Vacuum Cleaner Smells When Running

You have a good quality vacuum cleaner and use it to clean the floor or carpet of the house every day. One day while working, some strange things suddenly came to your notice the vacuum cleaner smells when running. This article is for you. To solve this problem you need to first find out what is causing the smell.

Many times foodstuff gets stuck due to not cleaning the vacuum regularly. Which rots and sometimes spreads a bad smell. Today’s guide will help you to know what causes bad breath from vacuum cleaners and what its remedy is. So keep reading this article to know the right way to remove the stench of vacuum cleaners.

What Cause Vacuum Cleaner Smells When Running

It is not desirable for anyone to let the stench come out of the vacuum cleaner. If ever there is an awful odor from your vacuum it is an indication that something is happening on the cleaner device. But why is this bad smell? Now let us check out what usually cause the vacuum cleaner smells when running.

The Pet’s Hair

The vacuum acts as a multifunctional tool. It is used not only to clean dirt but also to clean the fur of different pets. If you have pets such as dogs, cats, and other animals their hair can be one of the reasons why the vacuum smells. Typically, pet hair and dandruff cause odors outside the vacuum that carry the odor inside the device.

We are talking about the reason why a bad smell comes out from pet hair or fur. Pets have hair all over their bodies, even in places where they urinate. While cleaning their fur, some urinated hair may become inadvertently vacuum and get stuck in the machine as the hair is a very fine thing. Later it spreads an awful smell.

Mold Addition

If you do not have a pet, you can protect your vacuum from bad odors. The reason for this is that if the pet’s hair is not cleaned, it will grow in a few days. Then it is awkward to see them. Pet hair can be removed very easily with the help of a vacuum cleaner. But the problem is that mold particles can be found in vacuum bags or filters. They absorb a lot of moisture and when confined they cause a bad odor.

Moreover, moisture is needed to increase the mold. Vacuum the wet carpet to bring its particles inside the cleaner device which can take a foul odor to the next level. So it is never advisable to vacuum wet places or carpets.

When the vacuum Belt Burns Out

Belts can also be largely responsible for creating bad smells from vacuum cleaners. Vacuum belts allow the brush to rotate. These belts are made of rubber which easily captures a lot of dirt. The dirt gets stuck and prevents the brush from moving properly. Now if the brush is prevented from flying then at some point the rubber starts to get damaged and slowly the bell burns out. So keep the vacuum belt clean regularly.

Excess Dirt and Debris

Dust is a substance that never stays alone. Other pieces of dust are added to it, especially when you are vacuuming. As the vacuum cleaner’s dust settles, clean it before the bag is full. Else, the accumulation of excess dirt will affect the health of your vacuum and create a bad-smelling factory.

How to Remove the Unpleasant Smell of Vacuum Cleaner?

When you feel a bad smell from your vacuum cleaner, the easiest and most effective way to get rid of it is to clean it. Now we will let you know how to do it.

The first thing to do to avoid bad smells is to empty the vacuum dust bag or bin. This is because the excess dirt piles allow bad odors to form. Then remove it and wash with soap or detergent. In this case, you can use baking soda or white vinegar. Make sure every angle of the vacuum dust bag is clean.

Prolonged use can cause your vacuum filter to become extremely dirty. If your vacuum filter is reusable, wash the dirt around it with normal water. If the vacuum filter is not reusable, set a new filter and replace the old one. So we recommend that you should change the vacuum filter once every 6 to 12 months.

The rotating brush must be changed at least once a year, regardless of the type of odor in your vacuum cleaner. When the device cleans the carpet, its rotating brush itself collects a lot of dirt from which a strong odor arises. So keep an eye out for floor head attachments while keeping clean.

The hose is one of the most common sources of odors from vacuum cleaners. All the dirt passes through the hose. Filters, dustbins, dirt accumulates in it before it accumulates. Small dirt cones that easily get stuck in the folds of the hose. So over time these contaminants accumulate and give rise to a large unpleasant odor. Therefore try to always keep the vacuum hose clean.

How to Get Rid of Evil Smell?

A proper way is needed to keep all the above means clean. As the right way, you can choose baking soda or white vinegar which we mentioned earlier.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a classic and popular method when it comes to cleaning vacuum cleaner equipment. Baking soda is suitable for easy cleaning of all attachments inside and outside of a vacuum cleaner. Although it is an instant and short time approach but very effective. Furthermore, it is not a harmful substance that will erode your vacuum.

Use White Vinegar

White vinegar with 4 to 6 percent acid and the rest is water. This is a great way to remove all kinds of dirt and bad odors from the vacuum. Vinegar will melt all the dirt and soften it a little so that it does not get stuck in any part of the vacuum. So go with this wonderful way.


Vacuum cleaners offer unimaginable benefits when cleaning. It saves us both time and effort at the same time. Its maintenance is essential to keep maximum usage and performance. If an exception occurs, sometimes it will cause an unpleasant smell. So take care of your vacuum cleaner to have time. Protection Status
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