How to Get a Sock Out of a Shark Vacuum Hose

Are You Thinking Of How To Get A Sock Out Of A Shark Vacuum Hose?

People who own vacuum cleaners know the familiar sound when suddenly vacuum cleaner struggles to remove the dirt away from the floors or carpets. The appliance’s motor starts making weird noises and finds it hard to suck up the dirt and debris through its hose, which is obviously too big. this sometimes happens because of a simple sock. therefore, stay focused and keep reading to know how to get a sock out of a shark vacuum hose.

However, you should not forget to clean the shark vacuum hose when you clean your vacuum cleaner. A shark vacuum hose makes direct contact with dust and dirt. As it sucks away the dirt and debris from the floor, dust and debris cling to the inner wall of the vacuum hose. Which gives an unpleasant smell and affects the performance of a share vacuum cleaner.

In addition, socks are the common objects that make their way into the vacuum hose. It loses the suction power of the shark vacuum cleaner. In this article, we discuss a few steps through which you can get a sock out of a shark vacuum hose.

How to Get a Sock Out of a Shark Vacuum Hose

Here in this section, we have shared some simple steps to make your vacuum hose sock-free;

1.    Turn Off The Vacuum’s Power Source

Switch off the power source to the vacuum cleaner. Then unplug the vacuum from the wall. This step is for the security of the one who handles the process.

2.    Remove Any Attachments 

Detach any attachments that are connected to the vacuum

hose. Look inside the end of the vacuum hose. Pull the sock out with your

fingers. If you can not pull the sock with your fingers, then use needle-nose


3.    Disconnect The Vacuum Hose From Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum hose is connected to the vacuum cleaners through the

screws. In it, you lock the screens to remove the vacuum hose. Vacuum hoses are

attached to the back of the vacuum cleaners. Turn the vacuum hose in an

anti-clockwise direction. Then pull the end of the vacuum hose straight out of

the vacuum cleaner.

4.    Insert A Broomstick Through The Vacuum Hose 

Take the end of the broomstick and push it into the vacuum

hose slowly. Do not push the broomstick forcefully; you might break your vacuum

hose. Continue pushing the end of the broomstick into the vacuum hose until the

sock emerges out of the hose.

5.    Change The Vacuum Hose. 

If your vacuum breaks during the removal of a sock, replace

it with a new one. Secure the vacuum hose in the right place. Tighten all the

screws and check the shark vacuum cleaner to see if it is working properly or


How to Clean A Shark Vacuum Hose 

Before working on the vacuum cleaner, be sure to unplug the power source from the shark vacuum cleaner. These are the steps to clean a shark vacuum hose.

1.    Unlock The Hose From A Shark Vacuum Cleaner  

To clean the hose from debris, remove it from the vacuum

cleaner. Removal of it depends on the model of a shark vacuum cleaner. Each

model has a different method to remove the vacuum hose from the cleaner. Some

vacuums use the shark rotator, which needs to be unlocked with screws. If you

do not know how to remove the hose, read the manual that came along with the

shark vacuum cleaner.

2.    Clean The Hose From Dust And Debris 

Dust and debris got stuck into the interior of the vacuum

hose. These cause the blockage of the vacuum hose. When the hose is blocked, it

reduces the suction power of a shark vacuum cleaner. Therefore, remove the hose

and clean it free of all blockages.

  • You can remove the blockage from the hose

with your fingertips. Or you use a long, thin object to clear the


  • If the blockages do not come off with the

thin object, use an additional vacuum to suction the dirt and debris from the

vacuum hose.

3.    Wash The House To Remove Any Clogs 

If your vacuum hose is not free from blockages, washing the hose

is the best way to get rid of these blockages. Wash the vacuum hose under warm

water. Keep one end of the hose close and fill the water at the other end. Use

some soap in the water. Shake the water inside the vacuum hose. Then wash the

hose thoroughly. It will clear the blockages from the vacuum hose.

4.    Remove The Offensive Odor From The Hose 

The presence of dust and debris causes an unpleasant smell in the

vacuum hose. To get rid of this unpleasant smell, make a mixture of vinegar and

baking soda. Put this mixture into the vacuum hose and shake it. Then rinse it

and wash the hose. Let it dry in the air before placing it back into the vacuum

cleaner. This method will clean the odor and clean the hose from clogs. If the

vacuum hose is damaged while working on it, replace the hose. And place the new

hose into the shark vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line

Getting a sock out of a shark vacuum hose is not a target to achieve. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to get rid of the sock from your vacuum hose and maintain the optimal level of the suction power of the appliance.

Furthermore, regular maintenance of your vacuum cleaner also plays an important role in providing the effective performance of the shark vacuum. Protection Status
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