Will Robot Vacuums Cross Thresholds

Find Out Now Will Robot Vacuums Cross Thresholds 

Vacuum Cleaners are very much a part of many homes and they come in different types, sizes, and varying performances. Everyone wants an easy way to go about their cleaning and that is why robot vacuums are fast becoming popular on the market. That’s because they are not just easy to use, they also do a great job and are a good choice of vacuum cleaner if that is what you would have. Although there are a lot of things to consider before you settle for a robot vacuum. Just like every other vacuum cleaner, it comes with its questions and doubts, and one of these questions involves how robot vacuums handle thresholds since they are mostly small and have low weights. While some people think that robot vacuums cannot cross thresholds, many just don’t know if they will or not. Hang on! You’ll get the answer soon enough. If you’re one of those people that are wondering, will robot vacuums cross thresholds, then you only have to read this article to find out. 

How Does Robot Vacuums Work

Robot vacuums, also known as a Robovac or a Room Ba as a generic name is a self-controlled vacuum cleaner just as the name implies. It is made up of sensors and drivers that allow it to carry out its cleaning routines. Although it is programmable, it often has a limitation in the size of the floor it vacuum at a go. Some models are remote-controlled while some have a self-drive feature that allows them to work with minimal human supervision. These types of robot vacuums usually have cameras in them that prevent them from bumping into home fixtures. Some models also have spinning brushes that can reach tight corners for proper cleaning alongside other handy features like mopping and UV sterilization. It doesn’t end there, recent models are built with artificial intelligence which helps them to identify objects and clean better. Plus, they make minimal noise and are relatively small. Most robot vacuums can fit anywhere, even under couches and refrigerators in some cases. This is pretty much how a robot vacuum works

Can  A Robot Vacuum Cross Thresholds

The simple answer is yes. Although, different types and models can do this in varying degrees. Some models of robot vacuums can only cross low thresholds while some can go higher. Thresholds are the entrance to rooms or an area of the floor which might be a little bit higher than the level ground. One would ordinarily think that robot vacuums cannot cross thresholds considering their size and weight, but, most robot vacuums have no issues going over them, especially when the threshold is low. Some models can only go over only low thresholds, but this does not mean some others can’t cross the high threshold. Some high-end models can even go over thresholds as high as 19mm with notable ease. This includes the Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI. 

How Does Robot Vacuums Cross Thresholds 

In some cases, this might require manual efforts to help the robot vacuum get across. A good option will be to get a ramp that is as high as the threshold. This will help the robot vacuum to climb easily. If you don’t want this or you don’t have access to it, another thing you can try out is to arrange a pile of mats that is as high as the threshold. With this, the vacuum cleaner will be able to reach the height of the threshold and easily cross it to the other room. If your threshold is very high, it doesn’t hurt to change them and make them lower too. You most likely will be able to afford to do that if you own a robot vacuum. Some robot vacuums have springs on their wheels which they can extend to cross thresholds as high as 2cm. This depends on the type of robot vacuum that you are using. It is also very okay to devise other creative means to aid your robot vacuum in crossing the threshold so that you will not have to come to lift it every time it needs to be at the other room. 

What To Consider When Buying A Robot Vacuum

There are a lot of things to consider if you intend to get a robot vacuum. Yes, it works automatically and will give you time to do something else that you would love to be involved with when it’s cleaning and it doesn’t require much human effort. Another great advantage of a robot vacuum is that it doesn’t make much noise, which is a much-desired trait of a vacuum cleaner. Despite all these, there are some downsides that you might like to consider too. A Robot Vacuum is not built to clean a large area at one time. It is not as powerful as other types like a canister vacuum. You might also have to spend a lot of money to get one, plus you will have to spend more money on batteries and replacement parts every time the need arises. It also takes an extended amount of time to clean, but overall, if you can ignore the downsides, then you should be shopping for one already. 


One of the major concerns of owning a robot vacuum is if it can cross thresholds. Because, really, it won’t be so autonomous if you have to follow it around the house just to make sure it can reach the points that it needs to clean. But, contrary to what many of us might expect, robot vacuums can cross thresholds, it’s just that some can go higher than the other. And, instead of having to aid the ones that can’t go so high, the best option will be to create an environment for them where they will be able to cross with ease. If you have too high thresholds, there is no harm in making it lower. You can also get ramps or mats to help the robot vacuums to cross easily. 

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