How to Make a Bagless Vacuum Smell Better?

How to Make a Bagless Vacuum Smell Better?

Vacuum cleaners are meant to make your home better, not worse. If, after you use a vacuum cleaner, your home has a foul smell, then what’s the use of the vacuum cleaner? If you are experiencing this, then this article is for you. Your pet hair, mold, dirt, and debris, amongst several other things, can clog the vacuum filter, causing it to smell bad. In this article, we will share some helpful tips you can try to make your vacuum smell better.

Seven tips you can use to Make a Bagless Vacuum Smell Better

Are you struggling with vacuum cleaner smells when doing your house chore? Then it would help if you tried these tips. Note that if your vacuum cleaner smells like burning wire or has a smoky smell, then you should have it checked by a professional.

●       Clean out the Plastic Dirt Canister

Dirt buildup in the plastic dirt canister can make your vacuum smell badly. To make it smell better, you should empty the canister frequently. After cleaning out the canister of the vacuum, clean the pit with baking soda. Baking soda is a perfect cleaning agent that gets rid of stubborn vacuum smells. Use a damp washcloth with mild baking soda to extensively wipe down the canister. Once you clean it thoroughly, rinse it, and then use a clean, dry cloth to absorb any moisture before reassembling.

●       Check for Blockage

Yes, your vacuum cleaner can get clogged. When they do, it’s inevitable for it to smell. So, amongst many things, you can keep your vacuum cleaner smelling fresh and check if it is clogged. Suppose it is clogged, unclogged it. The clog can be in the head, the hose, or even the actual vacuum itself. So, inspect the vacuum to find out where the clog is. When you find it, use your finger to pull out the clog or use the blunt end of the thin tool like a screwdriver to push it out.

●       Use a Sprinkle of Cinnamon.

You can also use spices to make your vacuum smell better. Aromatic bark like cinnamon is an excellent example of a spice you can use to combat unpleasant vacuum smells. Cinnamon is not only a wonderful cooking spice, but it also absorbs odor and releases a uniquely fresh scent. And with the availability of cinnamon in our homes, getting hold of it wouldn’t be a hassle. So, grab a few cinnamon barks from the panty and sprinkle them in the canister of your bagless vacuum cleaner. The advantage of using cinnamon is numerous, mainly because it is organic. Hence it keeps you within the eco-friendly theme.

●       Try Vanilla extract

Another great solution you can use to make your vacuum smell better is vanilla extract. Vanilla has a beautiful fragrance, and they are available in spray and liquid form. So, when you want to deodorize your bagless vacuum cleaner, vanilla extract is amongst the easiest ways to eliminate odor. To make your vacuum smell better, opt-in for the vanilla extract for a fast and effective remedy. Spray a couple of spritz of vanilla extract in your vacuum bagless dirt canister, and you are good to go. But if you want to experience the full capability of what vanilla extract can offer, opt-in for liquid vanilla extract. With the liquid vacuum extract, put a few drops of vanilla extract onto a piece of paper towel and then vacuum it up. The vacuum cleaner will vaporize the vanilla extract throughout the vacuum cleaner, giving it an overall fresh smell.

●       Put a Citrus Peel in the Filter Cavity.

When you make fresh lemonade or cut orange at home, don’t dispose of the peel so quickly. The peel of citrus has a powerful fragrance you can use to deodorize a bagless vacuum cleaner. Using citrus peel is particularly significant because it is cost-effective and eco-friendly to neutralize your vacuum cleaner smell. To use citrus peel in your bagless vacuum cleaner, cut the peel into a tiny bit and put it directly into the filter cavity. The citrus will create a natural citrus aroma through your vacuum cleaner, which replaces the unpleasant odor.

●       Change the Filter

Another reason your vacuum smells bad might be because the filter is dirty. So, if you have been using the vacuum for a long time, the filter will collect dirt and start producing a foul odor over time. For this reason, it is essential to change the filter of your vacuum cleaner frequently to avoid dirt build-up. And if your vacuum filter is washable, then wash it to get rid of the foul smell. But take note that even if the filter is washable, you will need to replace it after time. When you change the filter of your vacuum cleaner, it will make your home have a fresh or neutral fragrance after using it.

●       Try Perfume Pads in the Filter.

When you decide to change the filter of your vacuum cleaner, you have the luxury of choosing whether you want a regular filter or a perfume pad. While this depends on your personal preference, perfume pads are great, and they make your vacuum smell better, depending on the fragrance of the pad. And the best part is that perfume pads are readily available around the globe in various aromas and sizes. So, you wouldn’t have to go through any hassle to get one of these perfume pads. One can insert perfume pads into the vacuum filter; it does not take up much space. And when you turn on your vacuum, it releases aroma into the air.

Bottom Line

To sum things up, there are so many things you can do to make your vacuum smell better. So, when next you find yourself in a situation where you have to combat odor from your vacuum cleaner, try one of the tips in this article without breaking the bank. Hopefully, one of the tips is suitable for you. Most importantly, ensure you leave the vacuum canister until it’s full before discarding it; it will make your vacuum stink. Protection Status
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