How to Put Attachments on Shark Vacuum?

Guide on How to Put Attachments on Shark Vacuum?

People are always looking to get the best deal when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner. The Shark Navigator Freestyle is one of the most popular vacuums on the market today because of many reasons.

It has great suction power, is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and boasts many attachments that make cleaning more efficient. If you want to know how to put attachments on shark vacuum, this blog post will show you exactly what you need.

Why do you need to put attachments on shark vacuums?

When it comes to Shark Navigator Freestyle, putting attachments on is the key to a thorough clean. The vacuum boasts lots of tools that make cleaning an easy process.

Attachments for Shark Vacuum

Let’s take a look at the attachments that you can use with your Shark Navigator Freestyle.

The Crevice Tool is great for getting into those hard-to-reach places, such as under beds and couches. You’ll also find it useful for cleaning out tight spaces between kitchen cabinets.

The Duster Brush is perfect if you want to dust all surfaces in your home without changing tools or going back down steps. There are soft bristles on this tool, so no matter what surface you’re working on – from wood floors to carpets – they won’t scratch them! The duster brush works best when used directly over the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

You probably know already how easy it is to adjust height settings when it comes to your Shark Navigator Freestyle. To use the Multi-Angle Dusting Tool, adjust the height settings on your vacuum cleaner and attach this tool for added convenience when cleaning under low furniture or shelves.

The Pet Upholstery Tool is perfect if you have pets at home that shed a lot of furs. This brush allows you to get all of the pet hairs in one place, so they don’t fly around everywhere after being removed from upholstery surfaces like couches and chairs.

Attach the Pet Hair Power Brush directly over an attachment hose, then push firmly against upholstery while pulling away slowly down to remove hair efficiently without leaving behind any residue particles!

How to put attachments on Shark Vacuum?

Attaching attachments to your vacuum cleaner is a fairly straightforward process, but you have to know where they go. The following is a breakdown of how to put attachments on shark vacuum:

1- Attach Floor Nozzle

Start with detaching the hose from your vacuum cleaner and attaching Floor Nozzle to it. Now put the hose on the attachments that fit the top handle of the floor nozzle into a slot. Using both hands, tighten the wand handle until the snugly fitted in place by turning clockwise.

2- Insert Extension Ward

Insert the end of the extension wand into the slot on the attachment holder, and turn clockwise until it is securely attached. After that, slide on the accessory holder and place the onboard tools.

3- Insert Handle

After placing onboard tools, insert the handle into the extension wand and connect the hose. Twist clockwise until it’s securely attached.

To ensure a thorough clean each time, remember these simple steps when putting attachments on Shark Vacuum:

  • Detach the hose from the canister.
  • Attach floor nozzle directly overpower brush.
  • Insert extension wands into the back of the canister.
  • Insert tools or handle into the slot at the end of extension wands.
  • Make sure they are firmly in place by turning clockwise.

How to Remove Shark Vacuum Attachments?

Removing attachments is just as simple! It all starts by detaching the hose from your vacuum cleaner.

Next, remove each attachment and place them on a flat surface until you’re ready to use again. For the Duster Brush, take it off by pressing down firmly while moving toward you until release snaps into place.

The Crevice Tool only needs to be pressed at its center for removal, so it’s easy enough when removing Shark Vacuum Attachments.

The Multi-Angle Dusting Tool also has quick-release buttons that make taking this tool apart super convenient; push both buttons towards one another then pull apart in opposite directions.

Finally, detach Pet Hair Power Brush or any other tools attached directly over an attachment hose (do not detach tools attached to extension wands).

How to Empty a Shark Vacuum?

Here is how you can empty the shark vacuum:

Here is how you empty the dust bin on my favorite shark vacuums:

  • Look for the release button on the back end of the dust bin.
  • Press it with your thumb and push it away from the vacuum cleaner to open.
  • Empty all debris into a trash can or garbage bag.
  • To reattach the dust bin, line up arrows on the canister with buttons inside the dust bin before pressing firmly.
  • Make sure it is attached securely by picking the vacuum cleaner up by its handle and shaking gently.
  • Use the canister release button to remove the dust bin again if needed.


Q: Do Shark vacuums have carpet height adjustment?

A: The nozzle head may be adjusted to four distinct heights. Choose the perfect carpet length according to the height adjustment.

Q: Can you use Shark vacuum attachments on other vacuums?

A: Yes, most of the attachments are universal so that you can use them on any vacuum cleaners. When in doubt, check for compatibility before making a purchase.

Q: Where is the allergen filtration on a shark vacuum?

A: The filters in most models are located just inside the dust bin and can be accessed by detaching and emptying. However, some models don’t have filters, so it’s best to check your owner’s manual or Shark vacuum cleaner website for more information.

Q: Does Shark vacuum have bags?

A: Some models require bags while others don’t. If you’re looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner, look for the ‘No Bag’ label on the box or product description when buying one.

Q: Does Shark vacuum have HEPA filtration?

A: Yes! Many Shark models have HEPA filtration. You will find a ‘HEPA’ or ‘True HEPA’ label on the box or product description when buying one.


Now that you know how to put attachments on shark vacuum start cleaning like a pro! You can use these tips for all Shark Navigator Freestyle models and other upright vacuums with similar components and features.

But remember – always refer back to your user manual when attaching tools; every model is different, so make sure you do everything correctly before attempting. Protection Status
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