Why Does My Vacuum Smell like Dog

Does your vacuum smell like dog if yes then why is it so, is there a bad odor coming from your vacuum? No one simply enjoy unpleasant odors, you must prevent odors as soon as possible. If you have a pet, your vacuum has a tendency to sink. In vacuum cleaner, pet hair and dander can generate such type of smell. Pet urine can leave an unpleasant smell in your vacuum after sticking to vacuumed hair. 

Mold, which thrives in humid and moist environments, can also generate smell in vacuum. This is especially common when vacuuming a wet carpet. Another smell associated with vacuum is that of strained and overworked belts, which smells like burning plastic.

A burning Belt 

Your vacuum pump could potentially be an issue. The brush rolls due to the rotation of the rubber belt, which captures hair and other particles.

Brushes for vacuum should be cleaned on regular basis. Hair caught within the bristles may prevent the brush from circulating properly, causing damage to the rubber, if not properly maintained. The belt can easily become tangled in the undergrowth. 

Belts that have been stretched and misused emit a distinct burning plastic smell. 

Filters Should Be Replaced or Cleaned 

Filters can also become dusty and unclean over time. If your filter is washable, brush the dust off it and rinse it under cold running water. Rinse the washable filter well until the water runs clean.

Do not be fooled by a filter can take up to seven minutes in most cases. Before reinstalling the filter, let it air dry for 24 hours.

If your filter can’t be dry cleaned or washed, it’s time to replace it. In general, vacuum cleaner should be updated at least once a year.

A Lot Of Dust 

Dust never appears by itself. When you vacuum, more dirt comes along for the ride. Whatever you are catching dry foods or used coffee grinds, they can all add to a foul odor. 

Allowing too much dust to accumulate in your dust bag or dust bin will eventually harm your vacuum’s health 

How To Remove Bad Smell From Your Vacuum

Check Regular Brushes 

The rotating brushes of the vacuum should time be cleaned at least once every six months, regardless of what is causing an unpleasant smell. Because the brushes are frequently used to clean rugs and carpets, they can gather a lot of dirt on their own,

So, if you want to get rid of an unpleasant smell in your vacuum cleaner, examine the beneath area of your flood head attachment.

To begin, unplug the vacuum from the wall outlet. If the brush is detachable from the floor head attachment, do so. Using scissors, gently cut and remove any hair lodged within the bristles. Keep an eye out for the bristles and don’t cut them.

Remove the Dust Bag or Bin and Empty It 

You must replace the dust bag if your vacuum cleaner has one. Because the scent is often by the dust bag may be the only way to eliminate the unpleasant smell. 

Instead of a dust bag, some vacuum cleaners use a dust container. Empty the dustbin into your cabbage, then thoroughly clean the bin with soap and hot water.

To prevent mildew from growing, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda or white vinegar on the surface. Make sure the dustbin is thoroughly cleaned from every aspect and corner. 

A Regular Cleaning Routine

Cleaning your vacuum should not be an afterthought, whether you use baking soda or a commercial deodorant. 

Daily maintenance may be the most efficient way to avoid offensive smell. We recommend cleaning your vacuum every three to six months, depending on how often you use it. If you have a pet animal, you should vacuum it at least once every two months.

Washing It Off

Most vacuum cleaners emit an unpleasant smell when used on a regular basis. It’s vital to figure out where this odor comes from in order to get rid of it quickly. You will know where to focus your attention once you have pinpointed the problem.

When a bad odor is discovered, the first step is to clean and neutralize it. Only then will you able to utilize a homemade or commercial remedy to create a pleasant scent.


If your vacuum smells like a dog, it’s time to clean it. Although sprinkling baking soda or using air fresheners will help to eliminate odors, the best option is to thoroughly clean your vacuum, including the brushes, hose, filter, and dust bag or bin.

If you don’t want your vacuum to emit an unpleasant smell, you should clean and maintain it on a regular basis. Every 3 to 6 months, your vacuum should be cleaned.

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