moreover, if there are any liquid spills, you should clean them by utilizing the vacuum cleaner hose. Simply attach the hose to the vacuum cleaner and suck up the messes and spills. It is very important to get rid of the liquids to reduce the quantity for ease of shampooing. If the carpet doesn’t have much dirt or spills, you might move forward without the need for vacuuming.  However, we will still suggest basic vacuuming to make the entire process easier.

Setup The Vacuum

The next thing you need to do is to connect the attachment to the vacuum. Begin with setting up the Rainbow AquaMate. To do this, you will require filling the tank with warm water. Never add too much hot water as it can malfunction the attachment. Fill it completely so there is no leak. Do this carefully so that you don’t spill water into the other parts of the vacuum cleaner.

Now attach the AquaMate attachment to the vacuum cleaner. Follow the guideline of the user manual to find how to attach it. You will also require attaching the basin to the vacuum which will collect the water while cleaning. The next thing you need to do is to attach the shampoo bottle to the vacuum securely. How much shampoo you will require use will be based on the recommendation of the user manual.

Time to Clean

Now everything is set and you can begin the cleaning procedure. Plug the vacuum cleaner socket into a nearby wall outlet and switch the device on. Then turn on the knob of the handle that is situated in the AquaMate. As soon as you turn the dial, it will turn on the water and shampoo release together. In the meantime, put the head of the vacuum cleaner on the surface you want to clean and then trigger release the water and the shampoo.

It would be better if you go through the vacuum cleaner user manual to find out the using procedure of the attachment before you begin.

Begin with one corner of the carpet and gradually clean the other parts. Go slow with short passes along with the attachment to make sure that all the part of the carpet is vacuumed perfectly. If there are any spilled or stained areas, you will require giving this area a bit more attention. What you will need to do is to clean the parts several times to eradicate as much as possible.

If you don’t need to clean the whole area, and if you a cleaning a specific messy part or stain, then begin with targeting the edge. You might not be able to clean up the heavily soiled area with one stroke. Depending on the area, you will require repeating the strokes multiple times to eradicate the mess. Once you are done cleaning, make sure to dry the floor properly. Don’t allow anyone to walk on it before it is completely dry.

Clean the Attachment

A lot of people don’t consider cleaning their vacuum cleaner and its attachment after making use of it. Although it is not always necessary, sometimes it is important to clean the attachment of the vacuum cleaner when you are done cleaning. That is because the attachment might have some of the dust, dirt, etc. things inside them. Leaving the attachment with dirt will reduce its lifespan.

Every vacuum cleaner includes accurate guidance on how to clean the attachment of the vacuum cleaner model correctly. Make use of the cleaning procedure to get the best cleaning.


The Aquamate attachment with your Rainbow vacuum cleaner can be the best most effective way to clean the carpet. We hope that the above information will help you to understand How to Shampoo Carpet with a Rainbow Vacuum. Protection Status
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