How to Make a Coolant Vacuum Filler

How to make a coolant vacuum filler? Well, it is not something easy to do. Below, we will discuss how to make the coolant vacuum filler DIY.

The coolant vacuum filler is a tool used to bleed the tool that is often required by car owners. You might already know about the airlocks. They are like a nightmare to the mechanics, professional, and home workshops. Air is something that is not good for the fluid cooling system of the car.

The air bubbles that are trapped inside the coolant can cause a lot of issues. Such as they will degrade the efficiency of the cooling system. When this happens, you will require bled the air manually. And that is exactly when the coolant vacuum filler comes to play.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know how to make a coolant vacuum filler kit at home. We will discuss the steps you need to know. Along with that, we will also let you know about the best coolant vacuum filler available now that you can consider purchasing.

How to Make a Coolant Vacuum Filler

Some of the main issues caused by the trapped air bubbles include inefficient cooling, overheating which can damage the engine, and malfunction in the heater operation. To avoid these issues, you must make use of a coolant vacuum filler. It is obvious that the air will naturally enter the system during the draining and refilling procedure in the usual manner. And, you will require bled it manually to get rid of these.

However, through the manual process, it can be pretty hard to get rid of all the air inside the machine. Moreover, you will never know how much of the air you have been able to remove. In such a situation, the solution will be a vacuum filler pump. Later we will discuss some best coolant filler that you can consider purchasing.

DIY Coolant Vacuum Filler

At first, let see how to DIY make a coolant vacuum filler.

The process of this DIY comes from a genius who created a vacuum through a simple oil pump. Some of you might already have an oil pump to change the oil, you might make use of the pump to create the vacuum. If you don’t have it already, consider investing in a quality motor. Once you have the motor for the vacuum, you will require connecting it to the cooling system and make it airtight. For this, you will require a rubber bung. You need to fit it on the coolant filler neck and it should be a soft and natural rubber bung to fit correctly.

The appropriate size of the bung is the one that comes in 42 to 43 mm diameter which fits strong. Another thing about the bung is it should have a single hole to take a pipe connection. If you don’t find a bung with pre-bored, you should consider creating it. You will require some other tools for this. Then you will be ready to make this thing. We will recommend you to go through the forum post where the person who discovered this idea discussed it. This will make things easier for you.

Best Coolant Vacuum Filler to Consider

DIY making a coolant vacuum filler is actually harder than you think. There are some tricky steps that you might not be able to implement if you don’t have a bunch of knowledge and experience on this. Moreover, there are some of the things that you simply cannot find easily. As a result, it might not be possible for you to create this thing.

In such a situation, you can consider investing in a decent coolant vacuum filler that is well-made. They are the one that is recommended by the car manufacturer to fill efficiently. Below, we will let you know about some of the best coolant vacuum fillers that you can consider purchasing.

Draper 09544 Cooling System

The Draper 09544 Cooling System is one of the best cooling systems with vacuum fillers that you can consider purchasing. You might already know about the manufacturer Draper from the UK. They are a very reliable manufacturer of high-quality tools and have been in the market for a long duration. Apart from designing and manufacturing their tool in the home market, they are also immensely popular in other countries.

The Draper 09544 Cooling System is something that is appropriate for both the expert and the novices who are trying to do things on their own. The cooling system arrives with a well-thought design that impressively decreases the time to refill the cooling system. Moreover, it also prevents the chance of airlocks to prevent the need for bleeding coolant.

You will receive a 1.3 meters long hose that allows you to check the pressure as it is transparent. Moreover, there are also four different sizes of adapters. They make the thing suitable for a different variation of the car. The tool is pretty durable and also arrives with 12 months guarantee to assure a worry-free performance.

Sealey VS0042 Cooling System

The Sealey VS0042 Cooling System is another reliable cooling system with a vacuum purge and refill kit. The manufacturer Sealey is also very popular and widely known for a variety of products. As per some sources, there are more than 10,000 parts for various cars available from the manufacturer. One of the best things about the Sealey VS0042 Cooling System is it is very easy to use on any vehicle coolant system.

It can produce up to 100 psi of pressure which ensures that refilling will not require a lot of time. Moreover, with the quality design and optimization, there is almost no search for air trapping. There is also a clear hose along with a gauge that allows you to see and measure the entire operation. Overall, it is a perfect cooling system with impressive and efficient performance.


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