How to Use an Ac Vacuum Pump

Learn How to Use an Ac Vacuum Pump

It’s good to learn the ins and outs of how to use an ac vacuum pump efficiently. But, let’s understand in short why we need ac vacuum pump. For an ac to run smoothly for years to come, we need to evacuate or empty the ac from the debris that it accumulated over time.

So, an ac vacuum pump comes to the rescue. However, Ac vacuum pumps work a bit differently than the traditional vacuum pumps. Over time, your ac in the car or home might have got too much air and moisture. So, an ac vacuum pump will help remove them

Overall, we’ll discuss everything on using an ac vacuum pump as well as how to use it. But, in the next section, we’ll learn in details as to what is an ac vacuum pump.

What is an Ac Vacuum Pump?

You might have heard about vacuum pumps. But, what is an ac vacuum pump and what is its use? Well, its a device by which you can pull vacuum. We pull vacuum as a part of the conditioning and maintenance of our air conditioners. There might be moisture, debris, and other things on your ac refrigerant system which is not good for its condition.

So, we use the ac vacuum pumps to pull all that out from the system. However, there’s a good news that,  nowadays, you can find HVAC professionals that can do the job for you perfectly.

Setting up Your Vacuum Pump

So let’s learn setting up the vacuum pump at first. We’ll let you know how to use the vacuum pump later on.

Fill the Pump with Vacuum Oil

First things first. It’s necessary to fill the pump inside the vacuum with oil (vacuum pump oil). This the first setup task to do. There’s an oil fill cap on the top, open or unscrew it properly. Then you can fill oil along the line. Make sure, you’ve filled oil along the whole line. Now, turn that cap off.

Don’t use oil meant for other purposes. There’re specified oils for vacuum pumps only. You should only use those type of oils. Other oils might damage the vacuum pump.

Attach Gauges to the Port

For you to pull the vacuum, you need to attach all the gauges to the port. Basically, you’ll require a gauge set. A gauge set can connect to vacuum as well as the ports on the pressure part of your AC. There’s a blue gauge which should be connected to the low service port along with the hose.

The red gauge, however, should connect to the high pressure part. And, finally, the yellow one should connect to the gauges that goes to vacuum only.

One important thing to remember is that the gauge and hoses should be connected to the high and low pressure ports rightly. Loose connections can cause accidents and might damage your vacuum.

Pulling the Vacuum

Now, it’s time to pull the vacuum. Mainly, in this step, you’ll learn how to use an ac vacuum pump.

Start Your Pump

So, since you’ve set up the pump, now, you can go ahead and start the pump. Once again, start the pump only when everything is connected tightly. To turn it on, simply press you vacuum device switch.

It can be a bit hard to start the pump during cold and chilly conditions. But, then, you can open the intake ports to allow the vacuum pump to gain some temperature. That way, it’ll start easily.

Run Vacuum for 30 Minutes

Now, it’s time to run the vacuum. It’s better if you run the vacuum without any possible interruptions for 15 or an additional minute. Then, continue to run the vacuum up to 30 minutes. That way, the vacuum pump will pull out the moisture and the air from the air conditioning system. Upon facing difficulties, check the user manual for solution.

If you’re able to take gauge readings, you can see the measurements in microns. When the micron readings reach around 1000 microns or below, you should understand that the vacuuming has been successful.

Shut Off and Disconnect Vacuum Pump

This is the last part, but one of the important parts. After 30 minutes, remember to turn of the vacuum pump. Over pulling the ac for vacuum will damage the ac and the vacuum both. Now, to turn it off, press the power off button on your ac vacuum pump.

If it has turned off, then you can go ahead and disconnect all the connections between the hose and the gauge.

If You Don’t Vacuum the AC System

Now, let’s consider a scenario of the consequences of not vacuuming an AC system at all. What will happen? You need to fill the Ac system with refrigerants, right? Well, to do that, you have to vacuum the ac and pull out any kind of air or moisture.

If you fill refrigerants with moisture or air in the ac system, the durability of your air conditioner will decrease. It might very well affect the performance of your AC as well. Hence, that’s what will happen if you don’t vacuum the ac system.

Moreover, there’s more benefits on vacuuming the ac system. Like, it’ll take out the dirt and debris from the ac. So, you’ll not be able to enjoy those benefits if you don’t vacuum the ac system.

Final Thoughts

So far, we’ve told you about the detailed process of using an AC vacuum pump to evacuate AC. We’ve also told you about the consequences of not doing it when needed.

Basically, vacuuming an ac to pull out the moisture and the air will eventually maintain your AC in the best possible manner. You should consider doing this to increase the durability of your vacuum pump. Protection Status
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