Why is My Shark Vacuum Light Flashing?

Shark vacuum is a reliable vacuum machine out there. One of the impressive things about the Shark vacuum is it includes several light indicators to let you know about the condition of the vacuum cleaner. If there are any issues in the vacuum, then it might start flashing the indicator light. If you are wondering why is your Shark vacuum light flashing, check out this article.

Below, we will let you know about some of the common reasons behind the flashing light in the Shark vacuum. We will also discuss how to solve the issues in the vacuum cleaner.

Why is My Shark Vacuum Light Flashing?

If you notice that your Shark vacuum light is flashing, it means some parts of your vacuum need to be fixed. In most cases, these basic problems can be solved very easily. However, in some cases, you may require repair or replacement of broken parts of your vacuum.

Battery Issue

A common problem is when the Shark vacuum lights are unusually blinking. Normally this problem can happen because of the battery. When you have been using a vacuum for a long time then the power of your vacuum battery starts to decrease. Then you can see this light flashing problem in the vacuum.  Also, this problem is sometimes caused by the accumulation of debris and dust in the battery chamber.

If your Shark vacuum is rechargeable, charge the battery first. After the battery is charged, now start the vacuum machine and see if it works. When you notice the vacuum machine does not work, then see if there is any debris or dirt stuck in the battery chamber. Then take a dry cloth and wipe around the battery, and the problem may be solved. If the machine is still not working, you need to change the battery of the vacuum machine.

Clean the Brushroll

One of the most important parts of a Shark vacuum is the brush roll. The activity of the brush roll is directly related to the light of your vacuum machine. When the vacuum indicates the green light, it means that the brush roll of the Shark vacuum cleaner is working properly. If you notice that the vacuum cleaner indicates red light, it means you need to clean the shark vacuum brush roll. Occasionally when the brush roll gets blocked with dirt, the light starts to flash abnormally.

It’s very easy to solve the brush roll problem. If there is any dust or dirt stuck in the brush roll, clean it. Make sure all the dirt is well removed from the brush roll. Once the stuck dirt is removed, your shark vacuum will turn on, at the same time the light will shine properly.

Check the Vacuum Belt

A belt is required to attach the brush roll to the shark vacuum motor. Sometimes, the belt loosens or breaks due to the constant use of the vacuum. If the shark vacuum belt breaks, the brush roll and the motor may be disconnected. And the lights start to light up or sometimes the lights may not light up at all.

If there is a problem with the belt, you need to do this. First, unplug your vacuum from the electrical line. Then bring a screwdriver to unscrew the brush roll cover. Now you need to unscrew the cover of the brush roll unit and the belt from the vacuum cleaner with the help of a screwdriver. Once you uncover it, remove the Shark vacuum brush roller. Check carefully have any problem with the belt. If you notice that your vacuum cleaner belt is loosened or broken inside, try to fasten the belt with a vacuum or Replace it if necessary.

Fix the Vacuum Nozzle

Above you have already learned the importance of the brush roll and battery to activate the light properly. Another common issue responsible for unusual light flashing, the Nozzle of the shark vacuum cleaner is not attached properly. Shark Vacuum clear Nozzle is a fixed part of the vacuum, like the brush roll and the battery. The vacuum cleaner nozzle is usually attached to the brush roll.

If you do not install the vacuum cleaner nozzle properly, the machine will not work and the vacuum indicator lights may blink for no reason.

You can easily solve this kind of problem with little effort. When you see this kind of problem on your shark vacuum machine, first you find out the problem where is happening. If you notice that the vacuum nozzle problem, first separate it from the vacuum well and reinstall it. We hope the problem will be solved.

These are some of the most common issues behind the Shark vacuum light flashing issue. You should be able to solve this issue by following the above guide. If none of the techniques works, you should contact the customer support of the vacuum cleaner. They will help you to find and solve the issue.


What does Flashing Light Mean on Shark Vacuum?

Your shark vacuum has a few different lights that indicate if your vacuum is working properly. If you notice that a vacuum light flashing, it means that some part of your vacuum is not working. When your shark vacuum flashes red light, it means the brush roll is not rotating. There is some dirt stuck in the brush roll or the vacuum is overheating. Vacuum headlights flashing mean that your vacuum does not in carpet mode.

Why is My Shark Vacuum Light not Working?

When the shark vacuum cleaner nozzle is not fitted properly, the brush roll indicator light may not be on. If the nozzle is not connected properly, it will not provide power to the brush roll and your shark rotating brush roll does not work. So if the lights are not on, check the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. If there is a problem, try to fix it. The problem may solve.


As we discussed above, the Shark vacuum light might start flashing when there is an issue in it. We hope the above guidelines will help you to solve the issues.

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