What Does A Pressure Vacuum Breaker Do

What Is A Pressure Vacuum Breaker And What Does It Do

A Pressure Breaker is one of the significant inventions of this century. But what’s more important is the vacuum pressure breaker. But wait, what traits make this product a must-have? And more primarily, what is a pressure vacuum breaker itself?

Well! If you are also among many searching answers to both of the questions mentioned earlier, look no further. 

We present an ultimate analysis of the pressure vacuum cleaner and a complete breakdown of its functionalities. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s directly dig into the article. Have a look.

So, we will explain the above question by breaking them into two parts for your better understanding. Hence, with that said, let us start.

What Is A Pressure Vacuum Breaker

A pressure vacuum breaker is a backflow prevention device that acts as a barrier to keep contaminated water away from entering the water supply. The device is quite similar to the atmospheric vacuum breaker

However, stay sure to protect it from freezing in case you are installing it outside your house. Pressure vacuum breakers usually have test cocks, to which specially calibrated gauges are attached. It is so to ensure that the device is functioning correctly.

The local Uniform Plumbing Code usually regulates these devices.

What Does A Vacuum Pressure Breaker Do

So, what traits make a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) an essential component of a house? 

As already discussed, this is a backflow prevention device. Thus it aids in getting non-contaminated water.

Also, the device protects the mixing of non-potable water from your sprinkler system.  If you don’t know about sprinkler water, it is water that is contaminated  by harmful material such as fertilizers, pesticides, acids, and animal faeces.

In simpler words, we can say that the primary purpose of Pressure Vacuum Breaker to exist is to provide us with hygienic water and better health.

Where Should I Locate My Pressure Vacuum Breaker

There are two ideal—places for the purpose. Firstly, you can install the PVB valve right outside the home ( usually in a rectangular box), near flush with ground level. 

Or you can get it installed in the basement of your house, near the irrigation system’s water shutoff and the home’s incoming main water pipe. 

All in all, One must install the PVB device in a place that allows the 

Should I Get A New Pressure Vacuum Breaker For My Home

If you have a sprinkler system at your home, the answer to this question is a BIG YES. Since the local water system splits the water supply into two when it enters the house ( potable and non-potable), one for home (potable) and the other for domestic use ( non-potable) such as drinking water and washing of clothes.

Now, the Pressure Vacuum Breaker prevents water from splitting into two parts of the piping system. It causes sprinkler water to migrate into the mix with your non-potable water. This condition is more precisely called backflow or back-siphoning. And we have already mentioned the backflow and its health benefits in the article above.

Hence you should get one of the PVB devices for your home.

Is It Safe To Have A Pressure Vacuum Breaker At Your Home

The device is entirely safe to have in the house as it has caused no severe accidents or injuries to anyone to date.

However, stay careful to install it in the right place. Also, ensure to keep your children and pets away from the PVB device.

Final Verdict

The century has observed thousands of valuable inventions that have made human life more manageable and convincing up to a great extent. And it is one of those inventions.

It is a protective device that prevents contaminated water from getting mixed with a fresh one. It helps to minimize the germ intake and maximizes health benefits. However, always remember to place it on. The correct place allows the breaker to drain out at the end of the season entirely.

However, make sure to check the PVB device from time to time. In the winter season as you don’t want it to freeze.

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