How to Clean Out a Vacuum Hose

When and How to Clean Out a Vacuum Hose

It’s important to know how to clean out a vacuum hose. Well, it’s easy. But, if you don’t know the details, the cleaning process can get tricky, at times. Hence, today, we’ll share the ins and outs of cleaning a vacuum hose. After you’re done reading the article, you’ll find it easy as water to clean a hose.

At first, try to understand why the cleaning is necessary. Because we use our vacuum cleaner frequently, the hose pipe and the filter channel get clogged with the debris and residue. That’s when, the vacuum cleaner can have problems in the suctioning part. So, we need to clean the hose to avoid clogging.

But, keeping everything aside, we’ll mainly focus on cleaning out a vacuum hose today. There can be many methods to clean. But, you can always follow our procedure to have a simple and smooth operation.

How Often Should I Clean the Vacuum Hose?

It’s an important question to consider. The frequency of cleaning the vacuum hose depends on how often you clean your house with the vacuum cleaner you’ve got.

Suppose, you have to use the vacuum cleaner to clean your house everyday. So, it’s preferable to clean the hose accordingly. In this case, the best practice is to clean the hose twice every month.

Signs Your Vacuum Hose Is Clogged

Suppose your vacuum is showing issues of clogging. But, how do you understand that it needs to be cleaned? Well, the primary sign will be the improper suction performance. At that time, you’ll find the the vacuum isn’t picking up the dust and debris as usual. Then, it’s a sign of clogging.

Another sign can be foul odor coming from the vacuum. It happens when there’s dust and debris stuck in the hose pipe for a long time.

But, these problems doesn’t mean the end of your vacuum cleaner. It just needs to be cleaned. However, extreme dirt accumulation can cause breaks in between the vacuum pipe. Then, you need to probably replace the vacuum hose or the whole vacuum.

How to Clean a Vacuum Hose

So, here we are. We’ll now continue with the main portion of our topic. That is to cleaning a vacuum hose with the ultimate efficiency and ease. There’re only few steps to follow. Check them below.

1. Detaching the Hose

Hose pipe is partly inside of your vaccum. So, the mandatory thing to do before cleaning is to remove the hose from the cleaner completely. If you’re not sure about how to detach the hose, check the user manual of the model you own.

If you use extreme pressure or force to detach the hose, it might get broken and your vacuum might have problems in future. So, avoid doing that. As we’ve already mentioned that, it’s better to check the user manual before you start doing anything.

2. Unclog and Removing Clumps

Now, it’s time to unclog and clean the hose. But, remove the clumps beforehnd. So find the visible dirt, debris, or items stuck in the hose. Now, place your hose in a way that is suitable to bring out those dirt and debris.

You can use needle, perfect size of broom, or anything else to clean the dirt and debris. It mainly depends on the type of debris in the hose. Once again, remember not to use too much force to clean out anything that is clogged in the hose.

A vacuum hose is sensitive to excessive force. They’re light in weight and pretty much flexible. So, we recommend not to use extreme force at any point of the cleaning operation.

3. Wash It Out

Now that your vacuum hose is free from the dirt and debris, and, also any sticky dirts, you need to wash it with water. But, sticky dirts might not yet be completely gone. In that case, mix water with soap, detergent, or any chemical to clean the hose.

It’s preferable that you submerge the hose in a big bucket of soap water and let it stay for a while. Then you can continue to scrube with minimum force and make the hose completely clean.

Sanitizing your vacuum cleaner or the hose is also possible. Baking soda can be very effective in this case.

4. Rinse and Dry

Now it’s time to rinse and dry. Drying is an important part that is unavoidable after cleaning the hose. Remember that vacuum cleaners are electrical equipments.

You can simpley let water flow from one end of the hose to the other. For doing that, you can turn the hose in a U shape so the water flow is good. After that, remove all the water properly.

So, don’t connect the hose back to the vacuum yet. Let it dry in the sun for a while. Make sure, it’s completely dry. Then, place it on a table over again.

Check again with placing a light source at one end of the hose. Look if the light reaches the other end properly or not. If you can see that light, understand that you’ve cleaned the vacuum hose properly.

Final Thoughts

There we are. With just four simple steps, we’ve shown you how you can easily clean a vacuum hose. Rinsing and drying after going through the cleaning process is important.

Always keep in check on the health/condition of your vacuum hose. It’s important to have a proper durable vacuum cleaner.

If the hose has holes, change or repair the hose immediately. Don’t use a broken hose to clean with a vacuum cleaner. It can lead to accidents. Protection Status
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