How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Hose

How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Hose

Every day, we vacuum many times to keep up with crumbs, dirt, and anything else that gets tracked into and around our home. If this sounds familiar, learning how to clean a Dyson vacuum filter, hose, and attachments is essential. It will help if you learn how to clean a Dyson vacuum to continue to clean for you. It will show you how to do it in the steps below!

Before you begin, I strongly advise you to review the manufacturer’s instructions for your machine. Then you want to do is void a warranty by accident! The cleaning procedures mentioned below are based on Dyson’s recommendations and tested properly on several Dyson vacuums. With that said, Dyson’s Support Site has further information for your model.

Steps To Clean Dyson Vacuum Hose

Clean And Empty The Vacuum Canister To Clean Dyson Vacuum Hose

Remove the vacuum bin or canister from the machine once the vacuum has been turned off and unplugged. To make this process easier, most Dyson vacuums have a red “bin release” button. Carry it over to your trash can (or compost bin!) and release the contents by pressing the dust canister’s button. Separate the canister from the cyclone after that. If dirt or debris has become stuck in the holes of your vacuum’s cyclone, you’ll need to use an air compressor. Use the air compressor to loosen and release the debris from the cyclone if possible (this will be messy!).

Most models allow you to clean the canister by rinsing it in cold water and using a brush or sponge. Before cleaning your cyclone with water, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vacuum.

Dyson Vacuum Filters And Clean Dyson Vacuum Hose

Your Dyson vacuum cleaners filter plays an important function in keeping your home clean. Dust, pollen, germs, and dirt particles are trapped in the filter.

It means that the filters will need to be cleaned out over time. Near the cyclone, there are several Dyson filters. To clean it, you’ll need to lift it out and remove it. They’re usually purple to make them easier to see.

Some Dyson upright vacuum cleaners have multiple filters. Another one could be in the machine’s “ball” or in the back.

Wash And Remove The Dyson Vacuum Hose Filters

Place your filter in the sink and run it under the faucet. When cleaning the filter, avoid using any detergents or chemicals. It will wash any dust or dirt away with cold water.

You can press the water out gently and keep doing so until the water flows clear. Just by looking at it, you’ll be able to tell if it’s clean.

However, it would be best to let the filter dry completely before reinstalling it in the vacuum. In a tumble dryer, it can be damaged. As a result, you can leave it in a warm area of your home for up to 24 hours.

Wash and Untangled The Vacuum Brush Bar

 It’s the brush bar that collects all of the hair, debris, and dirt on your carpet and floors. It builds up and tangles around it over time, reducing cleaning efficiency. For this stage, you’ll need a pair of scissors and a flat head screwdriver.

To clean the brush bar on various Dyson vacuums, you’ll need to remove the soleplate. Depending on the model, you’ll need a flat head screwdriver to remove the screws first.

Other kinds will require the use of a coin to unscrew them. It is the situation with the Dyson DC39 Animal vacuum cleaner, for example. The brush is then pulled out.

Can manually remove large particles from the brush. Then, with the scissors, cut away any hair or anything else that has twisted around it.

Cleaning the compartment of the brush handle with a damp microfiber cloth may be helpful. Just make sure it’s completely dry before reinstalling the soleplate and inserting the brush.

Unclog The Dyson Vacuum Hose

When your vacuum brush picks up debris, it is sucked into your vacuum hose. The suction power of your vacuum will be reduced if the hose is even slightly blocked. Checking for hose clogs is a straightforward procedure.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see how and can remove the suction hose. Once the hose has been removed, carefully inspect it for any blockages that may be clogging the hose inside.

If there’s debris stuck inside your vacuum line that you can’t get out by hand, try pushing it out with a broomstick or other similar object. Once the hose is clear, use the same broomstick to force a very small, damp cleaning cloth through it. The cloth will pick up dirt and dust attached to the walls of your vacuum hose.

Before attaching your vacuum, make sure your vacuum hose is dry. Mold in your vacuum hose is the absolute last thing you want to happen!


Cleaning your Dyson is an important task that you should do once a month at the very least. It can help your vacuum last longer and improve your cleaning sessions.

Before you begin, make sure your vacuum is unplugged. Before moving on to the filters, start with the dust canister using a damp microfiber cloth.

After that, please go over the brush bar and make sure it’s clear of tangles. Remember to clean out the hose as well. Before using your vacuum again, make sure everything is dry. Protection Status
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