How To Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

Cleaning A Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

How To Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter? Dyson, a well-known high-end household appliance manufacturer, offers a variety of stick vacuum cleaners. Take a peek at our comparison guide to the best upright vacuum cleaner while you’re at it. Ending up with a clogged vacuum might be highly surprising or inconvenient. The cordless vacuum cleaner can be used to sweep the interior of your home quickly. Thankfully, cleaning a portable vacuum is a simple task. It takes very little time. Except for some wood flooring and carpeting, the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable for a wide range of surfaces.

Step-By-Step Cleaning Procedure

Disassemble And Cleaning Of The Tank’s Foundation

To begin, you must first remove the dirt collector’s base. For knowing this, push the red button once to unlock the bin’s base. Uninstall it with caution.

The first step is to use a moist cloth to wipe away any visible dust particles. Cleaning agents should not be used since they can freeze or block these particles, making them difficult to eliminate. Wash the dust container under the faucet with clean water. If the water is hot, it’s even better. Do not use chemicals on the canisters, and therefore do not put them in the dishwasher. Physical washing is the most effective method. Wear washing gloves if you don’t find this procedure to be extremely sanitary.

Allow 24 Hours For Drying To Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

Allow the dust collector to dry naturally and keep it away from open flames or microwaves. This portion of the vacuum cleaner is made of plastic and may melt if exposed to high temperatures.

Filter Removal And Cleaning To Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

The cordless vacuum filter is the part that catches the most dust and grime. As a result, you may find yourself cleaning it on a regular basis. All Dyson vacuum cleaners come with Hepa air filters.

In today’s world, most filters are brightly colored rather than dreary grey. As a result, they can be separated and identified. Another item to consider is the range and model of your current household appliance. Your machine may have one or more filters, which you must locate and remove before cleaning. They’ll all be included in the user handbook that comes with your Dyson cordless vacuum.

First and foremost, when your gadget is not in use, you must remove the filter. Take it to a well-ventilated area with garbage can nearby once it’s finished. You should use a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a decent filter.

Locate the dust collector release lever next. Its exact placement may differ slightly depending on the model you own. It may be labeled or color-coded, with red being the most common.

Empty the collection above your rubbish bin after removing the filter. These bins (dust collectors) are exceedingly hygienic, according to Dyson. As a result, if you suffer from dust sensitivities, they are ideal. It’s possible that a little dust has settled inside the filter, so reach inside and shake it.

After that, clean the filter by running it under cold running water. It should be washed away with clean water. Finally, place the filter in direct sunlight. Before placing it back in the vacuum cleaner, let it dry naturally.

Other Accessories That Require Cleaning

Depending on the model, your Dyson cordless vacuum will feature a brush head or a floor head. To free it, use a screwdriver or a coin to release it using a lever/knob . A stiff brush can be used to clean this attachment by briskly rubbing it back and forth over the bristles. If you locate any tangled bristles, clip them carefully before removing them, as they may cause the brush to clog later.

Depending on whatever model you have, you can remove the sole (the horizontal component that slides over the surface) with a screwdriver or a coin on each side. In most circumstances, twisting the screwdriver or coil clockwise will open the case.


If you use suction items on a frequent basis, the filters and other accessories will need to be replaced. The majority of the cleaning is simple. You should, however, read the instruction booklet carefully and be aware of the dos and don’ts.

Not all models are created equal. Before dismantling the dust containers, the filters and the bases must be identified. Before using the Dyson cordless vacuum again, make sure the parts you’ve washed are totally dry. Because the appliance contains electronic equipment, it should not be submerged in water. It has the potential to create fire or electric shock. Protection Status
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