What To Do With An Old Vacuum Cleaner?

Is your vacuum not functioning correctly? Or, are you planning to replace it with a new vacuum cleaner? We understand how difficult it may be to dispose of an old vacuum cleaner properly. You may not have realized that all electrical products, even your old vacuum cleaner, have potentially hazardous components.

These components may have an impact on both human health and the environment. As a result, vacuum cleaners must be disposed of properly. But the concern is that many people have no clue what it is, so they just throw it out in the trash when they see it.

If you recycle your old vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, you may either assist other people or contribute to the conservation of natural resources. Metal, plastic, and perhaps glass are examples of resources that can be repurposed for another use. Now the main question is what to do with an old vacuum cleaner? Listed below are some options:

  • Recycle
  • Repair
  • Reuse


The best way to recycle an old vacuum cleaner would depend on whether or not your vacuum cleaner is still functional. If it is functioning well and you want to get rid of the cleaner because it no longer meets your current requirement. Or you have decided that it is time for a new one, follow these steps.

It doesn’t matter if your vacuum cleaner is no longer functional. There are many excellent options for reusing it rather than dumping it in the garbage. Here are a few suggestions.

Recycling A Functional Vacuum

Trade It In

Some large stores that sell electronics or appliances will enable you to trade in your old vacuum cleaner for a new one if it is still in good operating condition. This will assist you in getting rid of the equipment. And while also lowering the buying price of your new vacuum cleaner of choice. The dealer receives a fully functional vacuum cleaner that they can then repair and resell to other customers.

Consider It For Sale

Advertise the vacuum cleaner online, including many beautiful photographs and detailed information, and sell it. While you’re wondering, who buys used vacuum cleaners? There are always people looking for used vacuum cleaners. And other small appliances that are in good working order. eBay and Craigslist are two internet marketplaces where you may sell your used vacuum cleaner.

If you want to sell locally, the following companies might be interested in purchasing old vacuum cleaners:

  • Thrift stores, often known as trash shops, are places where people may find used goods.
  • Vacuum repair services are available.

Another option for recycling cleaner for cash that allows you to earn a bit more money than selling a whole machine is to sell the vacuum components separately from the unit. A small amount of money can be made by selling parts such as the hose, nozzles, extension wands, brushes, and the motor itself.

Give It To Someone You Know

The fact that your vacuum cleaner may no longer meet your requirements does not rule out the possibility that it may be useful to someone you know, such as a friend or family member. Give it to them for free; I’m sure they’ll appreciate it a lot.

Exchange It

If you’re not willing to sell your old vacuum cleaner, you may participate in a local exchange meet. Swap your functional vacuum cleaner with someone who might benefit from it in exchange for something you can use.

Donate It To A Noble Cause

There are always individuals and organizations in need of a little additional support so that they can assist others. Examples include charitable organizations like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, which will eventually sell the vacuum for a little profit in order to help others.

Other organizations that might benefit from your functioning vacuum cleaner include addiction treatment clinics, animal shelters, and homeless shelters. So, all of which may require extra supplies.

If you live in a city with a brand repair shop, you may sometimes give your vacuum to them if you have one nearby. They will be delighted to take it off your hands and put it to use as a source of replacement components.

Recycling A Non-Functional Vacuum

You might be wondering, where to recycle broken vacuum cleaners? Consider the following alternatives:

First, remember that a vacuum has several components and materials. The hose, engine, and other attachments may be used by different vacuum cleaners. Materials are melted to create other goods.

To recycle a damaged vacuum, it may need to be disassembled. Decide on a recycling method:

  • Find recycling centers
  • Contact the brand’s makers.
  • Metal scrap yard
  • Sell the components online but state that it is broken.

Repair If Broken

You can also fix a damaged vacuum by identifying the problem. For example, if your vacuum cleaner has lost suction, it may be a minor issue that can be resolved quickly. Check for a leak in the vacuum hose.

Suppose you discover that the vacuum cleaner has stopped functioning due to a faulty power connection. Replace the power cable yourself or have it replaced by a vacuum repair shop. If you’ve done everything to fix your damaged cleaner, you may attempt reusing the components to make something new.

Reuse Vacuum Parts To Make New Items

Vacuum cleaner components may be used to make new household products or toys. For example, there are many enjoyable things to do with a vacuum motor. So, what can an old vacuum motor do?

Despite what others have claimed, a vacuum cleaner’s motor can only produce so much. Some individuals have created various items utilizing a vacuum motor and other components. like as

  • An air blowing fan
  • A water pump
  • Toy cars
  • Craft belt sander


As you can see, there are many alternatives to tossing away an old vacuum. You may sell it, give it away, fix it, or repurpose it to create something new. Whichever motive you have for recycling, there are alternatives accessible. While it is convenient to discard it, why not examine the alternative.

Recycling benefits both individuals and the environment. It may even put some money in your pocket or assist you during tax season. Therefore, before hauling Ol’ Smokey to the curb, take a few moments to consider your alternatives.

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