Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Threshold?

Can robot vacuums go over the threshold? Yes, most robot vacuum cleaners can cross small thresholds without any issue. Now how many thresholds a robot vacuum cleaner has the ability to overcome will depend on the model.

The invention of the robot vacuum cleaner was almost two decades ago. It has made the cleaning process easier and brings innovation. Modern robot vacuums are now available in almost every home. But one of the problems with these vacuum cleaners is that a certain amount cannot exceed the threshold. This does not mean that it will stop at any threshold.

In this article, we will let you know exactly how much threshold a robot vacuum cleaner can cross on average. So keep reading till the end to know the details of the threshold of the modern Robot vacuum cleaner.

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Threshold?

Robotic vacuum cleaners have undergone extensive changes in their design and innovation since their invention. Such as laser mapping, self-emptying capabilities, adjustable suction which changes with all floor types. Previous robot vacuum devices could not be operated within a small threshold. But in recent models, they have overcome that challenge.

In the past, many people did not feel comfortable using robot vacuum cleaners. One of the main reasons for this is that they would get stuck in the doorway and even if they got a light thick carpet, they would get stuck in it. Of course, no one would like to spend thousands of dollars on such a low-cost service. But now the process of cleaning these modern robots has changed. As a result, their use is also increasing rapidly.

The average threshold is 5 inches or 1.26 cm. Usually, robot vacuum cleaners can go through an average threshold of 6 to 8 inches or 1.6 cm. The bottom line is that the better the robot vacuum, the better its ability to cross the threshold.

How Does a Robot Vacuums Cross the Threshold?

Some people wonder how a robot vacuum can cross the threshold. The ability of a robot to cross the threshold depends on the height of its base and floor clearance. The manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners have used some technology that allows the device to go above the threshold. There are two ways to do this. They are height adjustable cleaning heads and suspended wheels.

Height Adjustable Cleaning Head

Height Adjustable Cleaning Heads are designed to allow the cleaning head to be placed close to or away from the floor. This work depends on the type of floor you have. As a result, robot vacuum cleaners can detect which floors need to be kept clean and which ones need to be kept away. Furthermore, the Adjustable Cleaning Head provides additional facilities for cleaning the various places of the house.

Suspended Wheels

Robots that have highly advanced technology have their suspended wheels. As a result, these robots can move quickly from one place to another, or from top to bottom, effortlessly. The robot that can suspend the wheels of vacuum shots independently does an excellent job of cleaning them. Because they are able to go anywhere from top to bottom. Nonetheless, if your robot vacuum is a bit cheap, it can struggle with high thresholds, especially in the space between two rooms.

What are the Possible Solutions to Overcoming the Threshold?

Thresholds are not the same for all robot vacuums. Now find out in advance what the high threshold is for your robot vacuum. Because if you don’t know it, you can’t cure it. So it is more important to know exactly how much threshold your robot vacuum cleaner can exceed.

There is a misconception among some people that they need to buy expensive robot cleaners to overcome the high threshold problem. This may be the only way to solve the high threshold problem. But apart from this, there are some simple techniques through which you can get rid of your threshold problem.

Typically, robot vacuum cleaners can adapt to 3/4 “high thresholds, so you should check which places or spots in your home have higher thresholds. Because they are causing problems for robot cleaners. And there are many ways to solve this problem. Today we will share with you the ways that are less expensive and effective

Use a Ramp

Setting a ramp at home is a simple but best way to solve high threshold problems. This ramp you will find in the market. There are different types of ramps available such as wooden ramps, rubber safety ramps, low-pile bathroom style carpets, etc.

Now select a ramp that matches the design and interior of your home. Now you may be wondering how the ramp will solve the high threshold problem. When a robot vacuum cleaner comes in front of the high threshold it will take an easy path to overcome it. And the medium of that path is the ramp.

However, wooden ramps are perfect for solving threshold problems. These are very nice to look at and also very easy to install. Besides, no dirt can stick to them. There are some variations of wooden ramps such as gentle or steep. If you want to make the life of your robot vacuum easier or don’t let it get stuck while cleaning, then you can follow the following ways.

Avoid Rugs

When you use a robot vacuum for cleaning, avoid rugs that come with tassels. This is because the robot encounters a vacuum barrier as it climbs over the rugs which disrupts the cleaning process. So it is always best to avoid rugs with tassels when operating a robot vacuum.

Keep the Cable Tidy

Another reason for the robot vacuum threshold is random cable. Various cables are scattered on the floor of our house. These loose cables can create a dilemma for the robot vacuum. That’s why you should remove or keep these wires tidy. Moreover, we recommend you do this to keep your cables safe and beautiful.


Robot vacuum cleaners are the fastest and most effective solution for cleaning homes or workshops. When managing this, high threshold problems often occur. There are some practical tips to get rid of that problem. We hope this article will help you to understand how robot vacuums can go over the threshold. Protection Status
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