Will Drywall Dust Ruin My Vacuum

Find Out Will Drywall Dust Ruin My Vacuum

The question will drywall dust ruin my vacuum can be a bit critical to answer. However, we’ll go through all of the aspects of the topic. Are people lazy conisdering they use vacuum to clean dust? They aren’t. Because, vacuum cleaners are efficient in doing so. Moreover, vacuum cleaners have their way to reach every corner of the home.

The thing is that over cleaning dust with a vacuum cleaner might ruin the vacuum. In addition, you can expect that without using a vacuum properly, you won’t be able to maintain you vacuum for a long time. However, regular vacuums aren’t that much compatible with drywall dust.

Next, we’ll discuss the reasons for which a regular vacuum isn’t good for cleaning drywall dust. Gradually, you’ll find how to avoid getting your vacuum inefficient by cleaning dust and dander.

Reasons Regular Vacuum Isn’t Good For Cleaning Drywall Dust

Suppose you’ve moved to a new house. Or, consider that you’re cleaning the house you alread live in. You need to clean the dust completely and make it a liveable environment. But, how? Vacuuming, right? Well, regular vacuums can get clogged up if you do so. It’s because their filters aren’t compatible that much with dust cleaning.

The thing is that when dust enter you vacuum filter, it can really stuck the motor. In that way, the motor won’t work properly. There’ll be possible case of overheating. So, what will happen is that there will be inefficiency in the vacuum cleaner working process. Reparing might not work as well.

So, we recommend for you to use top notch shop vacuum cleaner. Those vacuum cleaner won’t ruin and are very much compatible with every hard cleanign operations. But, suppose you want to use regular vacuum. So, in the next section we’ll talk about how to use regular vacuums properly before cleaning drywall dust.

Steps to Consider Before You Suck Up Drywall Dust

You should control the air circulation and heat system in you home. This will lead to proper cleanign process. There’re table or stand fans which you can place at the window. It’ll ensure the dusts are sucked in to the outside of your house. So, it’ll be better that way. Otherwise, dust will accumulate in the house over again.

One of the most important things is to take out the furniture and other items when you’re cleaning a room. If you do not do so, the dust will accumulate on the furniture and other items. So, there’s no point of cleaning. Or, another option can be to cover the furniture, fan, or extra things in your room.

The best way to keep you home clean from drywall dust is to vacuum or clean everyday. If you continue to wait for few days, those dust can be rogue and will be hard to clean at once. In short, dont’ allow the dust to settle days after days. Always, remember to put on mask. Otherwise, it can lead to allergy for some persons.

The Best Way to Clean Up Drywall Dust

  1. Make it an open environment. Keep the windows open. Make sure to turn off the heating system, as well as the electrical systems that yoy may or may not have in your room or house.
  2. The leftover or residue dust should be cleaned with a broom and sent outside of the house with proper care.
  3. Remember about the fan in the previous step? Well, make sure the fan points to the outside of your window.
  4. Then you can proceed to vacuum after a while.

If you follow the above steps, it won’t affect your regular vacuum that much. Remember to follow each of the steps properly. Avoiding any one of them can be hazardous for your vacuum. The most important thing is to clean drywall dust regularly. Don’t use vacuum in a case where dust were there for months.

Will Drywall Dust Ruin My Vacuum

No matter what you do, drywall dust can really clog your vacuum filter, eventually the motor. But, if you tend to follow some precautions we’ve given above, it’s avoidable up to a certain point.

Moreover, you can also approach to clean your vacuum filter every now and then. That way, your vacuum cleaner will stay in good condition.

Overall, we expect that drywall dust won’t totally ruin your vacuum cleaner. However, it might damage up to a certain point.

How To Get Rid Of Drywall Dust Without Ruining Your Shop Vac

Always start slow. Don’t try to sweep all of the dust at once. It’s better if you can start from the outside part of your house or room. Then, you can gradually move towards the center part. In this way, you can ensure proper cleaning procedure. Remember to collect all the residue dust from the floor once you’re done with the cleaning.

Always plan a day or two before you clean the dust. Have a broom or two in order to sweep the dust from the floors as soon as you clean the room or house. The residue dust can accumulate all over your house.

Final Thoughts

So, that is that. Removing drywall dust isn’t hard. But, it can be hard if you let them accumulate over a longer period of time. So, clean once a week, or clean twice in a month. In that way, there won’t be that much accumulation of dust at your home.

If you feel that regular vacuums aren’t good for drywall dust, try switching for a shop vac. Those vacs are power enough the handle hard cleaning operation.

So, let us know in the comments if you have any.

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