How To Wash Shark Vacuum Filter

Washing Shark Vacuum Filter

Vacuums are one of the essential elements of any house. It ensures hassle-free cleaning and easy maintenance. But with all the great features it provides, it’s duly essential to clean it regularly to ensure its uninterrupted usage. Here in this article, we will share some of the essential steps that will help you wash shark vacuum filters.

Signs A Shark Vacuum Needs Cleaning

It cannot be determined when your shark vacuum filter needs washing. But you can identify with the changing vacuum’s behavior. Some of the signs that indicate that your vacuum filter has turned dirty enough to be washed are:

  1. Loss of suction: the vacuum might not operate as it used to in the beginning days. It’s because of the piled-up hairs and dust that gathers on the filter and blocks the suction pipe.
  2. Visible residual dust: shark vacuums are built to pull a tremendous amount of dust, and the strong suction pump ensures no residual dust, but if it does, you must know that the filter needs washing.
  3. Don’t be afraid if your vacuum starts making a weird sound. Just know that the motors are having a hard time operating the suction mechanism, which can be damaging. So go for cleaning the filter immediately if you start hearing such sounds.
  4. Unpleasant odor: A shark vacuum is not made to give a nasty, dirty odor. If it does, consider it a prominent sign to clean up the filter.

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Filter

After you identify that the vacuum needs cleaning. The second question is how to perform that task. Shark vacuums come in various models and sizes, but most follow a standard structure that lets you cleans the filter easily. Follow the owner’s manual for the proper procedure but if you aren’t lucky enough to have that, continue reading the below steps:

Step 1: Disassemble Shark Vacuum Filter

Ensure that your vacuum is turned off and unplugged; it’s the first safety measure to be taken. Then continue removing the dust canister and the handle hose. Furthermore, disassemble the HEPA filter and its cover. Make sure that you take notes or make a video while removing these parts to reassemble them accurately.

Step 2: Check For And Clear Obstructions

When you have opened the hose, check every opening and remove all the obstructions that you can with your hands. This material might be Lego bricks, hairs, and evens socks. Remove these items before washing the filters. You can also use a screwdriver to clean the opening thoroughly.

Step 3: Empty The Dust Canister From A Shark Vacuum Filter

Open both ends of the dust canister and empty it. Now take it to the sink and wash the bucket with warm soapy water. Soak it into the warm water for a while and scrub the bucket using brushes. After you have cleaned the canister nicely, wipe it with a microfibre cloth and; let it dry before placing it back onto the shark vacuum cleaner.

Step 4: Clean The Shark Vacuum Filters

Shark vacuums carry a perfect filter mechanism. It includes dual filters having multiple layers to make the filtering process much more effective. You have to clean both filters perfectly to ensure the best vacuum operation.

Cleaning The Foam Filters

Rinse the filters in cold and clear water but don’t add soap as per the manufacturers’ instructions. Then you have put great effort into squeezing and scrubbing the filters to free them from all the residual dust. Make sure you don’t break it while cleaning.

Cleaning The HEPA Filters

Most of the modern shark vacuum cleaners have an additional HEPA filter placed behind the lower grill of the machine. You have to rotate the grill and reveal the filter firmly. Then take it out and rinse the filter in water. But don’t put it back immediately after washing it. You have to wait for as long as the filets dry entirely or else be ready for some repair process.

Step 5: Clean The Rotating Brush Head

Then lay the vacuum on one side and clean the rotating brush head. You will see hairs and chunks of dust around the rotating brush head. Clean all of it and make sure there is no residual on the rotating head.

Step 6: Clean The Handle Hose

This step is recommended for specific models. Some of the handle hoses have electrical components that cannot allow thorough cleaning. Make sure your shark vacuum doesn’t have any electrical components before proceeding to perform this step. Disconnect the handle hose and see for dust residuals. Cleans them using brushes and place the hose back.


Once you are done cleaning all the components of the shark vacuum cleaner, reassemble all the parts correctly and make sure there are no faults in assembling the parts. One wrong move can cause severe damage to the vacuum cleaner. After this, use the vacuum cleaner, and you’ll feel a massive improvement in its functionality. Protection Status
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