How To Keep Robot Vacuum From Going Under Couch 

Keeping Robot Vacuum From Going Under Couch

How To Keep Robot Vacuum From Going Under Couch? The ascent of the robot vacuum has certainly saved numerous mortgage holders’ valuable time and exertion with regards to every day or week by week vacuuming. 

Bother free, brimming with clever elements and (moderately) independent. These little gadgets viably suck up residue, flotsam and jetsam, and all manner of soil from for all intents and purposes each edge of your home. Also in any event, when you’re not there! 

Be that as it may, even the most modern robot vacuums are inclined to mishaps like drops and knocks. 

Quite possibly the most well-known problem that robot vacuum proprietors face is the issue of their vacuums stalling out under furnishings. They wonder how to keep the robot vacuum from going under the couch. 

How To Keep Robot Vacuum From Going Under Couch 

  • Use Pool Noodles To Keep Robot Vacuum From Going Under Couch 

If you have a couple of extra pool noodles lying around, here’s a little home hack that may tackle your concern.

Slice them as indicated by the length of your couch (or go along with them with a stick if your lounge chair is long) and space them in the hole between the floor and the foundation of your sofa. 

On the off chance that you don’t have any pool noodles. You can undoubtedly get them at the closest Costco or open-air store. Note that this mainly works for couches that have bases that don’t go excessively far off the ground. 

  • Use 3M Order Snares 

Frankly, this is a very clever hack and an exceptionally smart use for 3M snares. 

You essentially introduce two 3M snares on the top plate of your robot vacuum (with the snare side pointing in reverse) on the left and right side, and the writing is on the wall.

Since 3M snares have a speedy delivery work, utilizing the snares pointing in reverse (comparative with the primary course your robot vacuum faces when it voyages) may prompt the snares to fly off in reverse on a solid effect. 

You can correct this with a little super paste between the base plate and the snares. 

If not, you can mount the snares confronting the heading your robot vacuum pushes ahead in to prevent any fast delivery from occurring on the snares. 

Instructions To Prevent A Robot Vacuum From Going Under The Bed 

  • Install Bumper Extenders 

These little elastic things can be introduced on the guard of most robot vacuums (most makes and models have a little jutting handle on the top plate of the unit) to truly ensure that your robot vacuum doesn’t go under furniture where it can’t come out from. 

Remaining at 14.2mm (a little over a large portion of an inch) tall, you can relax realizing that your robot vacuum will be adequately brilliant to consequently invert out of the space under your bed once this elastic guard extender tells it “no access”. 

In addition, these guard extenders are multipurpose and can be utilized on other electronic gadgets as lifters too. You will take care of an issue, set aside time and your cash, as well – that is a decent arrangement. You can track down these on Amazon. 

  • Utilize Furniture Risers 

Furniture risers are an incredible way of giving your furniture a little tallness off the ground. 

This is by a wide margin the most prudent and simplest way of staying away from issues of robotics stalling out under things like beds and couches. 

The elastic risers let you pick how high off the ground you need your furniture to be – in 3″, 5″ or 8″ increases. And once introduced, they support up to 1300lbs of weight. It is giving you a complete inward feeling of harmony that you will protect and your robovac will not at any point stall out under your bed or lounge chair once more! 

The most effective method to prevent a robot vacuum from stalling out under the eating table.

  • Lift Seats Up On The Eating Table 

If your robot vacuum continually gets stuck when cleaning around your feasting table region. Or doesn’t perfect just as it should when it goes there, it might just be because it has problems.  


The least complex way of getting around this issue is to remove the seats from the situation by and large. 

Like how you would in a normal vac-up situation. Lift the seats off the floor, and spot them topsy turvy on the feasting table before your robot vacuum shows up to clean. 

In conclusion, I am confident you know how to keep a robot vacuum from going under the couch. Protection Status
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