Is Shark Robot Vacuum Better Than Roomba

Shark Robot Vacuum Or Roomba

Is Shark Robot Vacuum Better Than Roomba? The Shark vs. Roomba robot vacuums is two robot vacuums from a long series of high-quality vacuum cleaners. While Roomba focuses primarily on robot vacuums, Shark has a strong history of creating upright, stick, canister, and handheld vacuums.

Are you confused between an iRobot Roomba and a Shark robot vacuum? You’ve come to the right place. This website offers all of the important information you require, distilled from hours of research.

Shark Robot Vacuum VS Roomba

In comparison to Shark, iRobot Roomba is a far more well-known robot vacuum maker. Compared to Roomba’s full model portfolio, Shark’s ION and RV models provide more basic robot vacuums. The Shark IQ, on the other hand, is a significant boost, thanks to its self-emptying dust container.

There is a bigger difference between Shark and Roomba’s higher-end models. Compared to most Shark robots, the Roomba S9+, i7+, i3+, e5, and other high-end models offer more functionality and cleaner performance.

Shark Robot Vacuums

 Shark has a large number of vacuum cleaners, including uprights, stick vacuums, portable handhelds, and tag-along canisters. They now manufacture robot vacuums to stay up with the ever-changing vacuum market.

  • There is only one revolving brush roll and two side brushes, one on each side, to help in sweeping debris out of the suction path.
  • Shark robot vacuums have better suction for the same price.
  • Also During operating, it is quieter than most other robot vacuums.
  • Most models feature power settings that can change (low, medium, or high).
  • Keep out of restricted areas by using boundary tape.

Roomba Vacuums

Roomba, as one of the top robot vacuum companies on the market, offers plenty of advantages. Moreover, Even if you choose the cheapest model, they include a lot of features. Roomba vacuum cleaners are noted for their effective cleaning method, including two primary rotating brushes for deep cleaning. There are various models of the Roomba that have better mapping and navigation than the Shark.

  • Two primary brush rolls rotate.
  • Only one side brush is needed to sweep trash out of the suction path.
  • Premium models are far better in terms of navigation.
  • Customer service is second to none.
  • To remain out of restricted areas, use wireless beacons.

Comparison Between Shark And Roomba Vacuums

750 Ion Shark Robot Vacuum Better Than Roomba

Most of the basic Shark robot vacuums are the Ion 750. It is very affordable, quiet, and cleans reasonably well. The biggest disadvantage is that it has a random navigation pattern, which may cause it to miss portions of the floor. If you have the extra money, get the Shark Ion 850, which has stronger suction.

Pros: low cost, silent, long battery life, huge dust container, app, and voice control

Cons: uncertain navigation (inefficient cleaning)

If price is your sole concern, this is a good option.

Ion 850 Shark Robot Vacuum Better Than Roomba

The Shark Ion 850 is a huge upgrade from the Shark Ion 750. The most significant improvement is the increased suction power. The Shark Ion 850, like most other entry-level robot vacuums, lacks logical navigation and cleans randomly. It’s inexpensive, quiet, and effective at cleaning. If you’re looking for a low-cost robot vacuum, the 850 comes highly recommended.

Pros: low cost, strong suction, long battery life, large dust container, app, and voice control

Cons: haphazard navigation (inefficient cleaning)

If you’re searching for the best performance-to-price ratio in the entry-level robot vacuum category, this is the one to get.

E5 Roomba

With dual brushless rollers, the Roomba e5 is a very reliable robot vacuum. The robot has more working surface area to pick up the garbage with two spinning bars, and it is “brushless,” which means there are no bristles for long hair to get stuck in.

The e5’s key drawback is its pricing. However, the Sharks in this category perform similarly to the Roombas but are less expensive.

On the plus side, iRobot offers industry-leading customer service.

Pros: two brushless rollers (ideal for long hair and dogs), extremely reliable, excellent customer service

Cons: random navigation; pricey for a robot that does random navigation.

If you like Roombas and want a dependable robot cleaner with world-class customer service, this is the vacuum for you.


Roomba and Vacuum robot are two robot vacuum cleaners from a vast history of high-quality vacuum cleaners. So,  While Roomba focuses primarily on robot vacuums. Shark has a strong history of creating upright, stick, canister, and handheld vacuums. Protection Status
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