How to Dispose of Old Vacuum Cleaners

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Well, keep reading to know how to dispose of old vacuum cleaners.

Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are used in every house. These machines have made everyone’s life easier. However, after using these machines for years comes a time when your vacuum becomes old or malfunctions. At this point, you may consider disposing of your appliance.

Well, disposal of old vacuum cleaners is a big challenge. But before disposing of an old vacuum cleaner, you should check whether it can be repaired or not. In this article, you will know how to recycle or dispose of old vacuum cleaners.

Proper Maintenance of Vacuum Cleaners 

If you take good care of your machine at times; then, you should not worry about how to dispose of old vacuum cleaners. But still, there comes a time when the machine gets older and beaten down. But at least you did what you could.

 Repair The Broken Part of Vacuum Cleaner 

In most cases, the parts of the vacuum cleaners are broken down, such as vacuum hoses, brush rollers, brush belts, etc. Then you do not need to dispose of this. You can repair the broken part of the vacuum cleaner. Or you can replace these parts with new ones. You can fix all these problems easily on your own or professionally.

 How to Dispose of Old Vacuum Cleaners in Working Condition 

If your machine is functional, and you’ve decided to dispose of your vacuum cleaner. Then you should follow the steps listed below to dispose of it.

  1. Donate The Old Vacuum Cleaner

If you are tired of your old vacuum cleaner, then do not dispose of it. Because it is not useless. It is working. Donate it to the others that need it. Or you can donate it to the donation stores.

  1.  Hand Over The Old Vacuum Cleaner To A Friend 

When you are no longer in need of an old vacuum cleaner. It does not mean that it is completely useless. Your trash can be a treasure for someone. So, hand over the old vacuum cleaner to your friend as a gift on special occasions in a special package.

  1.  Making A Trade-In Exchange For A New Machine 


you are ready to dispose of the old machine; you can choose to trade it off for

the new machine. This can be the best deal for you and the seller. You get a

new machine at a low price, and the dealer will resell it at a good price.

  1.  Recycle Your Used Vacuum Cleaner 

If your vacuum cleaner is in working condition; you can recycle it. You can see that recycling of the machine will be used for a new and helpful product.

  1.  Take It To A Repair Store 

You can give your vacuum cleaner to a repair shop. It is the best destination for your old vacuum cleaner.

How To Dispose Of Old Vacuum Cleaners In Non-Working Condition 

If your vacuum cleaner is damaged and broken down; you can follow these steps.

  1. Dispose Of The Machine At A Scrap Yard


you notice that your vacuum cleaner is broken and cannot get repaired, dispose

of it at a scrapyard. You can dispose of it at a scrapyard. It is the best way

to dispose of it instead of dumping it in a garbage yard. A scrap yard will

break the machine’s parts and make the new products from these parts.

  1. Sell Machine Spare Parts 


parts of the vacuum cleaner do without any devices such as brushes, nozzles.

These parts can be washed and sold out. In this way, you can earn some money

and get rid of old vacuum cleaners.

  1.  Dispose of Your Broken Machine 


you feel that your machine is broken and you do not want to fix it, sell it on

eBay. You can sell the separate parts of the machine or the whole thing.

Do Not Dispose of An old Vacuum Cleaner At Dumpsite 

Do not dispose of an old vacuum cleaner in the dumpsites because vacuums release hazardous chemicals. These chemicals polluted the environment as the machine parts do not decompose. In addition, diseases are occurring due to rusty objects.

 Recycling Of Old Vacuum Cleaners 

Well, recycling is the best way to dispose of old vacuum cleaners. It does not pose any danger to the environment. Moreover, it is the way to create new and innovative products. The metal in the machine is valuable for making other products.

On the other hand, it helps in the development of industries. So, the above-listed steps are the best guides to dispose of old vacuum cleaners.

Since most of the parts of vacuum are made of metal, they can be used to make new metal parts. whereas plastic parts can be used for the following;

  • Plastic plants pots
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Car dashboards

Important Note

If you are choosing to sell your vacuum cleaner online or giving it in person, always be honest and straightforward about your appliance’s condition. Let the buyer know why you are choosing to sell it.


Well, the basic concern is how to dispose of old vacuum cleaners will not cause you any kind of discomfort. Many options that are mentioned above are durable and worth trying. On the other hand, disposing of your vacuum cleaner in open fields is disastrous for the environment.

Therefore, if your appliance is in bad condition consider repairing, or selling them off. Protection Status
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