Why Does My Dyson Stick Vacuum Keep Stopping

My Dyson Stick Vacuum Keep Stopping

Why Does My Dyson Stick Vacuum Keep Stopping? The Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the best on the market. It is prone, just like your other appliances, to malfunctioning with regular use.

Dyson stick vacuum might develop a pulsating problem that makes it stop every time you use it. In this article, we will examine the various ways to diagnose and fix Dyson stopping problems.

What Causes My Dyson Stick Vacuum To Keep Stopping

There are three main causes for the Dyson stick vacuum to stop: an overheated motor, filter blockages, and power issues. So, let’s walk through each of these in detail.

Dealing With An Overheating Dyson Motor Stick Vacuum Keep Stopping

A Dyson that keeps stopping and starting may have an overheating motor. When a motor spins, it generates heat. If the vacuum cannot dissipate this heat, it will run hot, which will affect its performance.

To fix this, you must ensure that the motor is clean and the air vents are not obstructed with dust and debris. The motor will cool down as a result.

Dyson Power Loss Issues

Your Dyson may be experiencing problems with the power supply if it keeps stopping and starting. Fortunately, there are a couple of checks that you can perform to determine whether your appliance is pulsating as a result of an interrupted power supply.

Dyson Power Issues – How To Fix 

It is important to check if your Dyson is receiving adequate power by ensuring that it is fully charged or plugged into the wall socket for a corded model. Test your Dyson unit by vacuuming with it.

Run the vacuum at full power and see how it goes. Flashing lights on cordless models indicate that they require charging. However, sometimes Dyson’s battery wears out. Therefore, you must regularly replace Dyson’s batteries to stay at their peak performance.

You need to replace your battery if it only lasts for a few minutes while in use. The battery on a Dyson may be one of the ways to fix the pulsating issue. If you have a corded model, you may want to check if the main socket is holding it well. Pulsating problems occur usually because of loose connections around the main socket on the corded Dyson.

Repairing Dyson Filter Blockage Problem

When your Dyson is in use, a blockage in the filter may cause it to stop. These steps will ensure that your vacuum unit can blast at its full capacity.

Step 1. Empty The Dyson Bin

When the bin is full, the system will cease to operate. Even when there is nothing in the bin this can happen.

If this is the case, simply empty the bin by opening it and removing any dirt that might be trapped inside. You may want to give the bin a few knocks and wipes to make sure all the contents come out. The use of flat heat might make this easier.

After cleaning the unit, replace the bin and test the vacuum to make sure it works properly. A Dyson should have a free flow of air. A dirty bin can obstruct airflow through the system.

Step 2. Check For Blockages In Other Components Of The Dyson

If the cleaner doesn’t run after emptying the bin, check for blockages on other components. You should check each component individually to determine where the problem might lie.

You should examine the motor head first. A tangled mess of hair and strands will clog motorheads. You should also inspect the hoses, wand, and stick for possible blockages. Check the motor with the unit unplugged, so you don’t get electrocuted.

You need to do a proper teardown of Dyson to clean its components properly. It is easy to pry hard-to-reach areas with a screwdriver.

When you have taken all the components apart, clean them with lukewarm water and allow them to dry for 24 hours. You can test the hose by dropping a small stone from one end to make sure nothing is blocking it.

Step 3. Check The Dyson Filter

A blocked filter may cause the unit to stop and start intermittently because it does not allow air to pass freely through it. If you have not cleaned your filter in a while, it may be the cause of your problems. 

To clean the filter, you must remove all attachments before pressing the filter release button. To release the filter from the motor base, you can tilt it. For any blockages on the filter, wash it with lukewarm water and let it dry for 24 hours.


It can be several things making your Dyson vacuum system start and stop. Your Dyson may be having a simple problem that you can fix yourself. All you need is a screwdriver, a knife, and some soft cloth. Your vacuum may not be charging right, be overheating, or have a blockage.

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